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4th of July outfit ideas

4th of July 2019 at Emerald Isle

Hey y’all-hope the Monday after July 4th holiday weekend treated you alright! It was my first day back to my regular routine after a five day beach vacation that flew by. I didn’t sleep great last night, and I think my body might be protesting being home from the beach-haha! Anyways, one of the highlights […] Read more…

4th of July Style Guide 2019 Edition

4th of July Style Guide: 2019 Edition

Hey y’all-hope. you’re week is off to a great start! Is it just me, or is June flying by?! The 4th of July is just two and a half weeks away, which is hard to believe. If you don’t already have something red, white, & blue in your closet that you’re planning to wear, there’s […] Read more…