What I’m Loving Lately (April 2018)

Happy Friday y’all! Seriously, where has April gone?! I feel like the month just started, and now it’ almost May. Anyways, I wanted to pop in and share a few miscellaneous things that I have been loving this month.

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Eat Cake for Breakfast

Eat Cake for Breakfast
A couple weeks ago, Kate Spade had a big Friends & Family sale, where pretty much everything on the website was 30% off. I took advantage of the opportunity and snagged this “Eat Cake for Breakfast” kitchen towel that I had been admiring for awhile. So I absolutely adore Kate Spade’s kitchen line. Seriously, I want it all! Contrary to what you may think, Kate Spade’s kitchen collection is actually relatively affordable, especially the kitchen linens. This towel is only $10 to begin with (pretty good for a designer brand!), and with the 30% discount is was even less. The quality is excellent. Of course I love that it is pink too. I completely support “Eat Cake for Breakfast” as a philosophy on life. Who’s with me?! The Kate Spade sale may be over, but you can buy it from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and use a 20% off coupon. (If you’re like me, you probably have an endless supply of these!)

Kate Spade Strawberry Picnic Mini Pendant

Kate Spade Picnic Perfect Strawberry Mini Pendant

Kate Spade Picnic Perfect Strawberry Mini Pendant Kate Spade Picnic Perfect Strawberry Mini Pendant
I know I’ve said this before, but I love any type of clothing or accessory with a fruit motif. I had previously spotted this precious strawberry mini pendant on the Kate Spade website. Since I couldn’t justify paying full price for it (not because it’s not cute, I’m simply trying to be more careful and intentional with my shopping), I jumped at the opportunity to get it with a 30% discount. You can always wait until the end of the season for stuff to get marked down, but there’s always the risk it will sell out before then. This strawberry pendant is daintier than my two other fruity Kate Spade pendants, so it makes a nice addition to my jewelry collection. I have some Lilly Pulitzer strawberry print shorts this will go great with! Click here to check it out on the Kate Spade website.

Lauren James Online Warehouse Sale

I am trying to do better about not buying things simply because they are on sale, but when I saw these two Sweet Tees as part of the Lauren James Online Warehouse Sale this month, I couldn’t resist adding them to my collection because the designs are too cute and the price was right. I have a bit of a t-shirt obsession and just can’t help myself!

Lauren James Preppy Pineapple Sweet Tee Lauren James Preppy Pineapple Sweet Tee
This “Preppy Pineapple” might be one of my favorite Lauren James t-shirt designs ever. Seriously, it’s wearing pearls and sunnies. And since “Pineapples” is part of my blog’s namesake, this tee was a must-have for me. Click here if you want to snag one for yourself!

Lauren James Clemson Sweet Tee Lauren James Clemson Sweet Tee
The Lauren James collegiate line is one of my favorites. When this design first came out late last summer, I couldn’t justify paying full price for it since I already have a ridiculous amount of Clemson t-shirts. But it was only $6 during the sale, so of course I had to add it to my cart! I love the pearls and bow on the orange and purple football. This design has the perfect perfect preppy feminine touch for the Southern woman who loves fashion and football! Unfortunately this shirt is no longer available online, but you can check out Lauren James’ other great Clemson stuff here.

Lauren James Emmie Tank in Main Squeeze

Lauren James Emmie Tank Main Squeeze
When I ordered my Lauren James warehouse sale items, I also snagged this printed tank top I had been eyeing, so that I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping. I love both the citrus print (fruit again!) and color scheme, and I’m sure I will be wearing it a lot this spring and summer. Can’t wait to show y’all how I style it!

Mickey Mouse Goldfish

Mickey Mouse Goldfish Mickey Mouse Goldfish
I got so excited when I saw these Mickey Mouse goldfish in Target a couple weeks ago. Of course I had to buy them, and I had absolutely zero shame. The package has Mickey on it, and inside there are red Mickey-shaped goldfish mixed in with the traditional orange fish-shaped ones.

Publix at Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle Publix
Emerald Isle, NC, which is the beach I go to in the summer, just got a Publix grocery store. Someone who was there for the grand opening picked up this cute reusable shopping bag for me. Publix was everywhere when I lived in South Carolina, but they are still few and far between up here in North Carolina.

What are some things y’all have been loving this month? Please let me know in the comments below!

Hope y’all have a great weekend, and remember, it’s always acceptable to “eat cake for breakfast.”

-xoxo Liz



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