September 2019 Lilly After Party Sale: My Top Picks

Hey y’all! Hope you had a great Monday, and that you snagged some good deals from the September 2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! In case you haven’t had a chance to shop yet, I’m sharing a few of my top picks from this sale. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the selection in this September 2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale,probably because Lilly released so many great prints this past year. However, I put myself on a budget for this sale. Even with amazing deals, I don’t want to go too overboard! Keep reading to find out what I scored from the September 2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. I will also share some additional pieces I would have bought if I had an unlimited budget!

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My September 2019 Lilly After Party Sale Shopping Experience

So I got into the Lilly sale right at 8:00am EST this morning. I searched for “Hangin’ with My Boo,” one of the prints I was particularly interested in. I even added an item to my cart. Then as soon as I searched for “Lion Around,: another print I had my eye on, I got kicked out fo the site an put into the virtual queue. I seriously thought I had gotten in with zero wait, but I guess it was too good to be true! Anyways, it ended up not being a big deal, because I got back into the site around 8:45. I searched for the prints I wanted the most, but didn’t want to spend too long browsing and risk losing what I had in my cart.

What I Bought in the Lilly After Party Sale

I ended up buying the Luxletic Amira Skort in “Hangin’ with My Boo,” and the Patty Skort in “Lion Around.” The Luxletic Amira Skort is sold out in everything except an XXS in Hangin’ with My Boo. However, it is still available in all sizes (at time of publishing) in another print. You can shop the Amira Skort here. However, the Patty Skort in Lion Around is still available in all sizes at time of publishing. I seriously thought this piece would go faster. You can shop the Patty Skort here.

After checking out with my two skorts, I re-entered the Lilly website when there was no longer a virtual line. I ended up getting these pajama pants in the adorable “Royal Purple 60 Animals” print. They are actually still available in an XXS and XS (at time of publishing), which you can shop here. I’ve tried to snag Lilly pajama pants during sales in the past, but they have always sold out of my size before I could get into the sale. Lilly pajama pants are so cute, but I definitely couldn’t justify paying full price. My only other Lilly pajama pants are a pair I found at TJ Maxx years ago. Thus, I’m super excited about getting some pj pants in this sale. I also couldn’t resist picking up this gorgeous cappuccino mug, also in “Royal Purple 60 Animals.” It’s still available (at time of publishing) and you can shop it here.

Didn’t Buy, But Still Love It

As I mentioned earlier, there was no way I could buy everything I wanted from the September 2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. Here are some additional pieces I spotted that would have made it into my cart if money grew on trees. Ha!

Skipper Popover. I don’t own any Lilly popovers yet, but definitely admire this style on others. The Skipper popover is still available in limited sizes in a few of my favorite prints (Hangin’ with My Boo, Little Flamenco, Multi Cheek to Cheek, 60 Animals).

Mila Shift Dress in Hangin’ with My Boo. I absolutely love the fit of the Mila Shift Dress, and I actually bought the Mila Shift in “On Parade” (featured in below photo) during the January 2019 After Party Sale. However, I could only justify buying one additional piece in “Hangin’ with My Boo,” and the Amira Skort one. First of all, I don’t own any Lilly Luxletic yet, so this will be something new. Secondly, I already have a panda print shift dress, Pandamonium from the Spring 2010 Originals Line. In fact, it was my first Lilly dress! Anyways, the Mila Shift in “Hangin’ with My Boo” is actually still available in a wide range of sizes (at time of publishing), and you can shop it here.
September 2019 Lilly After Party Sale Picks
(Mila Shift from a previous After Party Sale. Photo by Amelia Cassar Photo).

Getaway Packable Tote. I really don’t need anymore totes, so couldn’t justify buying one. But how cute is this tote in “Hangin’ with My Boo?!”

Kristen Swing Dress in “Little Flamenco.” One of my all-time favorite Lilly prints is “Little Flamenco.” However, since I already have the skirt in this print, I passed on this dress. It’s super cute thought, and would be a perfect addition to your Lilly collection if you love pineapples like I do!

Liz Dress in Lion Around. I love this dress, because it’s called the “Liz,” and it’s in one of my favorite prints. However, since I have never tried on this style, I passed. It’s still available in a wide range of sizes (at time of publishing), and you can shop it here.

Patty Skort in “Multi Cheek to Cheek.” I really like the “Multi Cheek to Cheek” print, and wish I could have bought the Patty Skort in it as well. It’s still available in quite a few sizes as well here.

Printed Pinboard. I love this fabric-covered pinboard you can stick photos and memos on, but I’m not quite sure where I would put it in my place.

A Success

Overall, I would say the September 2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale was a huge success! I’m super excited to get the four things I ordered. Also, I’m glad I will be able to use the pajama pants and cappuccino mug all fall and winter. I might even be able to get some wear out of the Amira Skort while it’s still warm in NC. Since “Hangin’ with My Boo” isn’t an overly summery print, the skort could still work for a warm early fall day.

I hope you found my September 2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale recap and top picks helpful. If you haven’t shopped yet, you can shop all sale items here. And if you have shopped the sale, what did you score? Let me know in the comments!

PS. Thanks everyone who has shopped the sale through my affiliate links. Your support of my blog means the world to me, more than words can express!

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