October 2019 Favorites

Hey y’all- I know I say this every month, but can y’all believe another month has flown by? Seems like I blinked once, and October was over. Crazy that it’s already November! I know I thought that Summer 2019 flew by, but I feel like fall is going by even more quickly. Probably because the entire month of September still felt like summer, and October had its fair share of unseasonably warm days too. Anyways, October held quite a few experiences and things that I want to round up on here before we get too far into November. Without further ado, here are my October 2019 Favorites:

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Lilly Pulitzer Pinking Positive Paradise Blanket

I shared more details about Lilly Pulitzer’s 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Print, Pinking Positive, in this post. But it’s definitely worth mentioning how much I love my new cozy fleece blanket in this print. It’s mostly benefitting on the back of my couch as a throw, but now that the weather is finally cooling down in NC I’m excited to really bundle up with it! Spoiler alert: This will probably make an appearance in at least one of my 2019 Holiday Gift Guides! You can shop the Lilly Pulitzer Paradise Blanket here.

Lilly Pulitzer Paradise Blanket

Vineyard Vines Hurricane Dorian Relief Tee

I didn’t discover that Vineyard Vines designed a sweet Hurricane Dorian Relief classic pocket t-shirt until after it sold out, twice! So when I randomly checked their website in early October and saw that a limited number were back in stock, I snagged it ASAP! Did I need another preppy pocket t-shirt? Not really. But I simply couldn’t resist this one because 30% of the proceeds go to help the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian. I love how the Vineyard Vines whale sports The Bahamas’ flag design. This t-shirt is sold out again, but Vineyard Vines still has a Shep Shirt, men’s polo, and stickers that benefit Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief. I actually snagged a couple stickers too.

Vineyard Vines Hurricane Dorian Relief

We hear a lot about areas devastated by hurricanes on the news in the immediate aftermath. But once the news coverage subsides, it’s easy to forget that recovery for hard-hit areas takes months, and even years. Plus, a Category 5 hurricane hitting an island in the middle of the Caribbean is absolutely devastating. The Bahamas is significant to me because it’s actually the only foreign country I’ve visited. (Hopefully my list will expand some day!)

Beautycounter Holiday Collection Launch

The 2019 Beautycounter Holiday Collection Launch was definitely a highlight of my October! Consultants had the opportunity to purchase pre-sale bundles at a discount even steeper than our usual 25% discount! Mine arrived at the beginning of the month, prior to the official launch the second week of October. It was like Christmas morning! Although I don’t put up Christmas decorations or listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, I still thoroughly enjoyed geeking out over these gift sets. Plus, they are great for treating yourself now, or for gifting year-round. The holiday collection launch has definitely been my most exciting experience since becoming a Beautycounter consultant back in April. I’m super excited about my first holiday season with Beautycounter. You can read more about the Beautycounter Holiday Line here, and shop the collection here. Most of the gift sets are under $50, and you can break many of them apart to gift multiple people! Also, you can email me if you would like a PDF of the Beautycounter Holiday Gift Guide. It’s absolutely gorgeous. One of my teammates described it as Beautycounter meets Kate Spade, and she’s not wrong! 

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Collection

I also had a fun Pop-up to showcase the holiday line and tie safer Beauty into Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I really loved wearing this adorable Beautycounter apron that came in my Pop-Up Kit! 

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Gift Sets

North Carolina State Fair

October means time for the NC State Fair, and 2019 marked the seventh consecutive year I’ve been! My church small group went one evening during our regular meeting time, and it was a fun evening of fellowship and my favorite fair foods. If I get my NC State Howling Cow Ice Cream at the Fair I’m a happy camper. I also enjoyed a delicious ear of corn! These two things honestly appeal to me more than any of the fried foods!

NC State Fair 2019

Apple Picking

I already shared about my adventure Apple-picking in the North Carolina mountains during October, but it’s worth mentioning again. You can check out the full details in this post!

Apple Picking in North Carolina Mountains

Beautycounter Necessary Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

Beautycounter consultants are allowed to redeem host rewards from socials up to four times during a calendar year. I qualified for two free items and three 50% off items thanks to my awesome customers during my Holiday Launch Social. One of the 50% off items I got was this gorgeous Necessary Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette. It is huge, and contains 18 different shades. I also love that it has a double-ended eyeshadow brush that sits in a groove inside the palette. You can check out the Necessary Neutrals Palette here.

Beautycounter Necessary Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

Every Single Moment Prayer Journal

Stephanie May Wilson, one of my favorite Christian bloggers and podcasters, released a prayer journal for single women, called Every Single Moment at the end of October. I have had the privilege of being on the launch team for Every Single Moment, and I seriously can’t recommend this prayer journal enough for every single woman! Stephanie created this as “a guide to help you make the most of every single moment by savoring the present, which is the very best way to prepare for your future life, your future marriage, and your future family.” I am so excited to see how God uses this journal in my life over the next 100 days as I close out this year (and decade!) and head into a new one! For more about my heart and why I’m so excited about Every Single Moment, check out this Instagram post. Also, you can shop Every Single Moment here.

Every Single Moment Stephanie May Wilson


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I had my first-ever adventure to Aldi in October. I was basically like a kid in a candy store. I will do a more detailed post soon about my first Aldi experience and my haul. But for now, I will just say that was most impressed with the cheese selection and the layered Mexican Dip. If you’re unfamiliar with Aldi, it’s a chain of discount grocery stores based in Germany. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area!

Aldi Haul

For Garden’s Sake

I shared about my adventure to For Garden’s Sake, a plant nursery and garden center on the outskirts of Durham with pumpkins galore, in this post a couple weeks ago. However, I also wanted to mention it again right here since it was such a fun October adventure with my bestie.

For Garden's Sake

As you can see, October 2019 was full of all the fall things, new beauty products, and some fun purchases that gave back to charity. There was one thing different about this October, in that I didn’t attend a single college football game. This is the first October since 2013 that I didn’t go to a Clemson game, and the first October since probably 2011 or earlier that I didn’t go to any college football games. However, I did watch plenty of college football on TV, and I’m going to three college football games in November to make up for it!

Hope you enjoyed reading all about my October 2019 Favorites. As always, thanks for reading! What were some of the highlights of your October 2019?

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