Mascot Monday: Wool E. Bull’s Birthday Party

Hey y’all, and hope your week is off to a great start. In my May 2019 Favorites post the other day, I mentioned that Wool E. Bull’s birthday party as one of my monthly highlights. Wool E. Bull is the mascot of the Durham Bulls, Durham’s Triple A minor league baseball team. (You might remember me listing Durham Bulls games as one of my favorite things to do in Durham in this post). Although I’m not into baseball quite as much as I am other sports, I still enjoy going to Durham Bulls games. First of all, it’s really cool that the Durham Bulls is just one step below Major League Baseball. In addition, the atmosphere at games is so much fun, especially the various themed promotions throughout the season. Wool E. Bull’s Birthday Party is one such promotion. During this game, other mascots from around North Carolina come and help Wool E. Bull celebrate his birthday. The festivities include on-field mascot antics, a mascot meet-and-greet, and birthday cake!

Mascot Obsession

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for awhile, then you know that I’m obsessed with mascots. I’m that person who has zero shame about being the only adult in line to get a picture with a mascot. Naturally, the mascot meet-and-greet was my favorite part of Wool E. Bull’s birthday party. Although the cake is a nice bonus! This is actually the third consecutive year that I’ve attended Wool E. Bull’s birthday. I’m glad that two of my closest friends wanted to come with me and indulge my mascot-chasing hobby. Ha! So in the remainder of this post, I’m going to share a few snapshots of the celebration, as well as my outfit details to give y’all some more inspiration on what to wear to a baseball game when it’s actually baseball weather. (See this post from a few weeks ago on what to wear to a baseball game when it’s chilly).

Mascot Photo Opps

Here are a few of my favorite mascot photos from the evening:

I didn’t follow the Caroline Hurricanes’ Playoff run closely at all, but I do think their mascot, Checker, is really cute!

You might recognize these two, because I’ve featured them on my blog and Instagram before. UNC’s mascots, Rameses and Rameses Jr (RJ), are two of my favorites, and I was glad they game to help Wool E. Bull celebrate.

So growing up a UNC fan, I actually don’t like NC State at all. Plus they are one of Clemson’s main ACC rivals in football. But I still think Mrs. Wuf, one of their mascots, is pretty cute. So I decided to get a pic with her and not completely snub her. And Grizz, a cute grizzly bear mascot from a minor league team, is photo bombing this one.

I may or may not have literally squealed out loud when I realized that Chick-fil-a’s girl baby cow was joining the regular Chick-fil-a cow. I’ll let you take your guess! Both of the Chick-fil-a cow’s are among my favorite mascots. But seriously, can you think of a mascot more on-brand for me than a girl Chick-fil-a cow wearing a pink dress a bow?!

Last but not least, here’s all three of us with “the Birthday Bull,” as the announcer called Wool E. that evening! Fun fact- the “E” in Wool E. Bull’s name stands for “education.”

Let Them Eat Cake

Enjoying a delicious slice of classic birthday sheet cake comes in a close second to getting the above mascot photo opportunities.

Outfit Details

(This section contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a small commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for your support of Palmettos & Pineapples!)

I wore one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer skorts, the January skort in Chin Chin from Lilly’s Spring 2013 line, Then I paired it with a basic white short-sleeve knit top, and my super broken-in bronze Jack Rogers. I accessorized with my Kendra Scott Elle earrings, Kate Spade mini pineapple pendant, my Bourbon & Boweties pineapple bracelet, and my Tory Burch Tilda Nylon Crossbody.

As I mentioned, my Lilly Pulitzer skort is six years old. However, I found this skort in a size 8 on eBay  here (at time of publishing). You can also periodically check thredUP for past season Lilly items. To shop Lilly Pulitzer’s currently available skorts, click here. In addition, my Kate Spade pineapple pendant is from last summer, but it’s currently listed on eBay here (at time of publishing).

Every other part of my outfit is currently available, and I’ve linked it below for y’all! Only deviation are my Jack Rogers- this exact shade of bronze is no longer available, but there are numerous other metallic Jacks in this classic style currently available.

Top: Gap  //  Earrings: Kendra Scott  //  Shoes: Jack Rogers  //  Bracelet: Bourbon & Boweties
Bag: Tory Burch

Hope y’all enjoyed this post, and thanks so much for reading! Wool E. Bull’s Birthday Party is quickly becoming an annual tradition for me. As soon as the Durham Bulls release their promotion schedule, I note it on my calendar! What are some of your favorite local events during the warm weather months where you live? Are you a fan of mascots?

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PS. My two awesome friends who indulged my mascot obsession during this fun night a couple weeks ago are also two of my blog’s biggest supporters. And I’m thankful for that too!

-xoxo Liz

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