Lilly Pulitzer Pinking Positive for Breast Cancer Research

Hey y’all-hope your week is off to a great start! It’s hard to believe we are about halfway through October. This is one of my favorite months of the year. In addition to fall starting to come in full force, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This cause is close to my heart, as I have multiple family members who are breast cancer survivors. So it makes me happy that Lilly Pulitzer designs a special print every October to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The 2019 Lilly Pulitzer Breast Cancer Awareness print is called “Pinking Positive.” Lilly is donating $22,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in conjunction with this print initiative. Keep reading to learn more about how Lilly Pulitzer is “pinking positive” for Breast Cancer Research. 

Lilly Pulitzer Pinking Positive for Breast Cancer Research

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Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Anna from My Cancer Chic is a fellow local Raleigh/Durham area blogger.  As a young breast cancer survivor (she was only 27 when diagnosed!), Anna encourages other young women living with cancer and educates everyone about breast cancer advocacy. Through following Anna over the past 18 months, I’ve learned that it’s important to know where your money goes when you buy Breast Cancer Awareness Month products. Some companies introduce pretty pink merchandise, but don’t actually donate to  organizations committed to breast cancer education and research. Anna also emphasizes the need to move beyond simple awareness by focusing on breast cancer research.

I’ve learned through Anna that Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is one of the best organizations to support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Their research focuses on finding a cure for breast cancer, with an emphasis on metastatic breast cancer. You can learn more about BCRF’s research efforts here.

After becoming aware that BCRF is one of the “gold-standard” organizations with respect to finding a cure for breast cancer, I got so excited when I learned that the 2019 Lilly Pulitzer “Pinking Positive” Breast Cancer Awareness print would benefit them.

Lilly Pulitzer Pinking Positive

When I first saw the Lilly Pulitzer Pinking Positive Breast Cancer Awareness print, I immediately noticed the pink roses. However, upon closer look I noticed that Pinking Positive incorporates pineapples. This made me like it even more! Clusters of hearts form the pineapples’ spikes, which is really sweet. You can read more about Lilly Pulitzer’s latest print with purpose for breast cancer research here. The $22,000 that Lilly Pulitzer is donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will fund 400 hours of research!

Lilly Pulitzer Pinking Positive

Lilly Pulitzer “Pinking Positive” for breast cancer research comes in the following items:

Paradise Blanket
Run-Around Hat
Leona Zip-Up Jacket
Resort Scarf (The Pinking Positive Scarf is the exact same style as the Lilly Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf from 2018 that I featured in this post).
Elsa Silk Top
Soffina Tote
Jonna Romper
Finn Top
Girls’ Mini Finn Top
Jessi Maxi Dress

Pinking Positive Paradise Blanket

I bought the Pinking Positive Paradise Blanket because it is one of the lowest price points in the Pinking Positive collection, and it will nicely double as a cozy blanket and a throw for the back of my couch during the fall and winter. Furthermore, I have so many Lilly clothes, but not as many Lilly home decor items, so this is the perfect way to add an additional touch of Lilly to my apartment. The Pinking Positive Paradise Blanket is so incredibly soft. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend it. Plus it feels good to know you’re supporting Lilly Pulitzer’s efforts to contribute to essential breast cancer research. Since you don’t have to worry about buying the right size, this blanket would also make an excellent gift for any breast cancer warrior or Lilly lover in your life. I’m very happy with my purchase, and it fits nicely with the rest of my couch decor. You can shop the Pinking Positive blanket here.

More Companies Supporting Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Before I conclude this post, I also want to point out that two of my other favorite companies are partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this October. Kendra Scott has designed a special edition jewelry collection with the most gorgeous blush dichroic glass stone. For every purchase from this collection, Kendra Scott will donate 20% of purchase price towards their Breast Cancer Research Foundation Grant. In addition, they will donate a piece of jewelry to a woman battling cancer. Kendra Scott did the same thing during Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year, and you can read more about it in this post. Shop the Kendra Scott Breast Cancer Research Foundation Collection here.

In addition, Tory Burch is donating 20% of the proceeds from their Blush Pink Fleming Small Convertible Bag to Breast Cancer Research Foundation this October. You can shop this bag for a cause here.

Awareness to Action

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it gave you increased knowledge about some companies which are supporting reputable breast cancer research organizations this October. Awareness and pretty pink things are great, but we need to move into action to prevent and cure breast cancer. Until we find a cure, we can educate and empower ourselves by knowing our risk factors for breast cancer, and doing things in our control to minimize our risk. Because I have a strong family history for breast cancer, I have started getting annual mammograms and a breast MRI annually even though I’m well under 40. You can read more about my experience with my first mammogram in this post.

In addition, minimizing my breast cancer risk factors is a major reason why I switched to clean beauty products and became a Beautycounter consultant this year. Parabens are a common preservative in many beauty products we use daily. They are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Beautycounter never uses parabens, along with 1500 other potentially harmful ingredients, in their products. I can’t control my genetics, but I can control what I put on my body. You can read more about my decision to switch to Beautycounter here.

I am praying that one day we will live in a world where breast cancer is a thing of the past! Until then, let’s do everything in our control to contribute to furthering the quest for a cure to this awful disease. Let me know how you are observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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