Jewelry that Goes with Everything!

Sheila Fajl and Kendra Scott

Hey y'all! Today I want to highlight three go-to pieces of jewelry in my collection that literally go with everything. First of all, here's a little background on the evolution of my jewelry preferences—in high school I barely wore any jewelry. (As mentioned in a previous post, I didn't even get my ears pierced until after college.) Then in college and the first couple years afterward, I basically stuck to pearls, first pearl necklaces and then pearl stud earrings once I finally got my ears pierced. Pearls were my signature accessory, and I think a lot of people knew me as "the girl who [Read more...]

If the (Lauren James) Dress Fits…

Lauren James Harper Dress

It has felt like winter all week here in central North Carolina, but spring is just around the corner! I absolutely love spring and the feeling of new beginnings in the air that it brings; not to mention my birthday, warmer weather, more daylight, Easter, and seersucker season! Seersucker is probably my favorite preppy Southern wardrobe staple, but I am a stickler and only wear it between Easter and Labor Day. I made an exception for this photo shoot with Amelia Cassar Photography, because I wanted to share one of my favorite spring looks with y'all and provide some styling inspiration, [Read more...]

Designer Deals of the Moment!

Tory Burch Wallet

Hey y'all! Hope everyone has had great Saturday. I wasn't planning to do a post today, but after finding out that two of my favorite designers are having big sales this weekend, I couldn't not share with y'all. Tory Burch and Kate Spade are my two favorite designers to shop. They are definitely investment pieces and great quality, but in my attempts to be a responsible adult, I shop them on sale as often as I can.

Let’s Get Real!

Eating Disorders Awareness

Hey y'all-- today I am tackling a topic that is much heavier than my previous posts, but is very near and dear to my heart: eating disorders awareness. When I first contemplated this blog, I honestly wasn't sure how vulnerable I wanted to get with respect to deeper heart issues. I had a blog several years back, and kept things very surface level on that. Last week, however, I listened to a podcast from one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie May Wilson (she's amazing, seriously check her out!), and she encouraged a certain degree of vulnerability if you feel like what you have to share could [Read more...]