November 2023 Favorites

December is almost over, but I can’t even remember the last time I published a monthly favorites blog post where the month in question was still technically the previous month! So in that case, I’m honestly not too late getting this up. December has been such a fun-filled month of holiday festivities that I haven’t had a chance to recap my November 2023 Favorites yet!

Here are my November 2023 Favorites!

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LL Bean Bootmobile

The second week of November I took a break from work one afternoon and drove over to Duke’s East Campus to see the LL Bean Bootmobile! Last year the Bootmobile came to my area, but it was 30 minutes away and during the busy Christmas season, so I ended up not going. I’m glad the Bootmobile came back to the Triangle this year, and it was only a little over 10 minutes away so was easier for me to go! They had boots, socks, and outerwear for sale, and everything was 10% off! In addition, it made my day when one kind person thought I was young enough to be a student and told me that anyone with a email address gets 10% off all the time!

The day the Bootmobile was in town was an unseasonably warm fall day, warm enough that I wouldn’t typically wear my Bean Boots. But I had to put them on for a photo opp with the Bootmobile! It was worthy my feet being a bit too warm, because I got a free Bean Boot keychain for wearing my boots to the pop-up. I also got some fun free stickers they had for everyone! Bean Boots are one of my fall/winter wardrobe staples, and I would love to visit the headquarters in Maine and get a picture with the huge iconic boot some day! But for now, I’m glad that I got to get a pic with the Bootmobile!

LL Bean Bootmobile in Durham, NC Mini LL Bean Boot Keychain LL Bean Bootmobile sticker

LL Bean boots are one of my fall/winter wardrobe staples. I wrote a blog post almost five years ago with tips for buying Bean Boots, and it still gets quite a bit of traffic. Check it out here!

LL Bean Merino Wool Rag Socks

I didn’t need any Bean Boots or outerwear, but I took advantage of the 10% off discount at the LL Bean Bootmobile pop-up and grabbed a two-pack of LL Bean Merino Wool Rag Socks, which I had been wanting for awhile! They are so cozy, they aren’t itchy at all, and they’re machine-washable and dryable. Though I like my J.Crew Factory camp socks, LL Bean Rag socks keep your feet warmer and absorb moisture better.

LL Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks

Carolina Beats Dook in Football

After a disappointing stretch of UNC football in October, it was nice to see them beat Dook in November. Although the Carolina-Dook basketball rivalry is traditionally a bigger deal, the football rivalry game has gotten a bit more hype in recent years due to both teams actually being decent at football. It was also a very thrilling win- UNC pulled it off in double overtime. I got a cute picture with Rameses before the game, and my new LL Bean Rag Socks with my Bean Boots kept my feet warm during a chilly night game.

Picture with Rameses before UNC vs Duke football game 2023

Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Potato Chips

Last year I saw someone share about Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Potato Chips on Instagram, but none of my Trader Joe’s trips coincided with them being available. I was glad to finally get to try them this year, and they were delicious! They are kettle chips with seasoning that tastes exactly like Thanksgiving stuffing! Novelty flavor potato chips are definitely one of my favorite Trader Joe’s buys!

Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Stuffing Kettle Chips

Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Popcorn

I also picked up some Thanksgiving Stuffing Popcorn from Trader Joe’s, which I had seen someone else share on Instagram this year. It’s also delicious, and makes a great snack. I’m glad I picked up a few bags of both this popcorn and the kettle chips so I can enjoy them all through the holiday season. Because stuffing/dressing is totally a Christmas food too!

Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Stuffing Popcorn

Kohl’s Cares Grover Plush

Grover was one of my favorites on Sesame Street as a kid. When I discovered that Kohl’s was selling the cutest Sesame Street plushies for only $5, I had to pick up this adorable Grover. This Sesame Street collection was part of their Kohl’s Cares line, where 100% of net profits benefit children and families in need.

Kohl's Cares Grover Plush Fall 2022

Christmas at the Angus Barn

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I went to The Angus Barn with several of my closest friends. I’m typically not into doing a ton of Christmasy things before Thanksgiving, because I want to savor the last bits of fall and pumpkin spice season. But it was easier for us to get a reservation in late November prior to Thanksgiving than it is after Thanksgiving and during December.

This was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, and we had the best time! The food was delicious, the decorations were gorgeous, but the company and conversation was truly the best! We laughed so much, and because our reservation wasn’t until 9:00, we were some of the last people to leave the restaurant. In fact, we were there so late the staff forgot we were still eating at a table upstairs and accidentally locked us inside! Then when we went to leave, the workers couldn’t find the key. One nice employee let us out via the “employees only” door. I’m so thankful that this particular friend group has remained close even though we aren’t in the same weekly Bible Study together anymore.

In addition, we are pretty sure they accidentally served us regular coffee instead of the decaf coffee we ordered with our dessert. It was 10:40 by the time we ate dessert. The next morning in the group chat we confirmed that all of us who had coffee had trouble sleeping that night, we we think it was regular coffee. But we weren’t annoyed at all, because while the insomnia wasn’t fun, it made a great story.

Angus Barn Christmas Tree 2023 Christmas at the Angus Barn 2023 Christmas decorations inside Angus Barn 2023 reindeer decorations inside Angus Barn Christmas 2023

Angus Barn truly has the best Christmas decor of anywhere in the Triangle. You can see more pics here.

Just Once by Karen Kingsbury

During Thanksgiving vacation I read Karen Kingsbury’s newest novel, Just Once. Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author, and I love everything she’s written. Just Once, a love story set during World War II, might be one of my favorites by her. Karen Kingsbury doesn’t typically write historical fiction, so Just Once is a little different from her usual. Thanks to the American Girl books, I’ve been a historical fiction fan since I was kid, so this is one reason why I enjoyed it. I liked that it went it included lots of historical context to World War II, but didn’t have super detailed battle scenes. I remember having to read books in English class that had a lot of details on battles, and they always bored me.

Like Karen Kingsbury’s other novels, Just Once incorporates the characters’ Christian faith into the story, which is always uplifting and encouraging.

Just Once by Karen Kingsbury

Thanksgiving 2023

I always love Thanksgiving, because it is the official kick-off to the holiday season and makes me really excited for the weeks ahead. During Thanksgiving 2023 I enjoyed several relaxing days with family. Highlights included watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating delicious food, seeing extended family, and watching football. I brought chocolate chess pie and cheese spread & crackers from my trip to Angus Barn just prior to Thanksgiving and they were a hit. It was also nice to have cats around again during the holidays, after being completely cat-less during Thanksgiving and Christmas 2022. Paprika slept on her cat bed during the entire Thanksgiving day meal.

Thanksgiving dinner 2023 Angus Barn cheese spread and homemade crackers from country store

Cat during Thanksgiving dinner

Disney 100 Happy Meal Toys

I didn’t get as into the McDonald’s Disney 100 Happy Meal toys this year as I did the Disney World 50th Anniversary Happy Meal toys two years ago. They weren’t quite as cute, and there were a lot of Marvel and Pixar characters I didn’t really care about. However, I still enjoyed getting a couple that I really wanted, specifically Goofy and Pongo.

McDonald's Disney 100 Happy Meal toys Goofy and Pongo

Disney 100 McDonald's Happy Meal Box

Little Words Project x Dunkin’ Bracelet

I had my eye on the Little Words Project x Dunkin collaboration that says “Get Sip Done” for awhile, and finally decided to buy it. It was completely sold out on Little Words Project at the time, but I was able to buy it online from Occasionally Yours during a Thanksgiving week sale. Good news though- the entire Dunkin’ collab is back in stock on Little Words Project, including my “Get Sip Done” bracelet. I love Dunkin’, and the only reason I don’t go there more often is there’s not one super convenient to me. Also, pink and orange are my two favorite colors, and I love how they look together. So naturally I adore Dunkin’s color scheme and the beading on this bracelet.

Dunkin' x Little Words Project Get Sip Done bracelet

Christmas Tree 2023

Normally I don’t decorate my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. I usually get it out of the storage shed on my balcony and bring it inside right before Thanksgiving, and then decorate when I get back from Thanksgiving vacation. However, this year I decided I wanted to fully decorate my Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving, so when I got home from my parents’ house I could immediately start enjoying it! This worked out really well, and it was so nice to not have to juggle tree decorating with post-Thanksgiving unpacking, laundry, and reorganizing. I now plan to continue decorating my tree right before Thanksgiving as long as I’m traveling over Thanksgiving.

Christmas Tree 2023

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte Returns

I received an early Christmas present in November- Starbucks brought the gingerbread latte back into their holiday drink line-up. It was my favorite Starbucks holiday drink years ago, but they removed it from the menu for several years. I believe 2018 was the last time Starbucks had the gingerbread latte and I missed it so much. The first year Starbucks didn’t have the gingerbread latte I tried Dunkin’s version, and it simply wasn’t the same. While I like Dunkin’ coffee and plain lattes, I’m not big on their flavored drinks. Anways, I had my first gingerbread latte of the season in November, and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve had since then.

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte in 2023 holiday cup

I also really love this particular Starbucks 2023 holiday cup!

Nespresso Gingerbread Capsules

In my October 2023 Favorites post, I featured the Nespresso Pumpkin Spice capsules. In November, I tried another Nespresso seasonal capsule flavor, Gingerbread. I enjoyed this and will definitely order multiple sleeves next year!

Nespresso Gingerbread Capsules

Beautycounter Sales

November 2023 was officially my best sales month ever in over four and a half years of being a Beautycounter Brand Advocate. And my previous best month was back in April 2021! This was such a blessing to me, and I am extremely humbled by everyone who shopped with me and supported my business. In addition, with the current state of the economy and rampant inflation I realize that people’s paychecks simply don’t go as far as they used to. In times like this, luxury skincare and makeup is often one of the first things to get cut from people’s budgets. Therefore, I especially don’t take a single Beautycounter sale for granted during this time.

The amazing month I had in November 2023 makes me super excited for what’s to come with my Beautycounter business in 2024! I truly do love helping people switch to safer beauty products and finding skincare and makeup that works for them.


Thanks for reading my November 2023 Favorites! Stay tuned for my December 2023 Favorites, and my 2023 recap!

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