July 2022 Favorites

As 2022 draws to a close, I’m catching up on very overdue monthly favorites posts from the second half of 2022. First up is my July 2022 favorites!

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4th of July Beach Week 2022

July 2022 kicked off with one of the highlights of my summer, 4th of July beach week at my family’s place. I took an entire week off work during the week of the 4th, and was also at the beach the weekend before and weekend after. So this particular beach vacation lasted a little over a week! Although the weather wasn’t quite as great as it had been during my week-long beach trip previous years, there were still some great beach days! And it was a great chance to break in my new Draper James x Lands’ End swimsuits I shared in my June 2022 Favorites.

Most of the week was spent relaxing. We typically get takeout or eat-in during July 4th beach week, since restaurants are especially crowded that week. One evening we enjoyed a 4th of July cookout with some family friends who have a place near ours at the beach. Here are some of my favorite snap shots from the week:

Draper James x Lands' End bikini top 4th of July outfit at the beach 4th of July beach week 4th of July pretzels

Fish Hut Emerald Isle

We actually ate out once during 4th of July Beach Week, a late lunch at The Fish Hut Grill one afternoon. Since this was my first time eating there, I wanted to give Fish Hut it’s own section in this monthly favorites round-up. I’m actually not a big seafood eater, and don’t like fish at all. However, I do eat shrimp, and I especially like fried shrimp. I got the shrimp burger at Fish Hut and ate it open-faced. It was delicious. My family shared sides of fried cheese curds, fries, and onion rings. The fried cheese curds were probably my favorite side, but I loved the fries too.

The Fist Hut Emerald Isle, NC

The Fish Hut had some great patriotic decor, and they even called their french fries “Freedom Fries” on the menu. If you’re at Emerald Isle, I definitely recommend checking out The Fish Hut. Note that you stand in line to order, then they bring your food out to your table. The Fish Hut doesn’t do takeout, and the line is out the door during peak times. So either be prepared to wait awhile, or go at an off-time like we did!

The Fish Hut Emerald Isle, NC

Mickey Mouse & Friends Fruit Snacks

During a Target run I discovered these Mickey Mouse & Friends fruit snacks, so naturally I had to get some. These fruit snacks feature shapes of all members of the Sensational Six: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto. I have zero shame in admitting that this find made my day!! I’m all about appreciating the simple joys in life as well as the big things. Discovering fun new snacks (especially if they’re Disney-themed), is a great example of this.

Mickey Mouse & Friends Fruit Snacks by Betty Crocker

Girls’ Beach Trip

Towards the end of July, my best friend and I took a girls’ beach trip for a long weekend. In addition to enjoying some great beach time, we also went out to eat at a couple of my favorite Emerald Isle restaurants: Rucker John’s and The Trading Post. Then one morning we got breakfast at Yana’s, the cutest restaurant in downtown Swansboro.

Girls' Beach Trip Girls' Beach Trip

Ty Baby Dumbo Beanie

While my bestie and I were waiting for our table at Rucker John’s, we went to the cutest local bookstore in the same shopping center, Emerald Isle Books & Toys. As the name suggests, they also have a decent selection of toys, games, puzzles, and gifts. I couldn’t resist buying this adorable Ty Baby Dumbo Beanie. Dumbo is one of my favorite Disney characters. And the Dumbo ride at Disney World was my absolute favorite on my first trip!

Ty Baby Dumbo Beanie

Dumbo Little Golden Book

The Emerald Isle Books & Toys has the sweetest section of children’s books, including a great selection of Little Golden Books. Little Golden Books have such childhood nostalgia for me, and I hope to read them to a child of my own someday. I also grabbed the Dumbo Little Golden Book during my girls’ beach trip. I know Dumbo the movie has some really sad parts, but the ending is happy. And the Little Golden Book adaptation has such a sweet lesson at the end about forgiving those who are unkind to you.

Dumbo Little Golden Book

Stoney Clover Lane Banana Scrunchie

Stoney Clover Lane introduced a new classic color to their lineup in July, “Banana.” I think it’s so pretty. Stoney Clover Lane Banana isn’t a pastel yellow, but it’s also not really neon. The best way to describe it is a “soft bright yellow.” I couldn’t justify getting any pouches in Banana, since I already bought so many things from Stoney Clover Lane in May and June. But I did grab a Banana Scrunchie, since that’s the most inexpensive accessory from Stoney Clover Lane, and I loved the SCL Scrunchies I bought earlier in the summer. The Banana scrunchie complements a lot of my outfits well.

Stoney Clover Lane Banana Scrunchie

Stoney Clover Lane Bear Patch

When I placed my July Stoney Clover Lane order, I also grabbed this adorable bear patch from their limited edition Happy Camper collection. Stoney Clover Lane has the cutest patches, but getting a customized pouch with every single patch I love simply isn’t in my budget. So I’ve started collecting Stoney Clover Lane patches on their own. I also collect stickers, and feel like this is a similar thing to collect. The Stoney Clover Lane bear patch from the Happy Camper collection was a great one to add to my patch collection, since I love bears!

Stoney Clover Lane Bear Patch Happy Camper Collection

Birnbaum’s Disney World 50th Anniversary Edition

My family bought a Birnbaum Official Walt Disney World Guidebook almost each year we took a family Disney World vacation during my childhood. I have many childhood memories of flipping through Birnbaum guidebooks in anticipation of an upcoming Disney World trip, as well as re-living the magic after returning home.

When I went on my girls’ trip to Disney World with my bestie in 2015, I continued the tradition and bought the 2015 edition of Birnbaum Disney World Guidebook. Although I didn’t take any Disney World trips in 2022, I decided I wanted to buy the 2022 Birnbaum Guide anyways, since it’s the Disney World 50th Anniversary Edition. It has some pages in it commemorating the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration. This was a good way for me to get a piece of the magical celebration even though I didn’t actually get to experience it in person. In addition, Amazon had discounted the 2022 Birnbaum book pretty significantly in late July, since pre-sale for the 2023 edition released in September had already started.

Birnbaum Walt Disney World Guide 50th Anniversary Edition

Southern Fried Cotton Peachy Pup Shirt

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for any period of time, then you know I am NOT a dog person at all. I strongly prefer cats, and I also think most dogs are dirty, smelly, annoying, and unpredictable. One major exception to my disdain of dogs is the Labrador Retriever. I don’t merely tolerate labs, I actually love labs! They’re really cute, sweet, and well-behaved, and I’ve had many positive interactions with labs. Although I love all labs, black labs are my favorite. So when Southern Fried Cotton, a t-shirt company based in my former stomping grounds of upstate South Carolina released this adorable Peachy Pup tee, I had to get it!

Southern Fried Cotton Peachy Pup T-Shirt

Hope in the Hard Devotional Reading Plan

A few years ago DaySpring gifted me their Candace Cameron Bure (in)Courage Devotional Bible. However, it wasn’t until this July that I fully discovered the devotional reading plans in the back. Each plan is about seven weeks long, and each day features one of the devotionals included in the Bible, along with corresponding Scripture. The Hope in the Hard devotional reading plan definitely gave me encouragement my weary heart needed. My Candace Cameron Bure (in)Courage Devotional Bible is no longer available from DaySpring, but they do have a One Step Closer New Living Translation Bible from their Candace Cameron Bure line.

Thanks for reading my very belated July 2022 Favorites post!

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