September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale Top Picks

Hey y’all-hope you’ve had a good Monday! Today marks the much anticipated September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale. The sale continues through 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 15, so there’s still time to shop! Although this sale was a bit smaller than previous Lilly online sales, there are still some great options available. This post features my favorite Lilly dresses, tops, and shorts/skorts included in the current sale. I tried to include items that are still available in a variety of sizes (at time of publishing).

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September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale

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Keep reading for my September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale Top Picks. I’ve organized them by categories:

Lilly Online Sale Dresses

Railee Shift Dress: This solid yellow shift dress with white trim detail and eyelet texture is absolutely gorgeous. It would be a great summer wedding guest dress for post-COVID celebrations. I actually own a yellow Lilly dress that’s very similar (minus the eyelet detail), and I’ve had it for nine years. Otherwise, I would be very tempted to snag this one!

Sammi Romper in Lilly State of Mind: This “dress” actually has shorts underneath. I love the Lilly State of Mind print, which has patches depicting each of the 50 states. Multi State of Mind was a popular print years ago, and Lilly brought it back in 2020 as a pop-up print.

Jonna High Collar Shift Romper: Another dress that’s actually a romper, and I love the pineapple print of this one (obviously!). The white applique detail around the neckline and down the front makes it very quintessential Lilly.

Jane Shift Dress: The Jane Dress is similar to the Jonna Romper, but it’s a true dress, and it’s a bit longer. It definitely has a very classic Lilly look.

Vali Stretch Shift Dress: The simple light blue and white print of this classic shift dress is absolutely gorgeous, and it also has the white applique trim detail in the front that I love!

Sharice Stretch Shift Dress: This is another dress that would be great to wear to weddings and parties once we have them again! I love how the top portion is solid white with eyelet detail, and the skirt portion is coral.

Macfarlane Stretch Shift Dress: The Macfarlane dress features a classic silhouette, a simple pink and white print, and lace applique detail.

Mercede Scallop Stretch Dress: I love the white scallop trim detail that goes across the top and down one side of this dress. Plus I adore the classic fruity Lilly print. If I didn’t already own so many Lilly dresses and had an unlimited budget, I would definitely get this one!

Click on any picture below, and it will take you directly to that dress on the Lilly site!


Lilly Online Sale Shorts/Skorts

Patty Skort in State of Mind: I’m really tempted to pull the trigger on this skort in the Lilly State of Mind patch! The Patty Skort is such a cute style. I actually bought it in a different print during the Lilly sale last September.

Luxletic Daphne Skort: Lilly Luxletic is one of my more recent Lilly obsessions. A Luxletic skort is a great item to grab during a sale. The Daphne comes in two different prints.

Callahan Knit Short: Callahan shorts are a staple item in any Lilly lover’s collection. The After Party Sale is a great chance to get a pair for less. The 5-inch inseam is very flattering.

Buttercup Stretch Short: The Buttercup shorts are another classic Lilly style that’s great to get on sale. The fit is similar to the Callahans, but the hem is scalloped.

Kaylie Button Down Skort: This adorable pink skort features a scalloped hem and buttons down the front.

Arabeth Stretch Short: These shorts have a 5-inch inseam and fun pink gingham print.

Click on any picture below, and it will take you directly to the respective shorts or skort on the Lilly site!


Lilly Online Sale Tops

Jia Tank Top: This top is only $30, and features a pineapple print. It would look cute with solid shorts or a skirt, or white jeans.


The Lilly After Party Sale tops didn’t stand out to me as much as the dresses and shorts/skorts did, but you can view other sale tops here.

September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale Continues

The September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale continues through tomorrow night (September 15). Word on the street is that there are going to be new items hitting the sale in the morning. I actually haven’t bought anything yet in this sale. Moving into a new place a month ago really made me realize how much stuff I have, and I’m trying to simplify my life and my home by being super intentional with my purchases. If my Lilly collection was smaller, I would probably grab some pieces. But since I have so much Lilly in my closet, I’m showing some restraint.

In addition, my rent increased with my move, I just ordered a consultant pre-sale bundle for the Beautycounter Holiday 2020 collection (which I can’t wait to share in a few weeks), and I replaced a favorite Kendra Scott bracelet that went MIA. So, I already had a small budget for this sale to begin with. While I’m all for grabbing some classic Lilly pieces at great prices, I don’t want anyone to have FOMO if you’re not in a position to shop for a ton or even at all in this sale. There will be more Lilly online sales! That being said, I am considering grabbing the Patty Skort in Lilly State of Mind, but I’m waiting to see what other pieces drop on Tuesday before making my final decision!

Have you shopped the September 2020 Lilly After Party Sale yet? What did you get? And thanks so much to everyone who shopped or planned to shop via my affiliate links. Your support of my blog means the world to me!

In case you missed it, you can check out my all-time favorite purchases from previous Lilly After Party Sales in this post.

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