Lilly Collaborations

Lilly for Target

Throwback Thursday: Lilly for Target & Cotton Elsas

Hey y’all! In honor of the three year anniversary of Lilly for Target coming up in less than a week, I wanted to share this ensemble featuring my Lilly for Target headband that I wore for a morning coffee date with a friend last week. It also includes another piece from the Lilly archives: a […] Read more…

Lilly for Pottery Barn

Lilly for Pottery Barn

The anticipated Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn collaboration launched a little over a week ago. In my opinion, this was one of the smoother Lilly Pulitzer collaborations. I set my alarm for 2:50am EST on Friday, March 16, which was 10 minutes before the Lilly Pulitzer collection hit the Pottery Barn website. The homepage didn’t […] Read more…