Monthly Favorites


April 2020 Favorites

Wow y’all, it’s hard to believe that April has come to a close and tomorrow, it’s gonna be May. Cue the Justin Timberlake meme, haha.…

March 2020 Favorites

Hey y’all! It’s crazy how much things change in a month, isn’t it? Just one month ago I was all excited about it being March,…

February 2020 Favorites

Hey y’all-and happy March! I’m definitely excited for the fresh start of a new month. In addition, March is one of my favorite months of…

January 2020 Favorites

Hey y’all-can you believe it’s February? January simultaneously dragged on and flew by! I don’t know about. y’all, but I’m thankful for a fresh start…

August 2019 Favorites

Happy September y’all! It’s hard to believe another month has passed. Although the official first day of fall isn’t for a few more weeks, I…

June 2019 Favorites

Hey y’all, and happy July! It’s hard to believe that another month has passed, and that 2019 is officially halfway over! Does anyone else feel…

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