March 2022 Favorites

It’s mid-August, and despite my best intentions, I haven’t published a new blog post all summer. Today I’m back, and continuing my long overdue series of posts to catch y’all up on what I’ve been up to and loving so far in 2022 with a very belated March 2022 Favorites post. (If you missed my January/February 2022 Favorites post, which also includes a bit about why I got off to a slow start with blogging this year, you can check it out here.) Anyways, March is traditionally one of my favorite months. However, March 2022 got off to a rough start. My family put our sweet cat, Blizzard, to sleep on the very first day of March. He was almost 18, and his health had taken a turn for the worse. The sadness of saying goodbye to Blizzard exacerbated some of my other ongoing struggles. Thus, my mental health was in a rough spot the first part of March 2022. Fortunately, things got a lot better during the second half of the month. I’m so thankful to the Lord that He provided me with some fun experiences and memories during the later part of March.

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Here’s a look at my better late than never March 2022 Favorites:

UNC Wrecks Coach K’s Final Game at Cameron

After a rough first week of March with Blizzard’s death, watching UNC unexpectedly beat Duke for Coach K’s final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium was a much needed bright spot during the first weekend of March. It’s always a good day when Carolina beats Duke in basketball. This particular win was extra special because practically everyone (including myself) expected Duke to win. Up to the beginning of March, UNC had struggled during the season. In fact, in early February Duke had clobbered UNC in Chapel Hill. So it was natural to expect that Duke would win due to their home court advantage and the extra emotion of it being Coach K’s final home game at Duke. There were a bunch of festivities with former Duke players planned for the weekend. So as a UNC fan, it was extremely satisfying to watch my Heels ruin the party!

Pura Vida Sanrio Items

Last fall when Pura Vida debuted their Hello Kitty & Friends collection, I bought a Hello Kitty necklace, bracelet, and stickers (see this post for details). When they restocked the collection in March, I bought a few additional Pura Vida Sanrio items. I got this adorable Keroppi enamel charm bracelet, a different style Hello Kitty bracelet, and this charm bracelet with Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Pochacco, Tuxedo Sam, and Gudetama.

Pura Vida Keroppi Charm Bracelet Pura Vida Hello Kitty Charm Bracelet

Pura Vida Minnie Mouse Bracelet

Pura Vida also launched some new Disney items, and I bought this white Minnie Mouse bracelet. It will go with almost all of my outfits, and it’s a great way to add a subtle touch of Disney to any outfit.

Pura Vida Minnie Mouse Bracelet with white

Disney Parks Hungry Hungry Hippos

I had a 20% off code for shopDisney to use during March, since it’s my birthday month. I had been eyeing this adorable Disney Parks Hungry Hungry Hippos game inspired by The Jungle Cruise. However, I couldn’t justify buying it until I had the discount code. The set-up and game play of the Disney Parks Hungry Hungry Hippos is very similar to the original. However, instead of four hippos, there is a hippo, a giraffe, a rhino, and an elephant-all as a nod to The Jungle Cruise. There’s also stickers with Jungle Cruise ride vehicles on the back of the animals. I actually never owned the original Hungry Hungry Hippos game, but I always enjoyed playing it at friends’ houses growing up.

Disney Parks Hungry Hungry Hippos

Disney Apples to Apples

I also grabbed this Disney Apples to Apples game with my 20% discount. Apples to Apples is one of my favorite games, and I love that this has a Disney twist. The red noun cards have pictures on them. If you’re a Disney fan and enjoy the regular Apples to Apples game, then you will love this version! Apples to Apples is also a really great game to take on trips or to a game night at someone else’s place. It’s very portable and there aren’t a ton of small pieces to worry about losing.

Disney Apples to Apples Game

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

The third Saturday in March, I took a day trip to Richmond, VA to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck. Richmond is two and a half hours away from Durham, so it was a bit of a haul for a day trip. But there’s a good reason I made this trek! I had originally planned to go when it stopped in Raleigh two weeks prior, as something to lift my spirits the weekend after Blizzard passed away. However, my friend that was supposed to go with me got sick, and I couldn’t find any other friends who wanted to go. I initially planned to go by myself, but when the morning came, I was so sad about not having anyone to go with. So I stayed in bed and moped and decided not to go because I didn’t want to go alone.

But then the next day rolled around, and I suddenly became sad that I didn’t go alone and just enjoy the cute truck and merchandise and get some fun pictures. I regretted staying home and feeling sorry for myself. So when I realized the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck would be in Richmond, VA on March 19, I decided to take a day trip to see the truck, and I’m so glad I did! That morning I got up early left my apartment before dawn. I had an amazing time and got all the merchandise I wanted! Through this whole experience, I learned not to let doing something alone prevent me from doing something I really want to do!

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

I will do a more detailed post later about my Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, so stay tuned!

Kendra Scott Initial Necklace

When I went to Richmond for the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, I stopped in Kendra Scott to pick out my birthday discount piece! Even though we have a Kendra Scott in Durham, I thought it would be fun to go to the one in Richmond as part of my day trip adventure. (In case you’re unfamiliar with the Kendra Scott birthday discount, you can get 50% off one piece of jewelry during your birthday month. All you have to do is sign up here, or show your ID in-store.) I chose this gorgeous initial necklace as my 2022 birthday discount piece. It’s a little different from the classic stone Kendra Scott jewelry, but I love it! It’s the perfect dainty necklace to throw on with a t-shirt or a dress.

Kendra Scott initial necklace L pendant

Lilly Loves Disney Print

Lilly Pulitzer released a special Disney Parks print, Lilly Loves Disney, back in March, in honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration. In my 12 years of wearing Lilly Pulitzer, this was the first time that they did a Disney collaboration. So I naturally had to splurge and buy a few pieces. Since I knew the Lilly Pulitzer Disney Parks print is limited edition and wouldn’t make it to any sales, I could justify paying full price.

I set my alarm for 3:00am EST the day the Lilly Pulitzer x Disney print launched on shopDisney, and was able to get the  Buttercup Shorts, Etta Top, and Backpack. Almost everything sold out within 10-15 minutes, so I’m glad I set an alarm. I easily could have bought more styles, but I had to cut myself off.

The Lilly Loves Disney print is absolute perfection! I love the color scheme, and how the print includes Mickey & Minnie, the castle, oranges, palm trees. Minnie is even mixing up a citrus beverage in the print. This is such a clever nod to Lilly’s juice stand origins! All of the Lilly x Disney items are festive for wearing in the Disney Parks. Yet they’re also completely appropriate to wear in everyday life.

Lilly Loves Disney print items are still available in select stores at Disney World theme parks and resorts, as well as the Disney Springs Lilly Pulitzer store. If you’re not going to be at Disney World anytime soon, you can call the Disney Springs Lilly store and place a phone order.

Lilly Loves Disney Backpack

Lilly Pulitzer Loves Disney Buttercup Shorts

Lilly Pulitzer Disney Parks Print March 2022

Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Small Pouch

I had seen people share about Stoney Clover Lane on Instagram for awhile, and didn’t get the hype at first. Although it’s cute, I originally thought it was a bit pricey for bags and pouches. However, when I saw that Sanrio had an adorable Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Small Pouch for 30% off, I decided to buy it. And I purchased during a special one-day promotion Sanrio did back in March, so I saved an additional 20%!

Once I received my Hello Kitty pouch, I immediately understood the Stoney Clover Lane hype! The quality is amazing! And even though this particular style is called the “small pouch,” it’s larger than I expected, even though I read the dimensions on the website. Although this pouch is technically one of Stoney Clover Lane’s Hello Kitty holiday pieces, I don’t think it’s overly Christmasy. Hello Kitty is wearing a winter hat and gloves and the pattern resembles a Fair Isle sweater, but the mint green and light pink color scheme doesn’t scream “winter.” While I wouldn’t carry a bag or tote in this print out and about March-November, it works great for year-round use to organize some items inside my dresser drawer. Right now it’s holding some of my small Hello Kitty collectible items, plus a few miscellaneous things.

Stoney Clover Lane Hello Kitty Small Pouch Holiday Sweater Print

This Hello Kitty pouch will always be special since it’s what got me into the Stoney Clover Lane brand!

Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Cozy Bag Charm

When I bought my Hello Kitty x Stoney Clover Lane small pouch, I eyed this adorable Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Bag Charm. However, I already had multiple other items in my Sanrio cart during the 20% off sale, so I decided to pass. But then the next day, Sanrio did a one-day promo where they lowered their free shipping minimum. I still had a 10% off code that was only valid for a limited time, so I took this as a sign to get the Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty bag charm! It was already 50% off, and then I saved an extra 10%. I don’t actually use it as a bag charm-rather I throw it in my bag as the adult equivalent of taking a stuffed animal places. As cute as this is, I don’t think I could justify paying full price for it. But with a deep discount, it’s definitely a sweet addition to my Hello Kitty collection.

Stoney Clover Lane Hello Kitty Cozy Bag Charm

Sanrio Stationery

When I placed my first Sanio order, I grabbed some adorable Hello Kitty & Friends stationery. This definitely took me back to my 90’s childhood and visits to the Sanrio store at the mall! The Hello Kitty & Friends Cafe 5-Piece Stationery Set has paper of various sizes and shapes, plus envelopes and gold foil stickers. Then the Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll LP Record Envelope Sets are super cute for jotting down a quick note to someone. The paper is modeled after a record, and the envelope is modeled after the record sleeve. These notes are approximately the size of the palm of your hand. Sanrio stationery stock is frequently changing, so if you see something you like I recommend ordering ASAP. Check out their current selection here.

Hello Kitty Cafe Sanrio Stationery

Hello Kitty LP Record Envelope Set and Cinnamoroll LP Record Envelope Set

Hello Kitty Pyrex Storage Containers

I have a set of the classic Pyrex storage containers with red lids and love them! So when I saw that Sanrio did a collaboration with Pyrex, I had to get a couple of these precious containers with Hello Kitty designs and gorgeous pastel lids. While they are great for food storage, they would also be pretty as a serving dish for holding snacks or sweets at a gathering. You can check out the current availability of the Hello Kitty x Pyrex collaboration items here.

Hello KItty Pyrex Storage Containers

Sarah Flint Natalie Flats in Sand Calf

I earned another pair of Sarah Flint shoes as a Brand Ambassador reward in March. This time I chose the Natalie Flat in Sand Calf. The Sarah Flint Natalie Flat is the classic example of “if the shoe fits, get it in every color.” These are actually my fourth pair of Natalies!  had been eyeing the Sand Calf Natalie Flats for awhile, so I’m happy to add them to my collection. The Sand Calf color really is the most perfect neutral. You can save 15% on your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes with code SARAHFLINT_CCLIZS.

Sarah Flint Natalie Flats in Sand Calf

S’mores m&m’s

This year m&m’s released a new limited edition flavor when their usual Easter varieties hit the shelves. The s’mores m&m’s were so good, and I hope that they return next spring, or even become a permanent flavor. If you liked the Crispy m&m’s from the ’90s, you will like these!

s'mores m&m's

American Girl 35th Anniversary Puzzle

When American Girl had a free shipping promo, I ordered this 500-piece puzzle featuring the six original American Girl historical dolls. American Girl was such a big part of my childhood, and I was excited to get the 35th Anniversary Felicity doll and 35th Anniversary Samantha doll last year. This puzzle is a fun and inexpensive item to add to my American Girl collection!

American Girl 500-Piece Puzzle with six original historical dolls

Disney Cats Items

My insta bestie, Emily Smith, sent me a surprise package in March with some adorable Disney Cats items that she picked up on a recent trip to Disney World. This water bottle features Disney cats from classic Disney animated movies: Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse, Duchess, & O’Malley from The Aristocats; Figaro from Pinnochio; Oliver from Oliver and Company; Dinah and The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland; Sgt. Tibbs from 101 Dalmatians; and Lucifer from Cinderella. There’s also some cats from more recent Disney animated movies. She also sent this cute little Marie plush with a clip, so it can also be used as a bag charm. I got this package the week after Blizzard passed away, so it was such a much-needed pick-me-up.

Disney Cats Water Bottle Plush Marie Bag Charm from Disney's Aristocats

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday is at the end of March, so birthday celebrations are a highlight of March every year! This year was extra special because it was the first time since 2019 that I had a celebration with friends. In 2020, my birthday was literally right after the world shut down due to the pandemic. Then in 2021, things were still a bit weird, so I just celebrated with my family and didn’t try to plan anything with friends.

I kicked off my 2022 birthday festivities with a family celebration one weekend. My dad made grilled pizza, we had cake and ice cream, and watched March Madness. UNC getting a berth to the Final 4 was the icing on the cake (no pun intended.)

On my actual birthday, I took the day off from work. I had a relaxing day getting my free Starbucks and watching Gilmore Girls. Then another weekend I had my celebration with friends. My bestie came to stay with me for the whole weekend, and then on Saturday night more friends joined the celebration with dinner at BarTaco and cake back at my place. (My celebration with friends was actually the first weekend in April, but I’m including it my March Favorites post  since it occurred so early in April and my actual birthday is in March.)

Publix Birthday Cake Free birthday Starbucks drink Harris Teeter Birthday Cake and Hello Kitty Plates

Birthday celebration

Thanks for reading this extremely overdue March 2022 Favorites post. Stay tuned for more posts catching up on things I’ve been loving in the more recent months of 2022!

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