Post-Quarantine Bucket List

Hi friends-hope y’all are staying well as we enter into a new week. A couple weeks ago I shared my Quarantine Bucket List. There’s still multiple things on that list I still need to do, and I’m also enjoying the slower pace of life. Although I’m not quite ready for quarantine to end for those reasons, I’m still thinking about the things I want to do post-quarantine once it’s safe to go places and gather again. So today I’m sharing my Post-Quarantine Bucket List. It’s honestly really hard to plan for much since recommendations from government and health officials are so fluid. In addition, I’m a germaphobe under the best of circumstances, plus an extremely cautious person by nature. So you won’t see me flocking to restaurants as soon as they open for dine-in! However, I am hopeful that I will be able to enjoy some of my Post-Quarantine Bucket List items this summer.

Go the Beach

Emerald Isle NC

This is the post-quarantine bucket list item that will probably happen first. Hopefully I will be able to make a beach trip Memorial Day weekend. I’m thankful that my family has a place there, so I don’t have to worry about whether rental companies will be operating. In addition, my germaphobe self doesn’t have to worry about a rental house being sanitized thoroughly between guests. And I hope to have a girls beach weekend with my best friend later this summer.

Have a Belated Birthday Celebration

Post-Quarantine Bucket List

My birthday was during the second part of March, after quarantine started. I was blessed to still have a special day where I felt celebrated. However, I missed getting to have a gathering with friends. So I’m looking forward to a belated birthday celebration (especially a belated grocery store sheet cake) once it is safe to eat in restaurants and gather in groups of more than 10.

Enjoy Rooftop Poolside Brunch at Unscripted Durham

Post-Quarantine Bucket List Unscripted Durham

To commemorate Earth Day, I posted this picture on Instagram where I’m wearing my Lilly Pulitzer shift dress in the World Wildlife Fund panda print. This picture was taken back in September 2017 when my best friend and I had brunch on the rooftop at Unscripted, a recently renovated retro hotel in Downtown Durham. Looking at this picture reminded me that I am overdue for another brunch at Unscripted. Hopefully that will happen this summer! The rooftop patio has a pool as well, which adds to the ambiance. And they have amazing avocado toast!

Have a Cocktail on the Roof at the Durham Hotel

The Roof at The Durham Hotel

Shortly before quarantine began, I went to a surprise engagement celebration for one of my small group friends at Durham Hotel rooftop bar. Because it was a chillier night in early March, the open-air part of the rooftop wasn’t open, so you couldn’t get the full experience. However, that night I thought about how it has been way too long since I’ve had a cocktail with a friend on a summer night on the Roof at the Durham Hotel. Hopefully that will happen again this summer! The above picture is from my first trip to the Roof at The Durham back in summer 2017!

Go to Cat Tales Cafe

In February 2019, Cat Tales Cafe opened up in downtown Chapel Hill. They have coffee and bakery items that you can purchase and then take into a separate cat room where you get to play with adoptable cats. You have to make a reservation, as they only allow 10 people in the cat room at a time. Although I’m not in a position right now where I am able to adopt a kitty, I’m hoping to go post-Quarantine for some cat snuggles. Also, Cat Tales Cafe has struggled financially as a result of closing during COVID-19. They are still about $1500 short of their goal on GoFundMe, so if you are a cat lover and feel led to help them out, you can donate here. I know they would appreciate any amount!

Ride the Carousel at Pullen Park

Despite living in the Raleigh/Durham area for over six years now, I still haven’t been to Pullen Park. I love carousels, and would love to check out the one at Pullen Park post-quarantine!

Enjoy a Summer Sunset from the Porch at Maple View

Maple View Farms sunset
(Photo by Reveling Spaces)

It’s also been forever since I’ve been to one of my other favorite Triangle places-Maple View Farms in Hillsborough. They have the most delicious ice cream freshly made from milk produced by their own dairy cows. It’s also the perfect place to watch a summer sunset. They have a precious wrap-around porch with rocking chairs! Somehow I made it the entire summer without going last year, so that has to change this year!


Looking Ahead

I’m sure I will think of some other things, but these state and local attractions come to mind first when I think about my Post-Quarantine Bucket List. What is at the top of your list of things you want to do post-quarantine? Hope that you stay safe and healthy, and able to make the most of your time remaining in quarantine.

During the month of May, I plan to scale back to just one blog post per week. Even though quarantine is giving me a bit more time to work on blog stuff, I want to devote some of that time to growing my weekly e-newsletter and upping my Pinterest game. This is stuff that I know is important to the long-term development of my blog. And I want to continue to serve y’all with inspiring and encouraging content. Since blogging isn’t my full-time job, it’s difficult for me to work on these “back-end” blog development projects plus create multiple new blog posts each week. So I’m sticking to just one new blog post a week for now so I don’t burn out.

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