Where to Buy Modest Bikinis for Summer 2021

Summer is in full force, and perhaps you’re still on the lookout for the perfect bathing suit for upcoming beach vacations and pool days. If you like to wear two-pieces but don’t want everything hanging out, this post is for you. Today I’m sharing where to buy modest bikinis for summer 2021. I realize there’s some people out there who may not think a two-piece swimsuit is modest. However, I wholeheartedly believe that modesty is subjective, and personal convictions vary. What’s most important is not one hard and fast “rule” over how much skin is showing, but rather one’s heart and motivations behind wearing a certain swimsuit.

My personal convictions regarding swimsuit modesty refer to bikini tops that show little to no cleavage, and bikini bottoms that are full coverage (particularly in the rear). Thus, those are my standards for choosing swimwear, and guide what I include in this roundup of modest coverage bikinis for 2021.

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Where to Buy Modest Bikinis Summer 2021

(J.Crew Factory French Ruffle Bikini Top and French Bikini Bottoms)

Where to Buy Modest Coverage Bikinis This Summer

Here’s my favorite retailers to find modest coverage bikinis this summer, and a look at various styles available:

J.Crew Factory Modest Two-Pieces

J.Crew Factory is one of my go-to’s for modest coverage bikinis. I am especially loving the new J.Crew Factory bikinis I bought this summer, which I introduced in my May 2021 Favorites post. The French Bikini Top and French Ruffle Bikini Top are both wonderful options, and come in multiple colors. I have the green stripes in the French Ruffle Bikini Top, and a fun multicolored fruit print in the French Bikini Top. A size small fits great for me in both styles-not super tight, but also won’t be too loose if it stretches out some. (Note that I typically wear an extra small in clothing, but usually size up to a small in swimwear and undergarments.) I do feel like the French Bikini top with ruffles runs slightly smaller than the regular one.

Color options in the French Bikini top with ruffles include green & white striped, light blue & white striped, navy floral print, and navy.

The French Bikini top is currently available in black, navy & white striped, and leopard print. (The fruit print one I have is sold out.)

J.Crew Factory also has this ribbed square neck bikini top. It’s cute for everyone, and it would provide additional coverage if you’re bustier.

Modest coverage bikini bottoms are the hardest for me to find. I personally don’t like the high-waisted bikini bottoms. For one thing, they remind me of a diaper. And since I’m short-waisted, I really feel like they wouldn’t look good on me, even if others can pull them off. However, I still want my bikini bottoms to cover my rear. The J.Crew Factory French bikini bottom is one of the best modest coverage bikini bottoms I’ve ever bought. It fully covers my bottom, but isn’t too tight in the waist. I bought it in navy and striped this summer. It also comes in black, light blue & white striped, red, and multi floral print.


Aerie Modest Bikinis

Aerie is another one of my top places to buy swimwear. They have something for everyone, including options for modest coverage bikinis. Here are my top picks for currently available bikini tops from Aerie:


Aerie also has a great full coverage classic bikini bottom.


Vineyard Vines Two-Piece Swimwear

Vineyard Vines swimwear is definitely on the pricier side. However, they have some darling modest bikinis with a classic preppy aesthetic. Sometimes if I splurge on a more expensive bikini top, I will pair with neutral bottoms from a less expensive place. You can also bookmark these options for when there’s a sale later in the season.

I’m especially loving the Vineyard Vines Seersucker Ruffle Bikini Top and Navy Scallop Bikini Top for classic preppy options. Each of these styles has a matching bottom (seersucker ruffle, navy scallop) if you want to spring for the full suit.


The bright pink In Full Bloom Bikini Top from Vineyard Vines is also really fun!


Southern Tide Modest Bikini Tops

Southern Tide has a couple of modest bikini tops I really like as well. The Gingham Bandeau Bikini Top is another classic preppy option. The Waves One Shoulder Bikini Top is flirty without being too revealing. I would recommend pairing either of these with the classic bikini bottoms from J.Crew Factory or Aerie.


Gap Modest Coverage Bikini Tops

I found a couple modest coverage bikini tops worth noting from Gap. Their Bunny-Tie Bandeau Bikini Top comes in several colors. There’s also a Scoopneck Bikini Top that in a pretty Hawaiin-style print. Also, Gap frequently has site wide percentage off promotions on their website.


Athleta Modest Bikinis

When considering where to buy modest bikinis, Athleta has one of the largest selections. What Athleta considers “low coverage” on their website is equivalent to higher coverage options from other retailers. This is another example of how what constitutes modest coverage is subjective. Athleta has a high-neck bikini top style, classic square neck bandeau, and a twist bandeau.


The clean medium bottom and cinch full bottom are my favorite Athleta bikini bottoms.


J.Crew Modest Bikinis

Though more expensive than the J.Crew Factory options, J.Crew has quite a few modest bikini selections. They’re also LESS expensive than Vineyard Vines, and have some similar preppy styles. Here are my favorite J.Crew bikini tops:


J.Crew has a classic bikini bottom with modest coverage in both gingham and seersucker. The seersucker bikini bottom would look cute mixed and matched with the navy scallop bikini top as well.


Here’s to Beach and Pool Days!

Hope this post gives you some good starting points on where to buy modest bikinis if you don’t feel comfortable in super skimpy two-pieces. But no matter what kind of bathing suit you choose this summer, it’s most important to find something that makes you feel confident and honors your personal values. So grab the perfect suit for you, plus a towel, sunscreen, and good book. There’s plenty of summer ahead to enjoy!

If you end up buying one of the suits I mention in this post and love it, please let me know! Also, if there’s anywhere you like to buy modest bikinis that I didn’t mention, sound off in the comments.

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