Introducing Beautycounter Holiday 2019

Hey y’all-hope you’re having a great week! We’re more than halfway to Friday! A couple days ago I published my first blog post in over a week, and part of why I haven’t had as much time to work on blog posts is because I’ve been preparing for the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 launch! Beautycounter consultants got a preview of the Holiday line about a month ago. Then we had the opportunity to order pre-sale bundles in mid-September. My pre-sale set arrived last week, and I have been busy checking out the new products. Last weekend I shared a preview of the holiday line at a Beautycounter Pop-Up at my place. Then on Monday, the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 gift sets launched to the public online!

I know it’s way too early to be doing Christmas-y things, and I’m all about cherishing each season. As much as I love the Hallmark Christmas Movies, I refuse to watch them when they start airing before Halloween! I have to wait until at least mid-November to watch them. Then I wait until at least the day after Thanksgiving before listening to Christmas music or decorating for Christmas. However, gift shopping is a different matter. When I polled my Instagram followers last week, the whopping majority said they are already Christmas shopping. Some of y’all even said you shop year-round, and grab stuff whenever you see something someone might like.

Beautycounter Holiday 2019

So even though I won’t be doing official gift guides on here until late November, I wanted to go ahead and introduce y’all to the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 line. These sets would make excellent gifts for so many people on your list. In addition to awesome clean beauty products inside, the packaging is so chic and easy to wrap up for gifting. However, it’s not overly Christmas-looking, so these sets are also perfect for treating yourself right now! And they would make great birthday gifts for anyone with an October/November birthday as well. Beautycounter is currently marketing these sets as “new fall beauty” on their website.

I am a Beautycounter consultant, and if you choose to shop through the links in this post, I will earn a commission. I genuinely love Beautycounter products, and wholeheartedly support their mission to get safe products in the hands of everyone. For more info about Beautycounter’s mission and why I have switched to clean beauty products, check out this post.

UPDATE: All Beautycounter holiday sets are 15% off through Sunday, December 1. Plus get free shipping on all orders $50 and up! Shop everything Beautycounter here.

Beautycounter Holiday 2019

The Beautycounter Holiday 2019 line features both new products that don’t appear in our regular line, and staples from our regular line elegantly packaged for easy gifting. Also, some of the items that appear in our gift sets are smaller than the full-sized items. So if you’ve been curious about a few things from the regular Beautycounter line, buying one of these gift sets is a good way to try it out! Now without further ado, here is the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 line:

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Sets Under $40

Beautycounter intentionally tried to include a variety of sets under $40 this year. Also, if your budget for a particular person is well under $40, some of these sets can easily be broken up to create multiple gifts!

The Jellies

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 The Jellies

These are predicted to be some of our best-sellers this holiday season. The Jellies are a new product making an appearance in the Beautycounter Holiday line. You get a set of five tubes of flavored lip gloss: Raspberry, Sorbet, Peppermint, Butterscotch, and Orange Cream. I have tried the Raspberry, Sorbet, and Orange Cream so far, and like them all. The color is extremely sheer, so it won’t show up as the color in the tube on your lips. However, it does provide an ultra-glossy shine, and amazing flavor! I plan on ordering at least a couple more sets of these for gifting and to have for myself. This is a set that can easily be broken up to gift multiple people. The Jellies would also be a great gift for teens or tweens who are just starting to get into makeup. But let’s be honest-adults will love them too. Shop The Jellies here.

Holiday Hand Cream Trio

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Holiday Hand Cream Trio

The Holiday Hand Cream Trio features three brand new flavors of Beautycounter Hand Cream: Mandarin Violet, Soft Neroli, and Petal. They are free from harmful artificial fragrance though. This is another set that can be easily gifted to multiple people for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift. Each hand cream is one ounce, and the tube is the perfect size for throwing in your purse. Definitely a must if you’re like me and have perpetually chapped hands during the winter. Shop the Holiday Hand Cream Trio here.

Starlight Eye Shadow Palette

Beautycounter Starlight Eye Shadow Palette

I raved about Beautycounter eye shadow in my August 2019 Favorites post, so I’m excited to try out another palette as part of the 2019 Holiday line. The Starlight Eye Shadow Palette features five different shades ranging from blush pink to navy to sparkles! This palette is smaller than the standard Beautycounter eye shadows, but that also means the price point is lower. So if you’ve been wanting to try Beautycounter eye shadow, the Starlight palette is a great thing to treat yourself to now. This eye shadow palette also has a removable mirror. Take out the mirror, and it reveals the cheeky saying, “looking good is half the picture.” Shop the Starlight Eye Shadow Palette here.

Beautycounter Travel Companion

This travel-sized set of bath & body essentials is one of my favorite things in the holiday line. You get TSA approved bottles of the daily shampoo and conditioner, as well as the citrus mimosa body wash and lotion. I just featured the daily shampoo in my September 2019 Favorites post, and the citrus mimosa body products have been some of my favorites ever since I first became a Beautycounter consultant back in April. Shop the Beautycounter Travel Companion here.

Glow & Go Mini Oils

Beautycounter Mini Facial Oils

At one of the lowest price points of the entire Holiday 2019 line, this set gives you one small vial of each of Beautycounter’s three facial oils. These facial oils provide additional hydration plus other benefits. The #1 oil helps brighten your skin. It contains Vitamin C, and honestly feels like you’re squeezing an orange on your face, minus the stickiness. The #2 oil plumps your skin, and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Then the #3 oil helps balance your complexion. These three mini oils are a $51 value, but you can get them for just $34 on this holiday set. They are great for travel, or for trying out Beautycounter facial oils if you’re not ready to commit to the full size. Shop the Glow & Go Mini Oils here.

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Sets Under $50

The 2019 Beautycounter Holiday line includes quite a few sets that don’t quite fit into the under $40 price range, but they are under $50. This still makes them extremely affordable, especially if you are breaking the sets up.

Pout Perfecter Lip Care Set

Beautycounter Pout Perfecter Lip Care Set

This is probably one of my favorite sets from the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 line, because my lips are perpetually chapped year-round. The Pout Perfecter Lip Care Set includes a Lip Polish, Better Balm, and Crystal Lip Gloss. The Lip Polish is a sugar exfoliating scrub for your lips. I really hope Beautycounter brings this into their permanent skincare line in 2020! This lip polish tastes and smells like peppermint. After exfoliating your lips, you moisturize them with the Better Balm. I also hope this lip balm becomes a standard Beautycounter item in the new year. It’s supposed to help minimize lip lines, and comes in a tube rather than a pot. The last component of the lip care set is the Crystal Lip Gloss. I have been treating my lips at night, so often skip this step. But the Crystal Lip Gloss provides clear moisturizing shine, and will work for anyone. Shop the Pout Perfecter Lip Care Set here.

Fresh-Faced Trio

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Fresh Faced Trio

The Fresh-Faced Trio includes a lip Jelly in Sorbet, Invisible Brow Gel, and Lengthening Mascara. This is great for someone who is a makeup minimalist and likes to run out the door in the morning. But it’s also a great basic set you can easily add more makeup to if that’s your style. I love my tinted Beautycounter Brow Gel, but haven’t tried the invisible yet. This brow gel is obviously more for grooming your brows than adding color and definition. Then the mascara is one of Beautycounter’s basic makeup items I still haven’t tried. I am curious to compare it to the Honest Beauty mascara that I’ve been using. This will help me decide which one I prefer going forward. Shop the Fresh-Faced Trio here.

Rosewood Lip Trio

The Rosewood Lip Trio includes a neutral beige color in all three of Beautycounter’s lip color formulas: Color Intense Lipstick, Sheer Lipstick, and Lip Gloss. Since this color is neutral, it will flatter a lot of skin tones and color preferences. Note that these tubes are about half the size of Beautycounter’s standard lipstick and lip gloss. Shop the Rosewood Lip Trio here.

Body Butter Trio

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Body Butter Trio

The Body Butter Trio comes in the same three scents as the Hand Cream Trio- mandarin violet, soft neroli, and fresh petal. These body butter tubs have gold lids, which makes them very elegant looking. Beautycounter has gorgeous packaging on all their products. But these gold lids on the Body Butter take it up a notch. Beautycounter body butter has a thicker and richer consistency than their body lotion. Shop the Body Butter Trio here.

Lemongrass Body Set

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Lemongrass Body Set

The Lemongrass Body Set includes a tub of body butter and exfoliating sugar body scrub. Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub is part of Beautycounter’s full bath & body line. I had been wanting to try it for months, so the holiday set was the perfect opportunity! The citrus scent snd luxurious feel of the body butter is amazing too. Shop the Lemongrass Body Set here.

Counterman Carry-On

Yes, the men in your life need safer personal care products too. The Counterman Carry-On includes TSA approved travel-sized bottles of the Counterman Face Wash, Charcoal Body Wash, Oil Free Face Lotion, and Purifying Shampoo. Counterman features a “manly” scent, so the guys need not worry about smelling like fruit or flowers. Shop the Counterman Carry-On here.

More Great Gift Sets

It’s awesome of the budget-conscious shopper that 11 of the 16 sets in the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 line are under $50! However, I still want to point out the awesome options that don’t fall in the under $50 price bracket.

Mini Lip Gloss Vault

The Mini Lip Gloss Vault includes 10 different shades. Nine of them are actually brand new to Beautycounter, and there a few shimmer shades that will be perfect for the holidays. Even though this vault is on the pricey side, if you need to give gifts to a lot of people, each mini lip gloss ends up being under $10. I didn’t get the Lip Gloss Vault in my pre-sale bundle, but I plan to order one so I can keep a few shades for myself and then gift the others. Shop the Mini Lip Gloss Vault here.

Counter+ Skincare Favorites

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Counter+ Skincare Favorites

The Counter+ Skin Care Favorites is great for gifting if you have a larger budget. However, it’s also a great opportunity to treat yourself if you’ve had your eye on some of Beautycounter’s best-sellers. The Counter+ line includes items that suit a variety of skin types and are great add-ons to any skin care regime. In this set, you get a Lotus Cleansing Stick, which is similar to Beautycounter’s best-selling cleansing balm, but in stick form. You also get a full-sized Overnight Resurfacing Peel, which I absolutely love. Then you get a small tube of the Charcoal Mask, and a mini #1 Brightening Oil. The Peel by itself retails for $63, so you are essentially getting the Charcoal Mask, mini oil, and Cleaning Stick for a combined $26! Shop the Counter+ Skin Care Favorites here.

Bright Eyes Treatment Set

Beautycounter Holiday 2019 Bright Eyes Treatment Set

This set includes a full-sized bottle of the Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream, and six sets of Eye Cooling Masks. I’ve been using this eye cream nightly for a little over two months, and it looks like I’ve barely made a dent in it. A little truly goes a long way! Shop the Bright Eyes Treatment Set here.

Glow Getters Trio

The Glow Getters Trio includes the Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Illuminating Lotion, and Illuminating Cream Highlighter. I probably won’t buy this one because I have plenty of Overnight Resurfacing Peel in my stash, and don’t use highlighter. But I am intrigued by the lotion, which has subtle sparkle in it. Shop the Glow Getters Trio here. Shop the Glow Getters Trio here.

Special Edition Cleansing Balm

This container of Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm is twice the size of our standard container, and comes at a savings. So if you really love Beautycounter Cleansing Balm or know someone who does, this would be an excellent gift! Shop the Special Edition Cleansing Balm here.

Treat Yourself with a Charcoal Mask

Beautycounter Band of Beauty Charcoal Mask

Beautycounter is offering a free full-size Charcoal Mask to anyone who enrolls in their Band of Beauty program and spends at least $50 on their enrollment order during the month of October. A Band of Beauty membership costs $29, and also gets you free shipping on all orders $100 or more, plus a 10% product credit on every order that you can then use on a future order. There’s no auto-ship requirements with Band of Beauty. It’s simple Beautycounter’s was of thanking loyal customers. The Charcoal Mask retails for $49, so adding on a Band of Beauty membership to get that for free is a great deal in itself. This is one of my favorite Beautycounter products. If you buy at least two gift sets from the Beautycounter Holiday 2019 line, you will hit $50. So this month is a great time to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, and treat yourself to a free Charcoal Mask with a Band of Beauty membership.You can check out additional details and enroll in Band of Beauty here.

Clean Gifts for Everyone

Beautycounter makes a great gift option for anyone on your list-friends, teachers, neighbors, mom, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc. It’s also a perfect gift for the person who’s difficult to shop for. And when you buy Beautycounter gifts this holiday season, you are supporting their efforts to advocate to Congress for better regulation in the personal care industry. In addition, you are supporting a company that’s dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. Beautycounter is a certified B Corporation, which means they equally value people, the planet, and profits.

If you have any questions about anything Beautycounter-related, send me an email. And if you want to create a Beautycounter Wish List this holiday season, I have a template you can fill out, and then I can make sure it gets to whoever will be shopping for you! Finally, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a Beautycounter consultant, now is a great time to join. You can get these awesome gift sets for 25% off, and be a resource to help your friends and family with their gifting as well. You can read more about becoming a Beautycounter consultant in this post. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I promise I will give you all facts with no pressure so you can determine if this is a good fit for you!

Also, join my Beautycounter and Clean Beauty Tips Facebook Group for exclusive promos this holiday season, plus tips about how to incorporate clean products into your makeup and skincare routine.

Which of the Beautycounter 2019 Holiday sets catch your attention the most?

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