Nine Ways to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Hey there- hope y’all have had a good week and that you’re staying warm. It was less than 20 degrees this morning in central NC, and I know other areas of the country are significantly colder! Anyways, it’s hard to believe that February begins tomorrow. I realize this is a very polarizing holiday. If you’re single, then Valentine’s Day has the potential to trigger negative feelings, especially now in the digital era. An Instagram feed full of happy couples and flowers/gifts is just one tap away. However, Valentine’s Day actually doesn’t have to bring sadness if you’re single. So today I’m sharing nine ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day when you’re single. I’ve actually never had a boyfriend at Valentine’s Day, so I know more than just a bit about this. You can’t skip February 14 on the calendar, so might as well make the most of it!

Ways to Make the Most of Valentine's Day When You're Single

Me & Valentine’s Day

Before I dive into my ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day when you’re single, I want to share a brief history of my varying attitudes towards this holiday over the years. When I was in elementary school, I absolutely loved Valentine’s Day. I looked forward to addressing boxed Valentines to everyone in my class, and then getting a shoebox full of cards and candy from everyone in return.

However, all that changed once I got to middle school and high school. The days where you had to get a Valentine for everyone in the class ceased to exist. Instead, people could purchase a candy gram or carnation from student council. I was definitely NOT the girl that got multiple flowers from adoring guys. In fact, I never got a candy gram or a flower from a guy during those years. And I wasn’t one of the popular girls who got tons of flowers and candy from friends either.

Once I got beyond my adolescent years, I didn’t have the annual reminder of being surrounded by girls who got tons of carnations while I got zero. Yet, throughout many of my young adult years, Valentine’s Day triggered feelings of unworthiness, discontent, and self-pity because I didn’t have a special guy showering me with affection. I used to dread the approach of yet another Valentine’s Day with no man in my life, and would think or talk about how much I hated it.

Over the past couple years or so, however, something has shifted in me, which I can only attribute to God at work in my life. Although I still struggle with being single at times, I don’t let Valentine’s Day bring me down anymore. Instead, I look for positive aspects about the holiday that I can enjoy without having a man in my life.

So without further ado, I’m now going to share some things I have started doing in February that are great ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

1. Buy boxed Valentine’s for your girlfriends.

Who says you have to be in elementary school to buy a box of Valentines at Target and give them to your friends?! I did this last year, and you can bet I will do it again this year. The elementary school Valentine exchange is my favorite V-Day memory as a kid, so it’s fun to kick it old school and bring it back as an adult.

2. Enjoy eating all the pink, pink-wrapped, and heart shaped candy and treats.

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day candy, because a lot of it is pink of course. However, it’s more enjoyable to eat when I have a positive attitude about the holiday. My favorites are the Reese’s peanut butter hearts (they have pink coating this year), heart-shaped Dove chocolates, pink/red/white m&m’s, and Little Debbie Valentine cakes. I also really like Sour Patch hearts and Swedish Fish hearts.

3. Have fun with conversation hearts.

Although the chocolate and chewy Valentine’s candy is my favorite, I still have to buy a bag of conversation hearts each year. It’s so much fun reading the different sayings on the hearts, and I actually think they taste pretty good. PSA- even though the Necco Sweethearts are no longer available, you can still get some Brach’s conversation hearts.

Brach's Conversation Hearts

4. Watch the movie “Valentine’s Day.”

This is another one of those movies that has multiple plot lines over the course of a single day that I enjoy. I remember seeing this movie in theaters back in 2010, and I now have the DVD so I make a tradition of watching it every year.

Valentine's Day Movie

5. Wear your prettiest pink outfit.

Of course I don’t need a holiday to wear pink, but it’s always fun to feel super festive and wear pink around Valentine’s Day. I’m especially loving the softness of blush pink these days, and you can check out more of my blush pink favorites here.

6. Plan a get-together with your girlfriends.

One way to avoid a pity party over being single yet again on Valentine’s Day is to plan something fun with your girlfriends, aka “Galentines.” You can make plans for a fun girls’ night with other single friends on Valentine’s Day. And you can still plan something fun with all your girlfriends in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. One of my best friends is actually having a Galentine’s get-together for our Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) small group. We’re having breakfast for dinner, then spending some time praying for one another. This friend who is hosting is actually married. We’re having this Galentine’s party several days before Valentine’s Day so everyone in our group can participate.

7. Give thanks for the non-romantic love you have in your life.

Hallmark and popular culture have made romantic love the primary focus of Valentine’s Day. However, it’s a holiday that celebrates love, and romantic love is only one type of love. So instead of dwelling on the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend, think about the love you do have in your life. This can include family, friends, and most of all, God. Express gratitude for all the people in your life who you do have to love. This is definitely a game-changer!

8. Remember that your worth isn’t found in your relationship status.

Believe me, I know it can be hard to be single when your Instagram feed is filled with happy couples, and when you genuinely desire to be married to a godly guy someday. However, I have to constantly remind myself that my worth and identify is not found in my relationship status. It is found in belonging to Jesus, who loves me so much He literally died for me. And nothing can take that away, and you too, can have that if you trust in Him as your Lord and Savior. Even the most amazing romantic love will never compare to that.

Also, your relationship status is simply that- your relationship status. It’s not a reflection of your beauty, personality, desirability, etc. Just because you don’t have a guy to celebrate Valentine’s Day with doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. It’s just not what God has in store for you at the moment.

9. Commit to waiting and praying for God’s best.

Remember that being single is better than being in an unhealthy relationship, or a relationship that isn’t God’s best for you just because you’re scared of being alone. Although it’s not always easy being single, I would much rather hold out for someone who loves Jesus and loves me well 365 days a year, rather than settle just so I will have a guy to post Instagram pictures with on Valentine’s Day. I have to remind myself that God’s plan and timing is perfect and beyond anything my lowly human brain can comprehend. Believe, me though, it’s so easy for me to forget this, which is why I write if here. I want to encourage y’all, but I also need a reminder myself from time to time!

And there y’all have it-my nine tips for making the most of Valentine’s Day when you’re single. I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it encouraging. Have you tried any of these tips to life your spirits as a single gal on Valentine’s Day. Which of these tips do you plan to try this year? I’d love to hear how some of these things helped make Valentine’s Day positive for you despite being single!

-xoxo Liz

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  1. Brita Long wrote:

    I love all the pink fun of Valentine’s Day! Even during my single years, I enjoyed putting on my pinkest outfit, cutting my sandwiches into hearts, and eating candy.

    You should share this to my blog link-up!

    Posted 2.8.19 Reply
  2. Margaret wrote:

    I’m not single but I have a sister with a husband deployed over 300 days and counting. I decided this year to do a zoom party for Galentines. I sent her a card and a small gift! I love all the tips esp the pink Reese’s!!! Whattt??
    And I have to agree on the cards in elementary school, still love them 💕

    Posted 2.3.21 Reply