My Summer 2018 Bucket List

Hey y’all! Happy hump day! Since we are already approaching the midpoint of June, I wanted to share some items on my summer 2018 bucket list with y’all. Some of these are favorite activities I like to do every summer. Others are things I’ve never done before, but want to do this summer. I hope that by sharing my list that y’all will find some inspiration for your own summer 2018 bucket list. Some of my bucket list items are specific to the Raleigh/Durham area. But even if you don’t live around here, you may be able to find similar activities. in your area. So without further ado, here we go! Please note that these are in no particular order.

1. Go to the beach.

So I can actually already check this one off my list, since I went during Memorial Day weekend. However, I am definitely nowhere near done with beach time for the summer, and plan to make multiple additional trips over the next few months.
Summer 2018 Bucket List

2. Watch the sunset at Maple View Farm.

One of my favorite local places is Maple View Farm in Hillsborough. It’s a dairy farm with a country store serving up homemade ice cream. There’s a wraparound porch with rocking chairs where you can sit and relax while cooling off with a delicious frozen treat. The scenery at Maple View is breathtaking, and in my opinion, it is one of the best places in the Triangle to watch the sunset. A summer night at Maple View is a summer night well spent.
Maple View Farm Sunset

3. Have as many pool days as possible.

I’ve already had some pool time this summer, and intend to have a lot more. If I’m in town and not at work or another commitment, you will most likely find me at the pool. I’m very fortunate to have one super close that I can enjoy frequently. And even if I can’t spend the entire day at the pool on the weekends, I will sneak in a couple hours whenever I can! Bonus if I can add a Chick-fil-a frosted coffee to my pool day!
Summer 2018 Bucket List

4. Float in an inner tube at the pool.

As much as I love to simply sit by the pool and read, once it gets hot I have to get in the water and cool off periodically. One of my favorite ways to relax is to float in an inner tube.
Summer 2018 Bucket List

5. Go to Carowinds.

Okay, so despite living within two hours of Carowinds most of my life, I have never actually been. I mean, I can’t really complain since I’ve been to Disney World tons of times. But I absolutely love roller coasters, and want to experience all that Carowinds has to offer. My bestie and I actually have plans to go really soon. I will definitely be braving The Fury. Can’t wait to give y’all a recap!

6. Ride the carousel at Pullen Park in Raleigh.

When I was in high school, I competed in the regional swim meet at Pullen Park pool twice. I’ve never actually been to the park simply to hang out though. I’m always up for a ride on a carousel, and want to check out the one at Pullen Park.

7. Blow bubbles!

There’s something fun and carefree about going outside and re-living your childhood by blowing bubbles. I did this during my recent shoot with Amelia Cassar Photography, and might have to do it again before the summer is over!

(Click here for outfit details and more photos from my shoot with Amelia!)

8. Go to Beach Music Concert Series at North Hills.

Every Thursday night from mid-April to mid-August, North Hills Plaza in Raleigh has a beach music concert. North Hills shopping center is such a nice area, and it’s fun to go and hang out with friends while listening to good music. I like a variety of music, and have always loved good classic Carolina beach music. Sometimes groups as well known as The Embers and Chairman of the Board perform at North Hills Beach Music. I went once last year, and definitely want to go at least once this year. Best part-it’s free!

9. Eat watermelon.

Nothing says summer like fresh and juicy watermelon. My favorite kind of watermelon to enjoy is Bogue Sound watermelon from the produce stand at the beach. A couple years ago I picked out a watermelon all by myself for the first time, and managed to cut it without injuring myself. I have zero shame in admitting this was a huge accomplishment for me.

10. Play miniature golf.

Playing miniature golf is another one of my favorite summer activities that I want to do again this year. I’m not the best, but occasionally I get a hole-in-one and get super excited! The mini golf courses at the beach are my favorite. There’s just something extra fun about playing on a beach vacation.
Summer 2018 Bucket List

11. Go to a Durham Bulls game.

We are fortunate in Durham to have a really great minor league ballpark. The Durham Bulls are Triple A, which means they are one step below the major league! An evening at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park is always a fun way to spend a summer night in Durham. I went to my first Bulls game of the season right before Memorial Day, but definitely want to go to another one this summer. Plus Wool E. Bull, the Durham Bulls’ mascot, is super cute!

12. Enjoy a rooftop bar with friends.

The Durham Hotel has a really nice rooftop bar, and it’s always a good idea to spend a summer night catching up with friends over a drink and enjoying the gorgeous views.

Summer 2018 Bucket List

13. Read as many books as I can.

Another one of my favorite summer activities is to get lost in a good book while I’m poolside or on the beach. I have another post coming soon where I will share some of my summer reading recommendations, so stay tuned!

14. Have brunch at The Patio at Hotel Unscripted.

I had brunch poolside on the rooftop patio at Hotel Unscripted on a warm early fall day last year, and a return trip is definitely on my to-do list this summer. (Click here for more on my first Hotel Unscripted experience.)

15. Try a new local restaurant.

Specifically, I have been wanting to go to Gonza Tacos y Tequila in Durham for ages now. I’m determined to make that happen this summer. Perhaps I will find a couple more new restaurants to try as well.

16. Watch fireworks.

Watching a fireworks display is always another fun way to spend a summer night. I am looking forward to viewing the 4th of July fireworks on the beach. Also, the Durham Bulls do fireworks shows at the conclusion of Friday and Saturday night games.

17. Have a pizza party by the pool.

Pizza is always a good idea, but there’s something about enjoying a poolside pizza picnic that makes it even better. Last summer my bestie and I had pizza delivered to the pool when she was visiting one weekend. I hope to have pizza by the pool again this year!
Summer 2018 Bucket List

This summer 2018 bucket list is by no means exhaustive. These are simply a handful of activities that first came to mind when I thought about what I want to do this summer. I hope that y’all enjoyed this post and that it inspired your own summer bucket list!

What is on YOUR summer 2018 bucket list? I’d love to hear-let me know in the comments!

-xoxo Liz


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