Kentucky Derby

Mint Julep at Kentucky Derby Party

Kentucky Derby Party 2019: What I Wore

Hey y’all- hope you’ve had a great week! This past weekend I went to a super fun Kentucky Derby party at The City Club in downtown Raleigh with two of my closest girlfriends. It was actually the first time I went out for the Kentucky Derby in five years. Back in 2016 I had a […] Read more…

Kentucky Derby Party Hat

What to Wear to a Kentucky Derby Party

Hey y’all-hope you’re having a great week! One of my favorite fashion events of the year is coming up in just a little over two weeks-the Kentucky Derby! I’ve never actually been to the Derby before, and I honestly don’t even go to a Kentucky Derby party every year. But I love any excuse to […] Read more…

Kentucky Derby Outfit

Kentucky Derby Outfit Inspo

The Kentucky Derby is in less than two weeks! I’m not super into horse racing, but I am super into any occasion that involves wearing a cute sundress and floppy hat. I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby before, but would like to go someday simply because I would love picking out the perfect outfit. […] Read more…