Top Five Disney World Souvenirs to Remind You of Your Amazing Trip

Hey y’all! Today I’m back with another Disney World post. Exactly four years ago today my bestie and I were beginning our amazing girls’ trip to Disney World, so I figured a post about Disney World souvenirs was timely. Although a Disney World vacation doesn’t last forever, souvenirs are a great way to bring a piece of Disney magic home with you. For years to come, they will serve as a tangible token of all the cherished memories you made at Disney World. So I’m going to share my top five Disney World souvenirs to remind you of your trip, as well as a few general shopping tips!

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1. Stuffed Animals

Yes I’m in my thirties, and yes I still like to buy stuffed animals at Disney World. And no, I’m not ashamed! I’ve gotten stuffed animals on almost all of my Disney World trips, ever since my first trip at age 4. On my most recent trip, I bought a stuffed Duffy the Disney Bear. Meeting the actual Duffy bear at Epcot was the highlight of that trip. So, of course I had to get a stuffed Duffy.

Top Five Disney World Souvenirs

Shortly after my 2015 trip, they ended Duffy’s meet & greet at Epcot. You now have to go to either the Asian Disney Parks or Aulani Resort in Hawaii. I may not be able to travel across the Pacific anytime soon, but I can cuddle with my Duffy at home. Also even though you can buy many Disney character stuffed animals at Target, there’s simply something extra special about the ones you buy in the parks. The memories of your Disney World vacation are tied to them.

2. T-Shirts

I’ve also gotten a t-shirt on a lot of my Disney World trips. Each time I wear a Disney World t-shirt, it brings back fond memories of my trip. Plus it’s a great way to add a touch of Disney magic to your every day life, whether you’re relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, or out running errands. On my most recent trip, I bought this women’s fit v-neck shirt with a classic Mickey Mouse and the “Walt Disney World’ logo. You can see some additional pictures of how I styled this Disney World shirt in this post.

Disney World Mickey Mouse V-Neck Shirt

3. Magnets

I know magnets are such a souvenir shop cliche, but they really are a great reminder of your Disney World vacation. On my trip four years ago, I bought at pack of four magnets, each representing a different Mickey-shaped food. There’s a Mickey bar, Mickey pretzel, Mickey Rice Krispie treat, and Mickey pepperoni pizza. It’s fun to think about my Disney World vacation every time I open the door to my fridge and see these magnets. Plus it’s something guests can easily see when they are hanging out at your house. My friend Diane actually collects magnets from everywhere she goes on vacation. Whenever I’m at her house, it’s fun to look at her fridge and see where all she’s been based on her magnets.

Disney World souvenir magnets

4. Pins

Pin-trading is a well-known pastime of Disney World aficionados. However, I don’t trade pins, I simply collect them. On my three most recent Disney World trips, I have bought several pins to add to my Disney World pin collection. The pins I select are based on my favorite rides and characters.

Disney World Trading Pins Disney World Trading Pins Disney World Trading Pins

5. Cups/Mugs

Cups and mugs emblazoned with the “Walt Disney World” logo and characters are another practical souvenir that will easily conjure up memories of your trip while going about your every day routine. There’s no shortage of coffee mugs in gifts shops across Disney World. Also, I highly recommend buying one of the refillable resort mugs. This plastic mug entitles you to unlimited refills of fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from the food courts at the Disney World resorts. And it makes an amazing souvenir once your trip is over. Note that you aren’t able to use the resort mug to get free refills in the parks. However, you can refill it at any resort on Disney World property, not just the one you are staying at. I highly recommend the resort refillable mug if you plan on spending any length of time at the pool. It was definitely a reality check when I got back to Durham after my last trip and faced the fact that I couldn’t fill my mug up for free anywhere.

Disney World Coffee Mug

Tips for Buying Disney World Souvenirs

Now that I’ve given y’all the scoop on my top five Disney World souvenirs to buy, I want to share a couple basic tips for souvenir shopping at Disney World:

Set aside some time at to shop at Disney Springs on a non-park day.

If your schedule permits, I highly recommend setting aside a block of time for souvenir shopping on a day that you aren’t visiting the theme parks. Doing this enables you to focus solely on attractions while you’re in the theme parks. You also don’t have to lug souvenirs around the parks with you, and risk laying a bag down and forgetting it. Although if you are staying on-site at an official Disney resort, you can have most gift shops in the parks deliver your goodies to your resort.

My favorite way to do this is to go to Disney Springs, a shopping and entertainment complex on Disney property. World of Disney is one store at Disney Springs where you can find almost anything you are looking for souvenir-wise. Admission to Disney Springs is free, and there’s also plenty of places to grab a meal.

Most Disney resorts have gift shops on-site as well, so you can easily stop in while you’re at your hotel and take your purchases straight to your room afterwards. The only downside is that the hotel gift shops may not be open if you get back from the parks super late at night. Also, the selection at resort gift shops isn’t nearly as vast as Disney Springs.

Browse Shop Disney Parks Online

You can order some Disney Parks merchandise directly from the website. Although the in-store selection will be larger, it’s still a great way to get an idea of what type of Disney World merchandise is available prior to your trip. This way, you can be more focused on exactly what you want while shopping in Disney World. In addition, it can help avoid impulse buys. I saw a Disney Parks Candyland game I liked while I was in Disney World gift shops, but wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to spend the money on it. So I gave it some thought, and ended up ordering the Candyland game after my trip. The Shop Disney Parks website is also helpful if you need to save room in your luggage, or if there’s something you wish you had bought while you were there. For instance, I ended up buying a couple additional t-shirts with a more relaxed fit from the website after my trip. You can browse the Shop Disney Parks website here.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful in providing some souvenir shopping tips for your upcoming Disney World trip! However, don’t forget that pictures make the absolute best souvenir, so be sure to take a lot on your trip. I still love to go through all the pictures I took and relive the amazing memories.

If you’ve been to Disney World before, what are some of your favorite souvenirs to shop for?

-xoxo Liz

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