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Hey y’all! Happy hump day! Tonight I wanted to pop in and share another favorite preppy t-shirt brand, Jadelynn Brooke. Although I’m a fashion blogger, I love wearing an oversized t-shirt and athletic shorts when I’m lounging around or out running errands. Last week at the beach, I spent most evenings in one of my comfy tees with a fun design. (I share a little bit more in this post why even casual loungewear is a means to express your personal style.) I discovered Jadelynn Brooke a couple years ago. Then last summer I bought my first Jadelynn Brooke shirts. Honestly, one of the things that most drew me to the Jadelynn Brooke brand was their adorable deer logo with their “Happy Preppy People” slogan. “Happy” and “preppy” are two adjectives people would use to describe me. Thus, I really connected with the Jadelynn Brooke motto.

Happy Preppy People

Jadelyn Brooke Happy Preppy People

When I ordered my first Jadelynn Brooke items last summer, they were having a promotion where you got a short-sleeve classic logo tee as a free gift with purchase. So I used that opportunity to get a fun Disney-inspired shirt I had my eye on, along with a long-sleeved Happy Preppy People logo tee. This gorgeous light blue tee with the Happy Preppy People deer logo on the back is the free gift I received. The front has a v-neck, and a smaller white outline version of the logo and slogan on the left chest. As you can see, it’s perfect to throw on for a morning Dunkin Donuts run at the beach!

Three Sisters, One Dream

The whimsical creative minds behind Jadelynn Brooke are three sisters-Jade, Lexi Lynn, and Brooke. I don’t have a sister, so I often imagine how much fun it would be to have sisters you are close with and can pursue your passions with. On their Instagram account, the Jadelynn Brooke sisters share some fun facts about their lives as sisters and business partners. According to their Insta bio, their mission is to “spread happy around the USA.” And they definitely do a great job of that through their t-shirts with fun whimsical designs, plus bright & colorful dresses, shorts, athletic wear, and accessories.

A Few of my Jadelynn Brooke Favorites

The classic logo tee is my absolute favorite thing from Jadelynn Brooke, but they have so many other fun things to offer happy preppy people. Here are a few of my favorites:

Rachel Green Vibes. This v-neck shirt is great for any Friends fan.

Tropic Like Its Hot. Y’all know I have a weakness for any design with a pineapple.

You Are My Lobster. Another Friends tee that pays tribute to the entire Central Perk gang!

My Happy Place. This Disney-inspired tee would be great for a trip to the Disney Parks.

Blessed Is She. This tee highlights some great women of the Bible. I love that Jadelyn Brooke is not shy about incorporating their faith into their designs.

Mouse Ears. I actually have the coral short-sleeved version of this design (which is unfortunately sold out.) This absolutely my favorite of Jadelynn Brooke’s Disney inspired designs. I have no idea when my next trip to Disney World will be, but I will definitely be wearing this shirt when I go next. The tank top version would definitely suit a hot Florida day in the parks.

Jadelyn Brooke Disney Shirt

Pineapple Athletic Shorts. How cute is the pineapple print waistband on these?!

Happy Felt Board. This fun felt letter board from Jadelynn Brooke’s “3 Happy Hooligans” gift line is on my wish list.

Pom Pom Pink Pen. This fun pen totally looks like something Elle Woods (my fictional hero) would use!

Definitely head to Jadelynn Brooke’s website for more happy preppy goodies!

Hope y’all enjoyed this post, and that it gave y’all some inspiration on how to be casual and comfy while still wearing something cute, fun, and expressive. Have you ever shopped with Jadelynn Brooke before? Let me know what YOUR favorite are!

PS. This is a big week because early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow for cardholders. Definitely check back on here tomorrow because I will be sharing a shopping guide with my favorite picks from the Nordstrom sale.

-xoxo Liz



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