January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips

Hey y’all-hope your 2020 is off to a good start! I started New Year’s Day with a run and a Starbucks trip, followed by watching the Rose Parade. My favorite part was a Japanese marching band playing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”  Anyways, the start of a new year also means it’s almost time for another big Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. So, today I’m sharing my January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale tips and tricks. I will also share what I hope to snag this time!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale finds
(I bought this shift dress in the “On Parade” print during last year’s January After Party Sale. Photo by Amelia Cassar Photography.)

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Lilly Pulitzer January 2020 After Party Sale Dates

The January Lilly After Party sale begins at 8:00am EST on Monday, January 6, 2020, and continues through 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. The January sale is typically smaller than the September sale, and it only lasts two days rather than three. But there’s still some great deals to be had!

In addition, if you live near a Lilly Pulitzer store, you can shop the sale in-store on Saturday, January 4, and Sunday, January 5. Keep in mind that the in-store sale will have less inventory than the online sale. However, if you see something you love in your size during the early access in-store event, it’s a great chance to guarantee that you can snag it. Also, if you’re unsure of how a certain Lilly style fits, in-store gives you the chance to try it on. I usually wait and shop the online sale, because I like seeing the larger selection!

Tips for Shopping the Lilly After Party Sale

For the full scoop on the January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, check out this FAQ guide directly from Lilly here. I’ve shared my biggest tips for shopping Lilly sales in previous posts, but I want to reiterate my top pointers:

  • Browse the Lilly Pulitzer website this weekend to make your wish list. Not everything that is currently on the Lilly site will be part of the sale. Also, Lilly will put additional warehouse inventory back up during the sale. But it’s still a good idea to go ahead and familiarize yourself with what’s on the website. As a general rule of thumb, anything that’s from on the website that’s from the first shipments of fall or earlier will likely be part of the sale.
  • Create an online account on the Lilly website and securely save your shipping an billing info. This will save you precious moments at checkout (see next point).
  • Items in your cart aren’t guaranteed until you check out. If there’s something you can’t live without in your cart, go ahead and checkout. You can go back and browse for additional items later. Shipping is free on all orders, so no need to check out all at once to avoid additional shipping costs.
  • Rather than browsing through everything, decide what you’re most interested in, and filter by item type or print. Lilly usually categorizes the sale into Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, and Kids. During the last sale, I knew I wanted additional items in the “Hanging with My Boo” print, so I typed that print in the search bar, which saved time!
  • Be prepared for a virtual queue. When I first started shopping Lilly online sales back in summer 2010, it was common for the Lilly website to completely crash from all the traffic. To help prevent this from happening, Lilly now has virtual queue to get into the sale when it first opens. Be patient, and don’t refresh your browser. You WILL eventually get in and be able to shop, and it will be worth the wait! Lilly also gives an estimated wait time on the queue page. It will update automatically, so definitely don’t refresh!

Other January 2020 Lilly Sale Notes

Here are a couple more things to note about shopping the upcoming After Party Sale:

  • All sales are final! I recommend sticking to styles that you know work for you. If you want to try a new Lilly style during the sale and aren’t able to try it on, I recommend reading online fit reviews ahead of time! Lilly sizing can sometimes be all over the place, so those are very helpful! If you have any questions about fit, feel free to email me or send me a DM. If it’s something I either own or have tried on, I can help you out!
  • Shipping can take several weeks. During the last After Party Sale, I received one of my orders in about a week and a half, but the other one took three weeks to arrive. Lilly says that it can take at least four weeks for sale orders to process and ship.
  • Once items sell out, Lilly will not restock them. However, Lilly plans to wait until Tuesday to release some of the sale times online. So if you aren’t able to shop right at 8:00am on Monday morning, you don’t have to worry about all the best things selling out! Side note: Many of my top picks from the last sale were still in stock in multiple sizes by evening of the first day.

What I’m Looking For

The main thing I will be looking for during this Lilly sale is another pair of these knit pajama pants. I actually got them in the “60 Animals” print during the September After Party Sale, and became obsessed. In fact I used a coupon for my local Lilly signature store to grab the Multi Swizzle print pj pants. Since I’m not a big fan of either of the other prints the knit pj pants are currently available in, I’m hoping Lilly will bring back some pajama pants in older prints for the sale. I might also check out the pj shorts as well, although I doubt the Multi Swizzle ones will be in the sale since it’s a newer print!

January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

In addition, I will probably take a look at the Luxletic Skorts. I bought the Amira Skort in “Hanging with My Boo” during the last sale, and really like it. Lilly Luxletic is something I definitely can’t justify paying anywhere near full price for, so these sales are a great chance for me to get something.

Finally, I always like to browse the accessories section during the Lilly After Party Sale, because it often includes items previously offered as a gift with purchase. So if there was a gift with purchase item you really wanted, but couldn’t afford to spend $500+ on full-price Lilly to get it, now is a good time if Lilly includes it in sale. I actually got the cappuccino mug in the above picture during the last sale. It was a gift with purchase at some point last year, and then made it to the September sale. It is absolutely gorgeous in person, and was only $14. I don’t think Lilly sold out of it during the last sale, so they might still have inventory to bring out this sale!

Happy Shopping!

I hope that y’all found this post helpful to prepare you for the January 2020 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! I will publish a blog post on Monday evening with my top picks that are still in stock. If you follow me in the free LIKEtoKNOW.it app, then you will be able to see some of my top picks earlier in the day on Monday.

Update: You can check out my top picks and see what I ordered in this post.

PS. If you shop the Lilly After Party Sale via my links either on the blog or in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support means the world to me! I am so appreciative of everyone who has shopped via my links during previous Lilly sales. Note that if you read multiple blogs, then the last blogger’s link that you clicked on before accessing the Lilly Pulitzer site will be who gets credit for the sale.

What are y’all hoping to snag during the sale?

-xoxo Liz

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