Halloween Costume 2019: Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Hey y’all-Happy Halloween! It’s hard to believe it’s here already, especially considering it was 80 degrees in North Carolina today. I’m having a low-key night eating candy and watching some Halloween movies. I haven’t had a chance to watch any yet this year because I’ve been so busy recently. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “Garfield’s Halloween are both on the agenda. However, this past weekend I dressed up for my church’s young adults Halloween party. So in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share some pictures of my Halloween Costume 2019: the Coca-Cola Polar Bear! (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen some sneak peeks in my stories. And if not, you can follow me here).

Halloween Costume Coca-Cola Polar Bear

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Love for Halloween

I’ve probably mentioned this before in previous posts, but I’ve loved Halloween for as long as I can remember. Some Christians are against Halloween, or have mixed feelings about it. However, I choose to view Halloween simply as an opportunity to dress up in a fun costume, eat candy, and be with people. It’s no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth, so of course I love the candy aspect of Halloween. As a kid, it was always really fun getting a random assortment of candy while trick-or-treating.

But if I had to choose my favorite part about Halloween, it would be the costumes. I can eat candy 365 days a year, but there are only so many opportunities to wear a costume in public and be socially acceptable. When I was a kid, I would often decide on November 1 what I was going to be for Halloween the following year. Even as an adult, I plan my costumes months in advance. So I had known for awhile that I was going to dress up as the Coca-Cola Polar Bear this year.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Halloween Costume

I think I first got the idea to be the Coca-Cola Polar Bear for Halloween this year sometime back in the winter, shortly after I got an ivory Sherpa pullover from a Lauren James sale. Whenever I would wear this pullover, I felt like a polar bear. So I decided it would make an easy costume to be a polar bear for Halloween. As much as I love costumes, I’m also not super crafty, and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on things I wouldn’t wear outside of costume purposes. And I decided that it would be more fun to be the Coca-Cola Polar Bear rather than a generic polar bear.

I knew that I could throw on my white jeans for my polar bear legs, thus making the bulk of the costume from items I already had in my closet. In addition, I had a fuzzy red scarf already in my closet. The only things I bought were these polar bear ears from Amazon, and a $1.50 glass bottle of Coca-Cola from the grocery store.

Since I switched to clean beauty products (particularly Beautycounter) earlier this year, I gave a lot more thought about what I would put on my skin to make my nose black. Luckily, I discovered that just a little bit of this richly pigmented eye shadow from my Beautycounter Necessary Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette did the trick. I love that I don’t have to sacrifice safe products to get a Halloween makeup look. You can shop the Beautycounter Necessary Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette here. Also, the Beautycounter Statement Velvet Eye Shadow Palette is less expensive and has a black eye shadow too. (PS. You can reach out to me via email if you want to learn more about switching your daily makeup over to an option without scary ingredients!)

Clean Halloween Makeup

Recreate My Coca-Cola Polar Bear Costume

If you need some inspiration for future Halloweens, you can easily recreate my Coca-Cola Polar Bear costume. My ivory Lauren James Sherpa pullover, is no longer available, but Old Navy has an affordable Sherpa here that would work wonderfully for this costume. My mom actually knit my scarf and gave it to me as a gift awhile back. But if you’re in need of a red scarf, Old Navy also has that here. My white jeans are Joe’s Jeans skinnies I’ve had for years. However, Old Navy also has you covered if you don’t already own a pair and want a budget-friendly option. Then just add ears, a glass Coke bottle, and some black eye shadow on your nose and you’re good to go!

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Halloween Costume

Hope y’all enjoyed this recap of my Halloween 2019 Coca-Cola Polar Bear costume! As always, thanks for reading. Did you dress up for Halloween this year? If so, what were you?

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