Rose Gold Minnie Mouse: Halloween Recap

Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. This year my Halloween was super low-key and chill. This was actually the first time in about five years I didn’t go to a Halloween party of some sort. None of my friends were hosting one or going to one, and my October was too crazy to try and host one myself. However, I love Halloween and couldn’t turn down an opportunity to dress up. So since I didn’t have any huge Halloween plans this year, I put together a Minnie Mouse costume comprised of items I already have, featuring my rose gold Minnie ears. I wore my costume to Bible Study Fellowship the night before Halloween, and then to work on Halloween. Keep reading for a few pictures of my super-easy costume.

Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Rose Gold Minnie Ears

I liked rose gold before it even became trendy. So when Disney introduced rose gold Minnie ears into their theme park merchandise line a couple years ago, I knew I had to have some. The problem was I had no idea when my next trip to Disney World would be. And since I had seen pictures on Facebook of the rose gold Minnie Mouse craziness in Disney World gift shops, I didn’t exactly want to ask someone going to go through the trouble of picking up a pair for me. In December 2017, I got news that the rose gold Minnie Ears would be coming to Shop Disney Parks online. I was thrilled to snag a pair when they became available online for the first time. They sold out really quickly, which made me feel even luckier to grab a pair, Fortunately, the “unicorn” status of rose gold Minnie ears has subsided a bit in the past year, and they are readily available online now. You can grab a pair for yourself here!

Any Opportunity to Wear Minnie Ears

Rose Gold Minnie Ears

So I definitely look forward to wearing my rose gold Minnie ears the next time I got to Disney World. However, I have no idea when that will be. In the meantime, I take advantage of any opportunity to wear Minnie ears in public outside of Disney World while still being socially acceptable. Ha! Halloween is perfect for that. And since I didn’t have any huge Halloween plans this year, it made sense to pull together a costume completely from items already in my wardrobe, without having to buy anything new or spend time crafting anything.

Other Costume Components

Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Of course the rose gold Minnie ears were the highlight of my costume. But I also love the way this pink polka dot Lilly Pulitzer t-shirt dress completed the costume. I’ve had this particular dress for about five years, but if I can find a similar one I will come back and link it on here. Some of my favorite Kendra Scott jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earrings), my black Tory Burch flats, and black leggings rounded out the look.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope y’all enjoyed these pictures of my simple costume. What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? Also, now that it’s November, have you switched into “peppermint everything” mode, or are you like me and still soaking up a few more weeks of “pumpkin spice everything?”

Have a great weekend lovelies!

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