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Hey y’all-Happy Friday! Yesterday I reminisced on the Lilly for Target collaboration of three years ago. Today I’m sharing more details about Target’s next designer collaboration-Hunter for Target. I have had my traditional Hunter rain boots for over four years now. They literally saved me when I got stranded during a North Carolina snowstorm several years ago. I had to abandon my car on the side of the interstate and walk half a mile in the snow to the nearest hotel. (I will save that story for later.) Although Hunter boots are completely worth the price tag in my opinion, it is nice that Target is offering a budget-friendly alternative. The Target version of Hunter boots will retail for around 1/4 of the price of regular Hunter boots.

The Details

The Hunter for Target collaboration launches Saturday, April 14 (that’s TOMORROW!). I have no idea how crazy Target stores will be, but you will want to head to your Target as soon as it opens to ensure the best selection. Also, you will want to double check and make sure that your Target is getting the Hunter collaboration. Click here to find out if your local Target will be carrying Hunter. You definitely wouldn’t want to get up early on a Saturday only to realize your Target doesn’t have the exciting collection. Don’t worry-you can shop online if there is not a Target near you with the Hunter collaboration. Target hasn’t really specified what time Hunter for Target is going live online, so the earlier you check the better. Regardless of whether you will be shopping online or in-store, you can click here to preview the selection of goodies.

My Wish List

Hunter for Target is so much more than just rain boots. In fact, since I already have a pair of Hunter rain boots, I am mainly going to be on the lookout for some of the super cute waterproof bags and pouches. I always avoid carrying my leather purses in the rain! Here are a few things I am looking forward to checking out on Saturday:

Bum Bag

Some may think fanny packs are so 1990s, but they are great for a day riding roller coasters at a theme park like Busch Gardens or Carowinds. Unlike Disney World, these parks don’t have a place where you can store bags on the thrill rides. So you need to either carry a fanny pack or check your stuff into a locker. When I went to Busch Gardens with my bestie a couple years ago, I had a fanny pack but she had to use lockers. Although it wasn’t terrible having to rent and use a locker, it was even easier not to have to bother with it. This Hunter for Target “bum bag” is cuter than the Eastpak one I took to Busch Gardens. I’m planning to go to Carowinds at least once this summer, so will look forward to using there!

Large Pouch Bag

I love this large pouch bag with a wrist strap. It’s a perfect Clemson orange too! This will be great for organizing stuff inside the clear bag with no compartments that I have to take into the stadium! The wrist strap will also make it great for running a quick errand when I don’t want to take a full purse.

Navy Oversized Tote Bag

I am also looking forward to checking out this navy oversized tote bag. It has some interior compartments, and the yellow lining is so cheerful.

Pink Short Rain Boots

I am interested in potentially checking out these short rain shoes in pink. As much as I love my tall Hunter boots, they can be hard to drive in. especially if I’m in a lot of stop-go traffic. The bags and pouch are more of a priority for me than these shoes, but I still want to take a look at them and see if they might be easier to drive in.

Will you be shopping Hunter for Target? if so, what items are you most excited about?

-xoxo Liz

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