March 2024 Favorites

Before April ends, I want to get my March 2024 Favorites up! March is always one of my favorite months of the year, and this one had quite a few highlights. Without further ado, here are my March 2024 Favorites.

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Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Raleigh

The first weekend in March, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck came back to Raleigh. My friend Diane and I met up at Triangle Town Center, where the truck was located, and waited in line together. We arrived around 9:50am, only 10 minutes before the truck opened, and the line was quite long. Although we’d hoped to arrive earlier, we had trouble getting up and moving! There wasn’t any merchandise I absolutely had to have, so I wasn’t worried about things I wanted selling out.

It took over two and a half hours for us to get to the front of the line. This is the longest I’ve ever waited at the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! However, chatting with a good friend made the wait bearable. And Diane and I made it into an off duty local reporter’s TikTok/Instagram reel. He was at the mall picking up a video game, and intrigued by the huge line of people waiting. for the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck.

Diane got quite a few things since she hadn’t been to the truck in awhile. I already had most of the current merchandise. So I only got an oversized version of the ringer tee I got back in August, and a box of Madelines.

In addition, I was thankful I did not get in a wreck on the way to the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck like I did when it was at Triangle Town Center last March! Although no one was hurt and the wreck wasn’t my fault, I’m glad there was not a repeat this year!

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Raleigh, NC Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Raleigh, NC

Carolina Ballet’s The Little Mermaid

I saw Carolina Ballet’s production of The Little Mermaid in early March. Like all of their previous performances I’ve seen, it was excellent! The music and costumes were absolutely beautiful! The story line had some differences from the Disney movie, but it was easy to follow by reading the plot synopsis in the program.

Also, it’s become a tradition for me to throw my miniature StellaLou plush keychain in my bag whenever I go to the ballet.

Carolina Ballet's The Little Mermaid

UNC vs. Kentucky Gymnastics Meet

I attended UNC’s final home gymnastics meet of the season. It was against Kentucky, one of the top teams in the country. In addition, Kentucky gymnast Raena Worley was consistently ranked towards the top nationally in the All-Around throughout the season. I always enjoy watching SEC gymnastics on TV many Friday nights from early January through early March. After seeing Raena Worley and this talented Kentucky team a few times on TV, it was fun seeing them in person. Of course, I loved cheering on the Tar Heels too.

UNC vs. Kentucky Gymnastics Meet March 2024

And I arrived early enough to get a cool UNC belt bag they were giving away for free. It’s slightly smaller than a regular Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag and doesn’t have the additional exterior zip pocket. But it’s still super cute and easily holds the essentials.

UNC Belt Bag

March Madness

The last two weekends in March featured lots of NCAA basketball tournament watching. My alma mater, Furman, didn’t make it in this year. But I was happy my Tar Heels were back in it after having an off season last year. Sadly, they didn’t make it as far as I hoped, getting upset by Alabama in the Sweet 16 round.  One the other hand, my Clemson Tigers had an amazing run, making it to their first Elite 8 since 1980! Being able to celebrate Clemson’s historical season took some of the sting out of UNC making an earlier than anticipated exit.

The other major story line of March Madness was NC State’s unexpected run. At the beginning of March, the NC State head coach was on the verge of getting fired. But NC State won five games in five days to win the ACC Tournament, getting the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Then they proceeded to win their next four games as an 11-seed, including beating a 6 seed and a 4 seed, to make it all the way to the Final 4.

Although I love Mr. & Ms. Wuf, I am not an NC State fan. As a UNC fan I grew up despising NC State only slightly less than Duke. But when NC State played Duke with a trip to the Final 4 on the line, I cheered so hard for them you would have thought I was an actual State fan! I’m hardcore Team Anybody But Duke.

In addition, even as a UNC fan I can’t help but love the feel-good sports story aspect of NC State’s Final 4 run. The NC State basketball team and their fans adopted the slogan “Why Not Us” during their magical March run. Despite being the underdog in pretty much every tournament game, they believed in themselves and that the impossible was actually possible! They showed that a lot can happen in a month!

“Why Not Me!”

One thing I love about sports is that they can encourage us in life. Hence, I have officially adopted my own version of NC State’s March Madness 2024 slogan: “Why Not Me!” Throughout my adult life, there have been so many times I’ve witnessed other people get things I’ve immensely desired and prayed for. At times I’ve grown hard-harded and bitter, believing that certain good things were simply going to happen for others but not for me.

God has been doing a lot of work in my life, especially over the past year, with helping me to uproot faulty think and resist this lie from the Enemy. I may not be where I want to be in certain areas of life at this point, but I’m significantly more hopeful about the future than I used to be! Only God knows exactly how things are going to unfold. But I know He is faithful, sovereign, knows the desires of my heart, and always has my best interests in mind!

I’ve seen Him provide in unexpected ways for so many others. Hence there’s no reason for me to believe He won’t answer the same prayers for me in His perfect timing. Current circumstances might make it seem difficult or even impossible. But like NC State basketball showed us this March, anything can happen, even when all the odds are against you!

So I say “Why Not Me!,” not because I’m entitled or God owes me something. He already gave me eternal life in Him through the gift of His Son, Jesus. I say “Why Not Me!,” because God is gracious, loving, and full of surprises! He delights in giving His children good gifts according to His perfect will in His perfect timing.

Instead of bemoaning, “why me?” during moments of suffering that accompany wrestling with deferred dreams during the season of waiting, I will declare “why not me!” with a posture of hope for the future as I trust God. And in the meantime, I will lean into Him and rejoice that He is preparing me and making me more like Him through the sanctification of the waiting process.

March Madness 2024

Frosted Coffee Season Begins

March had a couple of warm Saturdays during the second half of the month, so I treated myself to my first Chick-fil-a frosted coffees of the year! During the warmer months, a Chick-fil-a frosted coffee is my go-to Saturday coffee treat. I’m looking forward to many more in the coming months!

Chick-fil-a Frosted Coffee Chick-fil-a Frosted Coffee

My Birthday

My Birthday is at the end of March, which is another reason why it’s one of my favorite months. I got the sweetest package from my best friend with an assortment of items related to some of our favorite memories. She taped little notes onto each item. I usually don’t get a birthday package from my bestie, since I see her in person pretty close to my birthday. But due to Easter being in March and her having a work commitment on another weekend, we didn’t plan to celebrate my birthday until the second weekend in April this year. So it was a fun surprise to receive a package close to my actual birthday, especially one so fun and thoughtful!

The Strawberry Shortcake flavored Hello Kitty Goldfish Grahams was one of my favorite items in the box. By the time I realized these limited edition snacks existed, they weren’t available any more. I’m so thankful my bestie thought about me and grabbed a package for me. Goldfish Grahams are similar to Teddy Grahams, but obviously shaped like Goldfish instead of bears. Some of the grahams in this package are Hello Kitty-shaped too. I haven’t torn into them yet, but I’m sure they’re delicious. I plan on digging into them soon.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Shortcake Goldfish Grahams

(You might remember that Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spice Goldfish Grahams were one of my September 2023 Favorites back in the fall!)

Birthday Celebration 2024

I also had my traditional birthday celebration with my family. I went to my parents’ house for my dad’s delicious grilled pizza and a Publix birthday cake! There’s seriously nothing like a grocery store sheet cake for your birthday. We also watched some March Madness games.

Publix Birthday Cake

I also took this fun selfie with Clove while keeping her from climbing up on the kitchen island. It was so sweet having cats at my family birthday celebration once again.

I also enjoyed my free birthday Starbucks!

free birthday Starbucks

Kendra Scott x Target Emma Necklace

The Kendra Scott x Target Emma necklace was another one of the items in my birthday package from my best friend. It’s so gorgeous and dainty. I honestly had no idea it was from the Kendra Scott Target collaboration until my friend told me. The quality is amazing, and the package looks just like something from the regular Kendra Scott store. The only exception is it doesn’t come with a little jewelry pouch. Unlike limited edition capsule collaborations Target does with other brands, the Kendra Scott line is something available in Target stores on an ongoing basis. The line actually launched back in October 2023, and features Kendra Scott pieces exclusively available at Target.

My friend got this rose quartz Emma necklace in a Target store, but it’s also available online. This is a similar shape to Kendra Scott’s popular Elisa pendant, but a lot smaller. I love how dainty it is though!

Kendra Scott x Target Emma Pendant Necklace

Kendra Scott Elaina Bracelet in Dichroic Glass

Speaking of Kendra Scott, I made a visit to the regular Kendra Scott store to get my 50% off birthday discount piece. This year I chose the Elaina Bracelet in Dichroic Glass. I’ve had the Kendra Scott Elaina Bracelet in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl for years, and wanted to get this style in another color that was different but still neutral. I’m really glad I went with the Dichroic Glass. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Pictures don’t do it justice!

Kendra Scott Elaina Bracelet in Dichroic Glass

I’m glad to have another delicate bracelet option in a neutral color to wear to wear for occasions that a Pura Vida or Little Words Project bracelet would be too casual.

OUAI Detox Shampoo

I tried a new clarifying shampoo from Sephora that I really liked-OUAI Detox Shampoo. It has apple cider vinegar in it, and I use once a week or so in place of my regular shampoo. If your hair tends to be on the drier side you would probably only need to use this every two weeks or so. I tried the mini size first to see how I liked it.

OUAI Detox Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar

Mickey Mouse Classics Little Golden Book

I discovered this Mickey Mouse Classics Little Golden Book via Amazon’s “Recommended for You” section. This is thicker than a typical Little Golden Book, as it includes seven books in one. The following Mickey Mouse stories are in this book:

  • Mickey Mouse and His Spaceship
  • Mother Goose (assorted nursery rhymes with Disney character illustrations)
  • Mickey and the Beanstalk
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure
  • Little Man of Disneyland: A Change of Luck
  • Steamboat Willie

I already have an individual copy of Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure, but none of the others! This is a great item for any Mickey Mouse lover or Disney fan of any age to add to their collection. In addition to Little Golden Book’s trademark gold binding, this book also has gorgeous gold-rimmed pages.

Mickey Mouse Little Golden Book 7 Books in 1

Disney’s The Orange Bird Little Golden Book

I also got this cute Disney’s The Orange Bird Little Golden Book to add to my collection. He’s such a cute little vintage Disney character that I’m glad is making a resurgence in popularity!

Orange Bird Little Golden Book

Beautycounter Fragrance

I was excited for Beautycounter to officially release their fragrance as part of their permanent product line-up in March 2023. I got to purchase samples of two of the scents back in the fall, and then a rollerball duo of the same two scents was part of the Holiday 2023 line. There are five total scents, and each one comes in a full sized bottle and a rollerball. I recommend getting the Discovery Set, which includes minis of all five scents. It’s hard to gauge exactly which ones you will like best by reading the description on the website. My favorite is Sun Spill, followed by Hyper Rose.

I’m excited that Beautycounter has launched their own clean fragrances. While I do have another clean fragrance brand I like, it’s nice to have options from Beautycounter now too. Companies aren’t required to divulge the exact ingredients in their fragrances, since it’s considered a trade secret. But just like with their other products, Beautycounter is committed to complete ingredient transparency in their new fragrances.

Note about Beautycounter website: Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew just bought Beautycounter back from the investment firm she sold it to in 2021. This is exciting because it means that she can relaunch the products on her terms. The Beautycounter website is down until May 1 while this ownership transition is completed. But once it’s done, the exact same products you know and love will be available!

Beautycounter Fragrance Discovery Set


A Wegmans grocery store opened in Chapel Hill a few years ago, but I didn’t make it there until this year! Technically I bought my first item from Wegmans near the end of February. But March was when I really discovered multiple things I love there. So I’m including in my March favorites. In March I discovered a few Wegmans’ store brand items that I love: yogurt-covered raisins, raisin and spice instant oatmeal, and dill pickle flavored hummus. I’ve also tried a few Wegmans brand light ice cream flavors. The Light Cappuccino Chip flavor was good. I also liked the Light Mocha Mousse Swirl flavor, although it didn’t taste quite as close to the discontinued Edy’s French Silk flavor as I hoped it would.

Wegmans Raisin and Spice Instant Oatmeal Wegmans Yogurt Covered Raisins

Wegmans Everything Bagel Hummus Wegmans Dill Pickle Hummus

I’ve heard some people say Wegmans is expensive. That may be true of some of their bakery and specialty items. However, I’ve found that the Wegmans brand items are very reasonably priced, and name brand items are comparably priced to Harris Teeter. Furthermore, some name brand items, like Breyer’s ice cream, aren’t significantly more expensive at Wegmans than they are at Target. I’m definitely a regular Wegmans shopper now!

A Few More Things

  • I didn’t really take any Easter pics, but I was thankful for gorgeous weather and getting to worship the risen Jesus with some of my friends at an amazing church service. This was the first time in eight years that Easter was in March, and I was so glad it was nice and warm. Sometimes when Easter is on the early end, it’s chilly on Easter morning. It doesn’t feel right wearing a coat and tights to church on Easter, but I also don’t want to freeze. Fortunately this wasn’t an issue for Easter 2024.
  • I also got some discouraging news at a follow-up orthopedic appointment that my elbow wasn’t healing as rapidly as I hoped. Although I had a rough couple days in the aftermath of this news, I was able to bounce back emotionally much more quickly than I would have in the past. I didn’t let a couple bad days continue into a downward spiral lasting weeks or months. You can read more reflections on Instagram here.
  • “Be kind to yourself, you’ve been through a lot.” This is some great advice I got from my sweet psychiatric NP at my medication management follow-up appointment in March. She was referring to everything I endured with my elbow, and this was even a couple days before I had the discouraging x-ray.

Thanks so much for reading my March 2024 Favorites! It was a sweet month despite a minor setback with my elbow. And this is the most timely my monthly favorites round-up post has been published in three months!

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-xoxo Liz

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