Styling a Lilly Pulitzer Scarf for the Holidays

Hey there! Hope y’all have had a great week. I mentioned on Instagram earlier this week that I’ve spent a lot of nights in this Christmas season. The snow altered plans for a couple festivities. I’ve also needed to practice self-care amidst all the busy-ness of life. And to be honest, cozy nights in by the Christmas tree with a Hallmark movie on TV are truly my favorite. However, I did have a fun night out a couple weeks ago celebrating a dear friend’s seminary graduation. We had a nice dinner at The City Club in downtown Raleigh, and all the Christmas decor added a festive touch to the occasion. I wore my new favorite Lilly Pulitzer scarf, featuring the Hangin with My Boo panda print. Although the scarf itself isn’t super Christmas-y, I still wanted to incorporate it into my December wardrobe. So in today’s blog post, I’m sharing some inspiration for styling a Lilly Pulitzer scarf for the holidays.

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Lilly Pulitzer Hangin with My Boo

Not too long after I launched this blog, I shared my love for the Lilly Pulitzer Pandamonium print, and how it got me hooked on Lilly back in early 2010. Right after Thanksgiving this year, Lilly released Hangin with My Boo, the first print exclusively featuring pandas since Pandamonium. As I’ve mentioned before, I try to be super selective about which new Lilly I buy these days, because I already have so much! However, I knew I needed something in Hangin with My Boo, because I’ve always loved panda bears. And as much as I love the original Pandamonium print, I like that Hangin with My Boo incorporates a bit more pink. The print also includes “60” in it, as a nod to the 60th anniversary of Lilly Pulitzer. I absolutely love that little touch!

Hangin with my Boo Infinity Scarf

Lilly Pulitzer Hangin with My Boo

When I discovered that Hangin with my Boo came in an infinity scarf, I got super excited. First of all, I absolutely love a good Lilly Pulitzer scarf! They are a staple in my winter wardrobe for sure. Secondly, the infinity scarf is more budget-friendly than the popover or dresses in this print. As much as I love the luxurious silk/cashmere blend of Lilly’s original Murfee scarves, I love the lower price point of this polyester scarf even more. It’s actually less than $60, and it’s still super soft! Also, how fun are the black tassels?

Making a Lilly Scarf Festive

A pink, black, and gray panda print scarf doesn’t exactly scream Christmas. However, I really wanted to wear this scarf for the girls’ night out. Yet, I also wanted to look festive since I knew we would be taking pictures with the lovely Christmas tree at The City Club. My solution-pair the scarf with a green cable knit sweater! The green is Christmas-y, and it complements the colors in the Hangin with My Boo scarf. My green sweater is actually a Lilly sweater from years ago, but I found a similar one here. I then paired it with my new gray Patch Pocket Corduroy Skirt from Lauren James, and Tory Burch flats.

Lilly Pulitzer Scarf Hangin with My Boo

Note-I took these pictures with my iPhone. I brought my Canon Rebel DSLR with me, only to take it out of the case and realize I had left my memory card in my laptop at home. I was sooo annoyed with myself. Hopefully I won’t make that mistake again. Just had to keep it real with y’all-haha!

Outfit Details Round-Up

Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer  |  Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer (similar)  |  Skirt: Lauren James  |  Shoes: Tory Burch  |
Earrings: Tory Burch

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Hope that y’all enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to add a festive touch to some of your outfits that aren’t stereotypical holiday attire. What are some ways that you like to get creative with incorporating certain accessories into your outfits for Christmas festivities? Also, do you love Lilly’s Hangin with my Boo print too?

-xoxo Liz



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