November 2022 Favorites

I realize I am still way behind on sharing my monthly favorites from the end of 2022. But rather than completely abandoning sharing these things because it’s so embarassingly late (as in almost one year late), I’m going to share them anyways. And it’s always good for me to take a step back and remember the little things that have brought me joy!

Today I’m picking back up with my better late than never November 2022 Favorites. The combination of Cyber Week sales and the holiday season kicking off meant that November 2022 brought quite a handful of fun things!

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Stoney Clover Lane Large Pouch

Despite not getting the Stoney Clover Lane hype for quite awhile, I became a full-fledged fan in the early months of 2022. But it wasn’t until November 2022 that I got my first Stoney Clover Lane Large Pouches. Stoney Clover Lane had their “Black Friday” sale several weeks before Thanksgiving, in order to make sure they could fulfill orders with customized items in plenty of time before Christmas. I used this opportunity to get a few Stoney Clover large pouches at a discount. This sale included Disney prints, so two of my pouches were Mickey & Friends prints- Dynamic Duo (which I previously got the small pouch in) and Sensational Six. Stoney Clover Lane large pouches are really versatile-I use a couple of mine to store things in my closet, and then I keep the other one empty so I can use it for travel.

Stoney Clover Lane Large Pouch

Stoney Clover Lane Disney Christmas Patch

In late fall 2022, Stoney Clover Lane released an adorable Mickey & Friends holiday collection. I definitely couldn’t justify Stoney Clover Lane prices for a pouch that I would only use a little over a month out of the year. However, I did get this cute festive Mickey & Minnie Christmas patch to add to my Stoney Clover Lane patch collection. Since I definitely can’t afford to get a customized pouch or bag with every single Stoney Clover Lane patch I love (since there’s so many cute ones!), I like to collect loose patches.

Stoney Clover Lane Disney Christmas Patch Santa Mickey & Minnie

This patch (and several other Mickey & Friends holiday patches) are still available from Stoney Clover Lane if you want to grab one for the upcoming holiday season!

Cath Kidston x Care Bears Wristlet & Bag

A couple of Anglophile friends introduced me to British lifestyle company Cath Kidston years ago, and even gave me some pouches as gifts. Then five years ago, the Cath Kidston x Disney collab conveniently coincided with a British friend of one of these friends visiting the US, so I was able to have her be my personal shopper and pick up a couple pouches for me. Fast forward to November 20222, when Cath Kidston released the cutest Care Bears collaboration to commemorate Care Bears’ 40th Anniversary. Although I was more into My Little Pony than Care Bears as a kid, I still think the Care Bears are precious, and love the nostalgia they carry.

At first I thought I would have to merely admire the Cath Kidston x Care Bears collaboration from afar. But one of my friends who originally introduced me to Cath Kidston informed me they DO ship to the US. (I previously thought she had purchased the pouch she gave me as a gift on one of her trips to England.) And I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that shipping across the pond wasn’t crazy expensive. So I ordered a wristlet and a small tote bag from the Cath Kidston x Care Bears collab. The wristlet is the perfect size for running a quick errand, especially a Starbucks run. I like that it has enough room for my phone, ID case, hand sanitizer, and keys. The small tote is actually called a “book bag” on Cath Kidston’s website. This must be a difference in semantics between British English and American English, since I could clearly tell from website pictures that this “book bag” isn’t a backpack. Even though I read the dimensions on the website, it was still smaller in person than I expected. However, it’s still a great small bag for running errands or toting a few things around. It’s also pretty structured, and I like that it’s made of Cath Kidston’s signature waterproof fabric.

Cath Kidston x Care Bears Small Book Bag Cath Kidston x Care Bears Ruffle Wristlet

All She Wrote Notes Life Motto Pen Set

In early 2022 I got to partner with DaySpring to promote All She Wrote Notes 100 Days of Praise & Positivity Devotional. A few months after that, Maghon opened an in-person studio. The majority of the time it serves as a home base for her business operations and isn’t open to the public. However, she has monthly shopping days (first Saturday of the month from 10:00-4:00) where anyone can drop by to shop in-person. In addition to these first Saturday open studio days, Maghon will periodically open up her studio for additional shopping days. One of these bonus shopping days was Small Business Saturday over Thanksgiving weekend. Since the All She Wrote Notes studio is pretty close to my parents’ house, I went while I was visiting them over Thanksgiving. I picked up a few of these cute Life Motto Pen Sets. Each set contains four colorful pens that say “Trust God,” “Stay Sweet,” “Love Hard,” and “Love Deep.”

All She Wrote Notes Pens

Meeting All She Wrote Notes

And as a bonus, I got to meet Maghon of All She Wrote Notes while I was at the studio! It was such a treat to get to meet her in-person after following on Instagram for awhile. And I discovered that she is in the same Bible Study as a family friend. The studio was just as fun and happy as I imagined it would be! 

All She Wrote Notes Studio Gibsonville, NC

Draper James Natalie Sweatshirt

After admiring the Draper James Natalie sweatshirt for awhile, I finally snagged it in two colors during an amazing pre-Thanksgiving sale. I love anything gingham-it’s so classic and preppy. The light blue gingham is perfect for a UNC game, and the  pink is so pretty too. The Natalie sweatshirt is great for with leggings for lounging or running errands, or with jeans for a casual but pulled-together look. Note that this sweatshirt runs smaller that a typical sweatshirt, so definitely size up if you are wanting a more relaxed fit.

Draper James Natalie Sweatshirt Pink Gingham

Draper James Elle Plaid Scrunchie

When Draper James released a plaid pattern with a hint of pink named “Elle” in honor of Elle Woods, I knew I had to have something in it. Legally Blonde is my favorite movie, so it’s only fitting. This scrunchie is perfect for adding a pop of festive plaid to any outfit during the holiday season, but it can also be worn beyond the holidays.

Draper James Scrunchie Elle Plaid

Retro Walt Disney World T-Shirt

When shopDisney had a sale last November, I got this fun retro Disney World t-shirt that has the classic logo plus Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Mortie, & Ferdie. While Mickey, Donald, Goofy, & Pluto are well known as part of the “Fab Five” of Disney characters, Mortie & Ferdie (the two mice with overalls and crowns) are lesser known. They are Mickey Mouse’s twin nephews who debuted in Disney comics in the 30’s. I am familiar with this duo because they were in a 300-piece Disney puzzle I frequently put together as a kid in the 90’s.

Retro Disney World T-Shirt with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Mortie, and Ferdie

Sanrio Haul (Hello Kitty Mascot Clip, Plush Chococat, & Variety Letter Pack)

At the beginning of November 2022, Sanrio had a 20% off sale on Hello Kitty merchandise in honor of Hello Kitty’s birthday. I also had a Sanrio gift card leftover from my birthday. So I ordered a fun haul, the highlights of which were this Variety Letter Pack, Chococat plush, and a Hello Kitty mascot clip I got as a gift with purchase.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Plush Mascot Clip 2022 Sanrio Hello Kitty Notecard Set

Sanrio Chococat Plush

Sarah Flint Perfect Round Toe Pump

I added a new style of Sarah Flint shoes to my collection- the Perfect Round Toe Pump. I had admired the Sarah Flint Perfect Round Toe Pump for awhile, so was excited to get a pair for myself as one of my Sarah Flint Brand Curator’s Club rewards. Like other Sarah Flint heels, the Perfect Round Toe Pump has anatomical arch support and extra footbed padding for increased comfort. The grey suede color goes with a lot of outfits as well. Shop all Sarah Flint shoes here. If you’re a new customer, you can save 15% off your first pair of Sarah Flints with code SARAHFLINT_CCLIZS.

Sarah Flint Perfect Round Toe Pump in Gray Suede

Bauble Bar Neon Mickey Bag Charms

While I had been familiar with the popular Bauble Bar Disney Bag Charms for awhile, I never owned one until Bauble Bar released a Neon Mickey Bag Charm set last fall. This set of five amounts to about half the cost of purchasing five Bauble Bar Mickey bag charms individually. Also, I like the basic Mickey silhouette of the Neon Mickey bag charms better than the bejeweled look that many of the other Bauble Bar Mickey bag charms have. The bright colors are so gorgeous as well. They add a pop of color to neutral bags, and complement many of my printed bags. The neon bag charm set has orange, hot pink, yellow, turquoise, and light purple. It’s still available here.

Bauble Bar Mickey Mouse Neon Bag Charm Set Bauble Bar Mickey Mouse Neon Orange Bag Charm

Aldi Animal Crackers

As a 90’s kid, I have fond memories of going to McDonald’s and getting a box of McDonaldland cookies. The boxes were colorful with a drawing of McDonaldland characters, and the actual cookies were shaped like McDonaldland characters. When McDonald’s released their Cactus Plant Flea Market Adult Happy Meal with McDonaldland character toys (see this post for more) in October 2022, I became extra nostalgic for McDonalds visits of my childhood. Thanks to Reddit, I learned that Aldi brand animal crackers tasted almost exactly like the McDonaldland cookies. So I bought a box for myself, and discovered this was exactly right. Ever since, I have made sure to have a box of these in my pantry.

Aldi Animal Crackers that taste like McDonaldland cookies

Home Re-Organization

Last November I undertook some apartment re-organization projects. When you live in a small apartment, you have to make efficient use of every square inch of space. So I bought a few things that would help me utilize my space more efficiently. At some point in the future I will do a more detailed post about this. But for the time being, here are my favorite home organization items I bought in November 2022:

Target Brightroom Two-Cube Storage Organizer Wayfair Over-the-Door Wire Basket Pantry Organizer


2022 was definitely the year of DPAC Musicals for me. In November I went to my fourth and final musical of the year, Hairspray. Although I have had the original Broadway soundtrack of Hairspray in my music library for years and have seen the 2009 movie adaptation of Hairspray with Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes, I had never seen an in-person live performance of the musical until last November. Hairspray was at the top of my “Musicals I Want to See”bucket list. I was so glad to check this off, and it was everything I hoped it would be! I absolutely love the energy in Hairspray. The songs make me want to get up and dance. Many thanks to my parents for buying extra tickets for my brother and I to go with them!

Hairspray Broadway Tour at DPAC


The 2022 midterm election was a big one, and I had to go make my voice heard. I’m so thankful to live in America where I can vote for the candidates who share my convictions and values!

I Voted Sticker Durham, NC

Stoney Clover Lane x Bloomingdale’s Patch

I added another Stoney Clover Lane patch to my collection in November 2022, this adorable Forty Carrots frozen yogurt patch as part of the Stoney Clover Lane x Bloomingdales collaboration. I’ve never been to Bloomingdales before, but I love frozen yogurt. So I will definitely make sure to grab a treat at Forty Carrots if I make a Bloomingdales trip in the future. My primary associations with Bloomingdales are Rachel Green from Friends and Stacey McGill from The Babysitters’ Club. Can any other 90’s girls relate?

Stoney Clover Lane x Bloomingdales Forty Carrots Frozen Yogurt Patch

PS. This Stoney Clover Lane patch is a Bloomingdales exclusive, and is still available on their website here.


I enjoyed a nice low-key Thanksgiving 2022 with my parents and brother. Although it was our first Thanksgiving in 18 years without any feline family members. It definitely wasn’t the same without Blizzard begging for turkey. The highlight of our meal was the chocolate chess pie and cheese spread + crackers I picked up from The Angus Barn in Raleigh.

Thanksgiving Meal Angus Barn Cheese Spread and Homemade Crackers Angus Barn Chocolate Chess Pie To-go

RJ & Rameses Pic

The day after Thanksgiving my family and I ventured to Chapel Hill for the Carolina vs. NC State football game. It was nice that this game was on Friday so that I could go to the game and then have all of Saturday to watch the other various rivalry weekend games at home. The game was very exciting and went into multiple overtimes. Sadly, it ultimately ended in a UNC loss. However, I did get this cute pic with RJ & Rameses.

Rameses and RJ at UNC NC State game

Christmas at the Angus Barn

It’s become a recent holiday tradition to go to the Angus Barn with friends to see their Christmas decorations and enjoy some chocolate chess pie. In my opinion, no one in Raleigh/Durham, NC does Christmas quite like the Angus Barn! When I went to make a reservation, there was no availability between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. So my best friend and I ended up going the Monday of Thanksgiving week. I am one of those people who continues embracing fall between November 1 and Thanksgiving. I don’t go full-on Christmas mode until the day after Thanksgiving. However, the Monday of Thanksgiving week is close enough that it didn’t feel too early to be looking at Christmas decorations. Since I always have to save room for chocolate chess pie with ice cream at Angus Barn and they give you complimentary delicious cheese spreads and homemade crackers for an appetizer, I order something light for my meal. My best friend and I both got the wedge salad for our meal, and it was delicious.

Christmas Decorations at the Angus Barn Angus Barn chocolate chess pie and Christmas decorations Angus Barn cheese spread and crackers Angus Barn wedge salad Angus Barn chocolate chess pie

For more details about Christmas at the Angus Barn, check out this post. And to see photos from my 2021 Angus Barn Christmas visit, check out this post.

Thanks for reading my very belated November 2022 Favorites post! I will have my monthly favorites post from 2022 real soon (I promise!), and then a recap of my favorites from 2023 so far.

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