Lilly After Party Sale Haul and Current Lilly Faves: January 2020

Hey y’all-hope you had a great weekend! Over the past week, three of my four January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale items have arrived. And the fourth one will arrive early this week. I placed four separate orders, with one item per order, to help curb impulse purchases. I’m so pleased with all my purchases, and want to go ahead and share my haul. In addition, I’m going to share my current favorites on the Lilly Pulitzer website!

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January 2020 Lilly After Party Sale Haul

As I mentioned before, I bought four items during the most recent Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. Although I definitely could have bought more, I wanted to be fiscally responsible. Plus, my closet is honestly running out of room! Here’s a look at what I got:

Knit Ruffle PJ Shorts in 60 Animals

Lilly Pulitzer pajamas are one of my latest obsessions, but they’re definitely something I don’t want to pay full price on. And since I loved the knit pajama pants I bought in the September 2019 Lilly After Party Sale, I jumped at the chance to add more Lilly pajama items to my collection. I bought the knit ruffle pj shorts in 60 Animals during my first “trip” onto the Lilly Pulitzer website when the sale first opened. They were 50% off the original price. And I’m happy that the limited sizes available in these pj shorts included my size!

Lilly Pulitzer Ruffle Knit PJ Shorts

Knit Ruffle PJ Top in 60 Animals

After seeing the knit ruffle pj top in 60 Animals during my first “trip” to the sale, I decided to go back and buy it a few hours later once I gave it some thought. The ruffle detail at bottom of sleeves is precious. I’m so excited to have my first ever full set of Lilly pajamas. I slept in my new pj top and shorts for the first time Friday night, and they are so soft and comfy. It was hard to get out of bed on Saturday morning, so good thing I didn’t have to be anywhere early!

Lilly Pulitzer Ruffle Knit PJ Top

In addition, these two After Party Sale purchases will be the first Lilly pajama items I actually sleep in, because I use my two pairs of Lilly pajama pants for lounging. I prefer to put my pjs on right before getting into bed so they are extra fresh. This is why I opt to wear other loungewear for sitting on the couch and watching TV, etc.

Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas

Simona Skort in “Back Together Again” Patch

I didn’t buy the Simona Skort in “Back Together Again” Patch until literally the last hour of the sale. I wanted to make sure I sat on it for awhile to make sure it wasn’t an impulse purchase, especially because I already have multiple Lilly skorts. It was still available in all sizes during the final moments of the sale, plus it was more than 60% off. So ultimately, I decided to go for it! I always love a Lilly patchwork print, and this particular one incorporates a few of my favorites. Plus, this style skort is different from the ones I already own. My other Lilly skorts have the shorts completely hidden underneath the skirt, but this one looks like a skirt in the front, and shorts in the back! And I think the tie at the waist adds a lovely touch.


I haven’t received my Simona Skort quite yet. You can see a stock photo above, and I will update this post with actual photos once it arrives. And I can’t wait to share how I style it this spring and summer!

Printed Head Wrap

This printed Lilly Pulitzer Head Wrap was only $9, so I couldn’t resist adding it to my cart during the final moments of the sale either. I have a couple other Lilly headbands, and they are great for adding a pop of print to a solid outfit, and also great for those days you don’t feel like washing your hair. Ha! Anyways, this Lilly Pulitzer headband is a little different from the others I own, because it comes untied. This actually makes it really versatile, because you can wear it as a headband or put it around a ponytail like a hair scarf. I wore this for the first time the day after it arrived, and got a couple compliments on it. So glad I decided to buy this at the last minute!

Lilly Pulitzer Printed Head Wrap

Current Lilly Pulitzer Favorites

Now that I’ve shared my January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Haul, I want to share my current favorites on the Lilly Pulitzer website. I know that people who shopped the Lilly After Party Sale received a bounce back coupon that expires this week. So if you have a bounce back coupon and haven’t used it yet, hopefully this will give you some inspiration. I won’t be using my coupon, since more Lilly isn’t in my budget at the moment. As I mentioned in my 2020 goals post, I really want to be more intentional about saving and giving money. Therefore, I will settle for online window shopping at the moment, and share my favorites with y’all!

Buttercup Shorts in “Seeing Spots”

Leave it to Lilly to combine pink with leopard print, and I’m here for it! These shorts would be great to wear during warm days before Easter and after Labor Day, since they aren’t overly summery. I also love the Beline Dress in “Seeing Spots.” However, I probably won’t buy for myself, since I prefer things with more breathing room in underarm area due to active sweat glands. (TMI perhaps, but I like keeping it real with y’all!) I can admire from afar though, and love the unique Lilly logo trim on the sleeves.



Knit PJ Shorts & Top in “Swizzle In”

I already have the pj pants in the “Swizzle In” print, but want to add the knit pj shorts, pj top, and pj tank to my collection. These would be Lilly pajamas I actually sleep in as opposed to evening and lazy day loungewear. If I’m not able to snag them on sale before then, these three pieces will definitely be on my wish list for the next After Party Sale! The pj tank would be especially great for those Southern summer nights!



Resort Infinity Loop Scarf in “Swizzle In”

I really can’t get enough of the “Swizzle In” print, and this infinity scarf is one of the best price points I’ve ever seen for a Lilly scarf. It would go well with a blush pink or light blue top.



Luxletic Monica Skort in “Swizzle In”

I bought my first-ever piece of Lilly Luxletic during the September 2019 After Party Sale, which happened to be a skort. However, there wasn’t any Luxletic I absolutely loved during the January After Party Sale. This Luxletic Monica Skort in “Swizzle In” will definitely be on my wish list for the next sale.



Travel Tumbler in “Swizzle In”

The “Swizzle In” trend continues. I wasn’t kidding about my obsession! Anyways, I’m also really loving this “Swizzle In” Travel Tumbler. I have this style tumbler in a different print and I really like it. I would love to have the “Swizzle In” tumbler to keep at my family’s beach house in the summer. It would be perfect for when we make margaritas!



Woven PJ Pant in “Pink Sand Paradise”

The final item on my list of currently available Lilly favorites are these cotton pajama pants in a classic pink & green print. Hopefully I can find these on sale at some point too.



I hope that y’all enjoyed reading about my Lilly After Party Sale Haul and current Lilly favorites! What did you score during the January 2020 After Party Sale? And what are some Lilly Pulitzer items on your wish list right now?

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-xoxo Liz

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