Four Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey y’all! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! First of all, my apologies for the lack of new content in the past week. Life has been super crazy, and I devoted most of my time working on the blog this past week to fine-tuning my new website design! (More about that in other post coming soon.) Since it’s October and Halloween is rapidly approaching, today I am sharing my four most recent Halloween costumes. So if you’re in need of some Halloween costume ideas, keep reading!

I have always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. Part of the fun is deciding what I’m going to be. As I briefly mentioned in my Fall Bucket List post last week, I used to decide on November 1 what I was going to be for Halloween the following year. When I was a kid, my mom made most all of my Halloween costumes. Although I am not the talented seamstress she is, I still like to incorporate a combination of DIY crafted and store-bought elements in my Halloween costumes. Without further ado, here are my Halloween costumes from the past four years!

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2014:  Lilly Pulitzer Panda

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

I’ve always loved pandas, and the “Pandamonium” print is what got me hooked on Lilly Pulitzer. So when I dressed up as a panda for Halloween back in 2014, I had to add a Lilly twist to it. And rather than buying a full-on panda suit, I had a little fun putting together my costume with mostly things already in my closet, along with store-bought ears and paws. So if you want to put together a Lilly panda costume of your own, I’ve linked some items similar to my costume that you can use:
Black Turtleneck
White Tank Top
Black Leggings
Black Socks
Black Flats
Pink Ribbon
Panda Ears
Panda Paws
Black Face Makeup

2015: Clemson Tiger Cub

Clemson Tiger Cub Halloween Costume
Three years ago Clemson played at NC State ON Halloween. So I dressed up like the Clemson Tiger Cub mascot and wore my costume to the game. The Cub aka “Cubby” is the smaller of Clemsn’s two tiger mascots. And his jersey number is “1/2” because he’s just a cub. I think that is the absolute cutest. For this costume, I wore an orange Nike Clemson jersey and purple Nike shorts over a tiger costume. I bought tiger ears and a tiger tail. For the tiger torso, I got an orange sweatshirt and glued black felt stripes on it using fabric glue. Then for my legs I bought some orange and black stripe tights. They were a bit uncomfortable, so I put them on over leggings.

To make The Cub’s “1/2” jersey number, I got two pieces of orange cardboard, glued white letters and numbers outlined in purple, and then laminated them. I punched holes at the top of each piece, then threaded yarn through them to connect the two pieces. Then I put them over my shoulders so that they covered up the number that was on my jersey.

This might actually be my favorite Halloween costume ever! Here are some links for supplies in case there’s any Clemson fans out there who want to recreate this:
Nike Clemson Jersey
Nike Shorts
Orange Sweatshirt
Black Felt (I would just get this at Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, or AC Moore)
Fabric Glue
Tiger Ears & Tail
Orange & Black tights
Self Laminating Pouches (or you can use a laminator machine if you have access to one).
Black Face Paint

2016: Marie

Halloween Costume ideas
Two years ago I dressed up like Marie from The Aristocats. She is one of my absolute favorite Disney characters, because she’s actually my spirit animal. Marie is very girly, but also quite feisty! I also think she is so cute! This costume was super easy to put together. I simply got a long sleeves white shirt and white jeans from my closet, then added some pink ribbon around my neck and waist. I bought white cat ears and tail to complete the costume. Here are some links to help you out in putting your own Marie costume together:
White long-sleeved top
White jeans
Pink ribbon
White cat ears & tail (this set also includes paws)
Black Face Paint

2017: Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume
Last year I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, and it was actually the fourth time in my life I have been Minnie. I’ve had this red and white polka dot dress from LOFT for years now. It actually doesn’t fit me that well anymore for everyday wear, but it works for a Minnie Mouse costume. I added my classic red and black sequin Minnie ears from Disney World, a long-sleeved black top, and white gloves. This most recent time I dressed as Minnie, I carried my Duffy the Disney bear puppet. You can read more about my obsession with all things Duffy here. But basically, Duffy is a teddy bear that Minnie made for Mickey to take with him when he went on an overseas voyage. I think it’s just the sweetest story. Here are links to similar items that comprised my Minnie costume:
Black turtleneck
Red & white polka dot dress
Minnie Mouse ears
White gloves
Kate Spade Minnie Mouse necklace

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post and that it gave you some good Halloween costume ideas. I still haven’t completely decided what I’m going to be for Halloween this year, but I have a few ideas floating around in my head. Stay tuned! Do you like to dress up for Halloween? If so, have you decided yet what you’re going to be this year?

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