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Happy Friday y’all! Last week I shared a Hunter for Target preview. Today I am sharing my haul, along with a recap of my shopping experience. My excursion to my local Target last Saturday morning was very successful overall. I got everything on my wish list, plus two additional items. The two extras I picked up were only $15 combined, so I was super proud of myself for not going over budget! Also, if you had your sights set on getting some of the women’s Hunter for Target tall rain boots when they became available, please note that Target is NOT going to roll them out after all, due to quality control and production issues. You may read the full statement from Target Corporate here.

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Update: Hunter for Target returned as part of the 20th Anniversary Designer collaboration that launched on September 14, 2019. You can shop the full Target 20th Anniversary collection here.

My Experience

Fortunately, Hunter for Target was NOT Lilly for Target Part 2. I intended to get to Target a few minutes before it opened, but my alarm malfunctioned so I arrived 10 minutes after opening. My Target used to open at 8:00am, but it now opens at 7:00am. This definitely makes weekend collaboration launches a bit trickier. There was no reason for me to sweat being 10 minutes late though. Plenty of people were perusing the Hunter for Target section, but plenty of merchandise was still on the shelves. The women’s short pink rain boots completely disappeared in the first 10 minutes. Although I was potentially interested in checking out the short pink rain boots, I didn’t have my heart set on them. Everything else was still up for grabs, so I couldn’t complain. However, I didn’t waste any time nailing down what I was looking for.

Hunter for Target Hunter for Target Hunter for Target

After I got everything I thought I wanted, I circled the section several more times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Then I checked out, and headed to the Chick-fil-a that is right beside the Target to pick up a chicken biscuit for breakfast! A nap was definitely in order later that morning.

My Haul

Hunter for Target

Large Rubber Pouch

Hunter for Target
The large rubber zipper pouch was bigger in person than it appeared online. It might actually be too big to organize stuff in my clear bag when I go to Clemson games in the fall. But the color is such a PERFECT Clemson orange, so I got it anyways! It will be perfect for keeping my phone and other items I need to stay dry security in my pool/beach bag this summer. This is still available online.

Hunter for Target
I actually already used it by the pool last weekend and it worked great! Peep my Lilly for Pottery Barn towel!

Bum Bag

Hunter for Target Hunter for Target Hunter for Target

First off, I just realized that the first two pics of this bum bag looked like a Pokemon. That was completely unintentional, and it does not resemble a Pokemon so much in real life.

I originally had my eyes on the olive green bum bag/fanny pack. But this yellow one was literally the last fanny pack on the rack last Saturday morning, so I grabbed it. And I honestly think it will go better with a lot of my outfits. I am planning to go to Carowinds with my best friend at some point this summer, so I mainly got this to use there, and during other trips to roller coaster heavy theme parks in the future. I have a black Eastpak fanny pack I used at Busch Gardens a couple years ago, but I think this one is more fun.

My main complaint is that even at the tightest setting, the strap is still too loose around my waist. I don’t have this issue with my Eastpak fanny pack. But I still like this bag and decided to keep it. I will probably wear over my shoulder most of the time, and then put around my waist when I get on rides. I can pull the strap so it’s tight enough, but the strap forms a loop that sticks out and looks weird if I’m just walking around.

Also, I love how this Hunter for Target fanny pack has an additional interior and exterior zipper compartment. You can’t tell in this picture, but it also has an additional open pocket in the main compartment. The more sections a bag has, the better because it prevents stuff you want to keep easily accessible from sinking down to the bottom. The yellow bum bag is no longer available online, but you can buy it in red here.

Navy Oversized Tote

Hunter for Target
This Hunter for Target oversized tote bag is also a lot bigger in person that it appeared online. I thought it would be more of a large purse size. It’s actually closer to the size of an overnight bag. But I still bought it because it was super cute and the quality appeared good. When I saw a woman grab the second to last one and comment on how cute it was, I knew I needed to grab the last one or else experience major FOMO. This bag also has such a cheerful yellow lining, plus a zipper pocket and open interior pockets on the inside for organization. I look forward to trying it out on beach trips this summer. It is still available online.

Hunter for Target Hunter for Target

A Couple Extras

These next things weren’t originally on my Hunter for Target wish list, but I thought they would come in and handy and they were super inexpensive. So I couldn’t resist grabbing them.

Hunter for Target
I thought these socks were super cute and the material felt great. I’m actually wearing them right now and they are very comfy. The second pair in this two-pack is navy with some white stripes. The socks are available here.

Hunter for Target Hunter for Target
My last goodie I picked up is this pink LED portable light. It was only $5, and I thought it would be useful if I went for a walk or run when it was dark outside. You can purchase online here.

Did y’all shop the Hunter for Target collaboration last weekend? If so, let me know what you got in the comments!

-xoxo Liz


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