Lilly for Pottery Barn 2020

Hey y’all-hope you’re hanging in there. I know we’re all in this together with figuring out our new normal is for these next several weeks with the coronavirus pandemic. I want to preface today’s post by saying I realize that shopping for clothing, home decor, and beauty products might be the last thing on your mind. And I realize that in these uncertain times, some of y’all simply might not have disposable income. While I definitely want to acknowledge the coronavirus pandemic and it’s impact (see my previous post), I don’t want it to completely take over my content for weeks. I hope that during this time, my blog can be a place where you find encouragement and simple joys amidst the chaos. So, I will continue to share some product round-ups. Honestly, virtual window-shopping can be a nice escape! Today’s focus is Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn 2020!

Furthermore, Lilly lovers were anticipating the Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn 2020 drop well before coronavirus. This is another reason why I still want to share a look book of my favorites. So, whether you make a purchase or are just window shopping, I hope this glimpse of the current Lilly for Pottery Barn collection lifts your spirits. We could all use some colorful Lilly prints in our lives right now! I meant to get this post published last week, but as you can imagine my mind was pulled in a bunch of directions as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded.

Note that this post contains affiliate links, and if you do make a purchase I will earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. If you shop online during this season, I encourage you to support bloggers by shopping through affiliate links. Also, shopping online helps out companies who will miss out on in-store revenue during this time.

Lilly for Pottery Barn: 2020 Edition

Lilly for Pottery Barn 2020 mostly consists of re-releases of favorites from the past two years. However, there are a couple new items for 2020. Most of my purchases from 2018 and 2019 have made an encore appearance. Here’s what I’ve purchased from past releases that you can buy again this year:

Pillowcases in On Parade: If you’re like me and can’t justify cost of a complete Pottery Barn sheet set, then you can still get your Lilly fix via buying pillowcases separately. I think this is a perfect way to add a pop of Lilly to your bed without breaking the bank! You can buy the “On Parade” spare pillowcases here (scroll down to see the option to purchase pillowcases alone). Note that each set comes with two pillowcases.

Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn 2020

Beach Towels: I have three Lilly for Pottery Barn beach towels, and all three prints are available again this year. Note that the colors do fade, which is unavoidable with how much time I spend at the pool and beach during the summer. Even with fading, I still feel like they look nice and hold up well. Plus, the beach towels are one of the least expensive items in this collaboration. The beach towel prints I have are On Parade, Pink Lemonade, and Home Slice.

Lilly for Pottery Barn 2020
(Beach Towel in On Parade)

Now that I’ve shared the Lilly for Pottery Barn items I personally own that are back for 2020, here are my other favorites from the collection. I’ve organized them by bedding, pool/beach gear, pillows & throws, and toys.

Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery Barn Bedding

Although a Lilly Pulitzer comforter or sheets might be out of my budget, I still like to admire them from afar! Here are my favorites that are currently available:

Pineapple Party Comforter/Sham: I absolutely love this pineapple print. Buying the shams alone and pairing them with a solid quilt/bedspread is a budget friendly option. As much as I love this print, the shams wouldn’t go with my current bedding, so I will pass! Shop the Pineapple Party Comforter/Sham here.

Elephant Appeal Duvet Cover + Sham: I always love an elephant Lilly print, and the colors in this one are great for someone who might not want as bright a print. Shop Elephant Appeal bedding here.

On Parade Duvet Cover: The On Parade print I love is also available in a Duvet cover! You can shop the Duvet cover here.

Party Patchwork Toddler Quilt: Honestly, I feel like this toddler quilt would make a great “end-of-bed” throw for an adult bed too! I would be tempted to buy it if I didn’t already have a Kate Spade throw on my bed that I love! Shop the Party Patchwork Toddler Quilt here.

Pineapple Party Patchwork Quilt & Sham: I always love a Lilly patchwork print, especially if it includes pineapples. Shop the Pineapple Party Patchwork Quilt & Sham here.

Lilly of the Jungle Reversible Quilt & Sham: This quilt has the bonus of being reversible! Shop the quilt & sham here.

Pineapple Pink Print Sheet Set: I love the classic pink & white pineapple print on this Lilly sheet set! You can buy the pillowcases separately as well, which is very tempting for me. Shop the set here.


 Pillows & Throws

Pineapple Pillow Cover: I’ve admired this pillow cover from past Lilly for Pottery Barn collaborations, and it’s back this year. Note that you will need to purchase the pillow separately for this one. Shop the Pineapple Pillow Cover here.

Turtley Awesome Pillow: This throw pillow with a pink turtle design and tassel detail will blend nicely with a variety of decor. Shop it here.

Indoor/Outdoor Pineapple Party Pillow: I would totally get this pineapple throw pillow if I didn’t already have two pineapple pillows on my couch. Bonus-it’s suitable for outdoor patio furniture as well. Shop the Pineapple Party Pillow here.

Gold Printed Knit Throw: This gold and white throw is perfect for a bed or couch, and it’s neutral colors make it easier to incorporate into existing decor. Shop this throw here.


Beach Towels

In addition to three Lilly for Pottery Barn beach towels I mentioned earlier in this post that I already own, these are my other favorite beach towels from the current collection:

I’m praying that people will properly follow the social distancing guidelines so that the COVID-19 pandemic will pass in time for lots of quality time to use my Lilly for Pottery Barn towels at the pool and beach this summer!


Baby Toys

So I don’t have any kids, and as much as I want to be a mom someday I won’t be having them anytime soon because I’m super single at the moment! But these two Lilly for Pottery Barn baby toys are too precious not to share. They would definitely be on my wish list if I had or was expecting a baby girl!

Activity Gym in Cheek to Cheek: I admired this baby activity gym last year, and it’s back for the Lilly for Pottery Barn 2020 collection! How adorable are the dangling pineapple and flamingo?! Shop the activity gym here.

Turtle Plush Nursery Rocker: This plush turtle rocker would make a precious addition to any baby girl’s nursery! Shop the turtle rocker here.



Hope you enjoyed my Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn 2020 look book. It looks like we are going to be spending a lot more time at home in the foreseeable future. So, if you’ve had your eye on new home decor and are able to swing it, now is a great time to buy because you will be around more frequently to enjoy it! And bright and cheerful Lilly prints are a great pick-me-up during this season of quarantine due to the coronavirus.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through all this! I’m not completely sure what my blogging schedule will be like during this time. Although I will have more time to devote to blog posts during social distancing, there are also other things I want to accomplish, such as home organization projects, catching up on shows, and completing blog courses. You can continue to count on at least one blog post per week during this time, possibly two depending on what is happening in a given week. In addition, I would love to hear what type of content y’all want to see on the blog in the coming weeks!

Hang tight and remember that we’re all in this together (cue High School Musical!)

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-xoxo Liz

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