How to Style Lilly Pulitzer in Cool Weather

Hey y’all-hope everyone is hanging in there! I realize that there is a lot happening in our country right now, but I’m moving forward with more fall and holiday content here on the blog. I want my little spot here on the Internet to be a place where people from all walks of life can come together for preppy style, clean beauty, and authentic living inspiration. Today’s post focuses on preppy style! I recently had a sweet follower on Instagram ask me if I would share pictures of fall/winter Lilly Pulitzer outfits. To be honest, most of my Lilly Pulitzer outfits this fall have bee pajama pants. But this request gave me the idea to share a round-up of my favorite past fall/winter Lilly Pulitzer outfits. Since this is Lilly Pulitzer’s birthday week, I thought this blog post was especially fitting for today! Keep reading for inspiration for how to style Lilly Pulitzer in cool weather.

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General Tips for Styling Lilly Pulitzer in Cool Weather

When the temperatures start getting consistently cooler, that doesn’t mean your bright & colorful Lilly Pulitzer clothing has to hibernate! Here’s a few of my favorite tips for styling Lilly Pulitzer in cool weather while still being seasonally appropriate. I’m also sharing some currently available Lilly Pulitzer items that are examples of each of these tips:

1. Wear a printed Lilly Pulitzer scarf.

A printed scarf is my favorite way to incorporate Lilly Pulitzer into my fall and winter outfits. They are so versatile, and you can make multiple outfits out of the same Lilly Pulitzer scarf. Pair them with a tunic or sweater and jeans for a casual look, or add to a dress and skirt/top with tights for a dressier look. My favorite currently available Lilly Pulitzer scarf is the Paws for Cause Resort Scarf. Here are some other Lilly scarves available right now:


2. Get a Lilly Vest

A couple years ago I bought a hot pink puffer vest with printed lining during a Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. A colorful Lilly vest is perfect way to style Lilly Pulitzer during cool weather. You can pair with a long-sleeved top and jeans or skirt and top, as well as layer over a dress. This currently available Lilly Pulitzer Puffer vest has a fun printed lining. Browse more Lilly Pulitzer vests below:


3. Get long-sleeved Lilly Pulitzer pieces in prints with darker jewel tones.

Although Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t make a true Fall collection like they did 9-10 years ago when I first started wearing Lilly Pulitzer, It’s still possible to find some pieces in Lilly prints that aren’t overly neon/summery. For instance, prints with colors like navy and magenta are perfect. Also, Lilly prints with a lighter background against a more muted print are great for this as well (I will share an example later in this post). A few currently available Lilly prints that would be great for fall/winter are Purrfect Set, My Favorite Spot (a Lilly leopard print!), Heebee Zeebees. Here are some specific items in these prints are perfect for to style Lilly Pulitzer in cooler weather:


Examples of How I Style Lilly Pulitzer in Cool Weather

Since I don’t have too many new fall/winter Lilly Pulitzer outfits debuting this fall/winter due to COVID life, I want to share a round-up of some of my favorite non-pajama fall and winter Lilly Pulitzer outfits from previous years. I featured each of these outfits in a previous style blog post, which I’ve linked in case you want more pictures and details on each of these outfits!

Murfee Scarf in South Carolina Print

How to Style Lilly Pulitzer in Cool Weather

I added some pizzazz to a plain long-sleeved white top and skinny jeans with a classic Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf in the South Carolina print. Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t make as many scarves in the silk/cashmere blend Murfee style now, but there is this one available right now. You can view more photos and details about this Lilly Pulitzer fall outfit in this post.

Pink Lilly Pulitzer Puffer Vest

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Outfit

I bought this hot pink Lilly Pulitzer puffer vest with a printed lining during an After Party Sale a couple years ago. As you can see, it also takes a basic white top and jeans up a notch. Check out this post for more outfit details and styling inspiration photos.

Lilly Pulitzer Infinity Scarf in Hangin’ with My Boo

The Hangin’ with My Boo panda print from 2018 is one of my all-time favorite Lilly Pulitzer print. So not surprisingly, my Hangin’ with My Boo scarf is one of my faves from my Lilly scarf collection! I’ve featured this scarf in a couple different outfit posts on the blog:

Lilly Pulitzer Cool Weather Outfit

In this post, I share how I added some print with this adorable panda print Lilly scarf to a solid pink long-sleeved top and jeans.

How to Style Lilly Pulitzer in Cool Weather

Then in this post, I share some inspiration on how to style a Lilly Pulitzer scarf for the holidays. I paired my Hangin’ with My Boo scarf with a green sweater, corduroy skirt, and tights. Of course, this Lilly Pulitzer outfit would be appropriate all winter, but I thought the green sweater made it especially festive for the holidays.

Printed Lilly Pulitzer Dress with Three-Quarter Sleeves

Long-Sleeved Lilly Pulitzer Dress

This cotton Lilly Pulitzer dress with 3/4 sleeves has a light background, but the print features leopards and zebras in jewel toned blues and turquoise shades, making it appropriate for cool weather. I share more about the outfit details in this post.

Colorful Is Always in Season!

I hope that y’all enjoyed seeing how I style Lilly Pulitzer in cool weather, and that it gave you some inspiration on how to put together your own fall and winter Lilly outfits! What are your favorite ways to style your Lilly in the fall and winter? I’d love to see some examples from your wardrobe-feel free to post on Instagram and tag me (@palmettos_and_pineapples)! And in honor of Lilly’s birthday, you can receive a gift with any Lilly Pulitzer purchase over $75 through November 14.

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