Sephora Spring Sale Clean Beauty Picks

Hey y’all-hope you’re doing well and continue to find some simple joys in every day during quarantine. This season of staying at home is a great time to invest in some self care. The 2020 Sephora Spring Sale comes at the perfect time, because fun new beauty products are a great way to pamper yourself with at-home self care. Think of it as a home spa day! Another way to practice self care is making sure the products you put on your body don’t contain any harmful or questionable ingredients. So today, I’m sharing my Sephora Spring Sale Clean Beauty Picks. This isn’t just another Sephora Sale blog post. My goal is to serve y’all by sharing some products that you can enjoy using short term and that your health will thank you for long term!

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Real quick, here are the dates for the 2020 Sephora Spring Sale:

April 17-May 1: Rouge Members save 20% with code SPRINGSAVE
April 21-29: VIB Members save 15% with code SPRINGSAVE
April 23-27: Insider Members save 10% with code SPRINGSAVE

It is FREE to sign up for a Sephora Beauty Insider account. Spending $350 a year bumps you up to VIB status, and $1000 a year bumps you up to Rouge status. In addition, all Sephora orders currently get free shipping with code FREESHIP.

Clean at Sephora

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile or follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’m a Beautycounter consultant. I switched to clean beauty products in April 2019. Even though Beautycounter is my go-to for most skincare and makeup, I don’t exclusively use Beautycounter. There’s some products Beautycounter either doesn’t make (like eye primer) or has a limited selection (like hair care). In addition, I simply like to incorporate some other clean brands into my personal care routine. I want to be a genuine and authentic resource for helping y’all switch to safer products, and not simply push Beautycounter. In fact, Beautycounter’s mission isn’t to get Beautycounter products in the hands of everyone, but rather to get safer products in the hands of everyone!

However, Beautycounter does have the most stringent guidelines for screening ingredients for safety. So when I shop other beauty brands, I look at the ingredient list and use Beautycounter’s “Never List” as a guideline. I’m telling y’all this because many items on Sephora’s website have the green “Clean at Sephora” seal. Please note that the products with this seal are better options than others. However, some of them still contain ingredients I’m personally not comfortable with using. The good news is that several “Clean at Sephora” brands do meet the ingredient safety criteria I use! All of my Sephora Spring Sale Clean Beauty picks are either products that I currently use, or products I would be comfortable using based on ingredients.

Drunk Elephant Sephora Sale Picks

Sephora Spring Sale Clean Beauty

Drunk Elephant is one of the most popular clean brands at Sephora. Honestly, it’s one of Sephora’s most popular brands in general, and a cult-favorite among beauty bloggers. Based on their company’s philosophy and ingredient standards, Drunk Elephant is the top Sephora skincare brand I recommend to anyone.

I haven’t personally used any Drunk Elephant skincare yet, but I actually ordered “The Littles” set. (Got mine directly from Drunk Elephant since I had a discount code for them and didn’t want to wait for the Sephora Insider sale dates.) Drunk Elephant’s “The Littles” comes with mini sizes of eight of their most popular skincare products. It also includes a pretty waterproof cosmetic bag and recipe cards for skincare smoothies. I highly recommend grabbing this if you’re curious about Drunk Elephant skincare but not ready to invest in full-sizes. I’m not looking to switch my entire skincare routine over to Drunk Elephant because I’m happy with Beautycounter. However, I still wanted to try out “The Littles” to see if there’s some Drunk Elephant products I want to incorporate into my skincare routine.

If you are ready to invest in full-size Drunk Elephant skincare, I’ve heard great things about their Protini Moisturizer. In addition, I’m looking forward to trying Drunk Elephant Daily Facial SPF.

In addition, Drunk Elephant just launched a hair care and body care line. I have tried the shampoo, plus minis of the body lotion and cream body cleanser. In fact, I’ve ordered full sizes of the Drunk Elephant body lotion and body wash. The body lotion and body wash don’t have a strong smell, so I highly recommend to anyone who is sensitive to smells but looking for a clean option. Although I like natural fragrance that essential oils provide, I realize some people may have sensitivities. Drunk Elephant doesn’t use any essential oils in their products, so it’s a great choice for people who have issues with those.


ILIA Beauty Sephora Sale Picks

ILIA Beauty is my top recommendation for a clean makeup brand at Sephora. I’ve been using their brightening eye primer for months. I also recommend their lip exfoliator. Unfortunately, it’s sold out now, but you can sign up for notification when Sephora gets it back in stock.

I haven’t personally used it yet, but this neutrals eyeshadow palette is very pretty and practical. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a clean eyeshadow to snag during the Sephora Spring Sale. This tinted lip conditioner is also a great clean makeup option. I am going to hold off on trying it for now, because I already have so many lip colors. But I’m definitely adding it to my list of products to potentially try in the future. I love any lip product that provides a combination of color and moisture!


Rahua Sephora Spring Sale Picks

Sephora Spring Sale Clean Beauty

Rahua is my top recommendation for specialized clean hair care products. They have shampoo and conditioner formulas for a variety of hair types. I’ve personally used the Voluminous shampoo. I also love the Volumunious Spray. The Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier is currently sold out, but they still have multiple other stying products and treatments for various needs.


Other Sephora Spring Sale Clean Beauty Picks

I haven’t personally used anything from these brands, but Summer Fridays and Milk Makeup also have some Sephora Spring Sale clean beauty picks I recommend based on ingredients. The Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask is a cult favorite, so the Sephora sale is a great chance to try it out or restock if you’re already a fan. They have an R+R Mask with brightening, hydration, and anti-aging benefits. I’m also intrigued by this Lip Butter Balm, and one of my friends has already mentioned it’s in her cart.

Milk Makeup is another clean brand I recommend checking out during the Sephora sale. In addition to makeup, they have some serums, masks, toners, and cleansers as well. I’m fascinated by this watermelon brightening mask. If you’re looking for a glitter highlighter without nasty ingredients, then check this out. Milk Makeup also has a lip exfoliator, which would be a good option to try since the ILIA Beauty one is currently out of stock.



I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some inspiration on Sephora Spring Sale finds that would be fun to try, but also good for you. If you’re eyeing something from Sephora I didn’t mention in this post, I recommend plugging it into this Skin Deep Database by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG is a third party non-profit, non partisan organization dedicated to empowering consumers to make healthy choices. “EWG Verified” is the best score a cosmetic product can get in the Skin Deep Database. All other products are ranked 1-9, with one being the safest, and 9 being the least safe. Ideally, I recommend aiming to use products that rank a 1 or 2. Overall, I recommend sticking to products with a number ranking no higher than 4.

Do you plan on shopping the 2020 Sephora Spring Sale? If so, what is in your cart? If you end up trying any of these recommendations, I’d love to hear what you think! Also, I know tons of bloggers cover the Sephora Spring Sale. So if you decide to shop the sale through my links, please know that I don’t take it for granted and it means the world to me!

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