Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Guide: September 2022

It’s that time of year again-time for Lilly Pulitzer’s semi-annual Sunshine Sale. The Lilly Pulitzer sale used to be called the After Party Sale, but now it’s the Sunshine Sale. The September 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is September 12-14. The past few Lilly Pulitzer online sales have been 1-2 days only, so it’s exciting that this one will last for three days! Another thing to note is that the sale will be NOT be in Lilly Pulitzer corporate stores as it’s been in the past. You can shop the sale online and in independently owned Lilly Pulitzer signature. Anyways, to make sure y’all are best situated to get what’s on your wish list, here’s my September 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Guide.

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale January 2022

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Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Cheat Sheet

The September 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale will begin around 8:00am EST on Monday, September 12, and end at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, September 14. Since the sale is multiple days, Lilly Pulitzer will launch additional products throughout the sale. To view a list of FAQs about the September 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale directly from Lilly, click here. Then keep reading for tips & tricks I want to highlight!

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Tips & Tricks

Be Prepared for a Virtual Queue

To prevent the website from crashing, Lilly creates a virtual queue at the start of the sale. I recommend getting on the Lilly site right at 8:00am EST to get in the queue. Be patient, and don’t refresh your browser. Then when it’s your turn, a message will automatically appear and you will be redirected to the homepage.

Prioritize Your Most-Wanted Items The First-Go Round

It’s important to note that adding an item to your cart does NOT reserve it for you. Supplies are limited, so there’s always a chance an item in your shopping bag could be sold out by the time you go to checkout. To prevent this from happening, I recommend shopping with a mission your first visit to the sale. Shipping is free on orders $25 and up, so you can always go back in the sale later in the day for more leisurely browsing.

Here’s what I mean by shopping with a mission: decide ahead of time what is at the top of your wish list. Is it a specific print, dresses, pajamas, Luxletic, etc.? Lilly organizes the sale items by categories. It’s categories are usually dresses, tops, bottoms, swim, accessories, and kids. If you’re looking for a particular print, or a specific style, you can type that in the search bar. I personally prefer to check out when I have things in my cart that I really want, as opposed to continuing to look through all the items to see what I else I might want.

All Sales Are Final

Keep in mind that all sales are final during the September 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale. Because of this, it’s safest to stick to styles that you already own or have tried on. However, discounts during the sale are up to 70% off. Therefore, it can definitely be worth taking the risk and getting something you’ve never tried on before. I’ve done this in the past, and it’s been totally fine. You can also read online reviews, but this will also take up time and you might lose items in your cart as a result! The good news is that if you order something from the sale and it doesn’t fit, you can easily sell it in one of the Lilly Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook. It’s ultimately up to you to weigh the pros and cons of buying something where you aren’t sure about sizing.

What Should I Get During the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale?

The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is a great chance to get items you like but wouldn’t want to pay full price for or to get additional favorites at a reduced price. For instance, I like to get additional styles in favorite prints, and additional prints in favorite styles. Luxletic skorts and pajamas have been some of my go-to’s in recent Lilly online sales. I also like to check out the accessories section to look at items that were previously only available as a gift with purchase.

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Finds

This patchwork skort is one of my favorite items I’ve ever purchased during a Lilly online sale. And it’s actually one thing I bought without trying on previously! For more of my all-time favorite Lilly sale purchases, check out this post.

Happy Shopping!

I will try and update this post as soon as I can with some of my favorites from the September 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale. What are you hoping to snag?

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