Five Reasons You’ll Love Cape May Cafe

Happy Friday y’all! Today is National BFF Day, and I am so thankful for my bestie. My favorite memory with my best friend is going to Disney World together in September 2015. So in honor of National BFF Day, I thought I would share some more Disney World tips and recommendations. This is actually a follow-up to the post on dining at Disney World that I wrote a few weeks ago. I mentioned that we ate breakfast with the characters at Cape May Cafe our last morning at Disney. Today I’m going to share more pictures and details about our dining experience at Cape May. Here’s five reasons why I love and highly recommend Cape May Cafe if you’re wanting to incorporate a character dining experience into your Disney Wold trip:

1. It’s One of the Least Expensive Character Meals

As far as character meals at Disney World go, Cape May breakfast is one of the least expensive options. If you want to dine with Disney characters, breakfast is typically less expensive than dinner. The Disney World website only lists price ranges for character meals, but a character breakfast at Cape May Cafe is definitely less expensive than some of the other popular options. Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort, Akershus at Epcot, and Cinderlla’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom are all more expensive than Cape May.

2. It’s Easier to Get Reservations

Furthermore, it is also easier to get reservations at Cape May Cafe character breakfast than some of the other character meals. You may make a reservation at Disney World table-service restaurants up to 180 days (approximately six months) in advance of your trip. A lot of the character meals fill up really quickly. Some people (like my bestie and I) actually book their whole Disney World trip less than six months in advance. (Hardcore Disney World planners will cringe at this, but it worked just fine for us and we had a blast.) I highly recommend checking back closer to your trip and seeing if any slots for character meals open up. Since Cape May breakfast is a bit of a hidden gem among Disney World character meals, reservations slots are more likely to open up closer to your trip than at other places. My bestie and I actually booked our breakfast reservation at Cape May Cafe one week in advance!

3. The Food Is Delicious

Just because Cape May breakfast reservations aren’t in quite as high demand as other places doesn’t mean the food isn’t excellent. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet that includes pretty much all standard breakfast items: pastries, hash browns, eggs, bacon, etc. My personal favorite is the Mickey waffles! (You can actually buy frozen Mickey waffles by Eggs at the grocery store, but they aren’t the same as the ones freshly made at Disney World.) I mean, check out this spread:

Food at Disney World

Your breakfast at Cape May also includes coffee or juice.

4. The Characters Are Super Cute and Fun

The official name for the character breakfast at Cape May Cafe is “Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast.” It features Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, and they are all dressed in beach gear. Even though my bestie and I were a party of two adults, the characters were all super interactive with us. They actually visited our table twice. Minnie even begged for another photo opp on her second visit to our table, even though we took several pictures the first go-round.

Cape May Cafe
Us with our lovely hostess. Lilly Pulitzer tops were the perfect attire! (I will do another post later with some outfit ideas for Disney World.)

Cape May Cafe
Goofy’s life jacket and water shoes crack me up!

Cape May Cafe
Donald wore his standard hat and jacket, but with a nautical motif.

Cape May Cafe
Blowing kisses with Minnie. Her straw hat is so cute! Also, peep my “I Just Hugged Duffy the Disney Bear” sticker. They gave us a ton of extras at his meet & greet since it was going to end just a couple weeks later.

5. You Can’t Beat the Location

Another reason I love and recommend Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast at Cape May Cafe is the location. Cape May is located inside Disney’s Beach Club Resort. First of all, Beach Club is a beautiful resort, and it is my dream to stay there one day. It’s also super close to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. So if you are planning to go into the parks the same day you have breakfast at Cape May, Epcot and Hollywood Studios are super convenient. The back entrance of Epcot is only a short walk away, and Hollywood Studios is a quick boat ride away. If you’re relying on Disney transportation to get around, I recommend taking a bus from your resort to Hollywood Studios, and then riding the boat over to Beach Club.

Even if you’re not planning on going to any parks the same day you eat breakfast at Cape May, Beach Club Resort is still in a super nice area of Disney World. Multiple resorts surround a lagoon, and a walkway connects all of them. It’s a super pretty area of Disney World to walk around. Disney’s Boardwalk is one of the other resorts situated on this lagoon. Even though there isn’t as much action at the Boardwalk in the mornings, there’s still some gift shops you can visit.

Disney's Beach Club Resort

As I mentioned earlier, we ate at Cape May our last morning at Disney World, so we didn’t go into any theme parks. However, our shuttle to the airport didn’t leave until 3:00 that day, so we had plenty of time to kill by walking around this resort area after breakfast.

Closing Thoughts

Hope that y’all  enjoyed this post, and that it gave y’all some good insights if you’re planning a trip to Disney World and want to have breakfast with the characters. I highly recommend Cape May Cafe. It really was the perfect way for my bestie and I to conclude our girls’ Disney trip. You are never too old to enjoy a meal with the characters, so don’t be embarrassed to book one even if you aren’t traveling with any kids. I am obsessed with character and mascots, and have zero shame. In fact, one of the reasons why I’m so thankful fo my bestie on this National BFF Day is that she wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with me when I geeked out multiple times about meeting characters on our trip. (I mean, I practically sprinted through Epcot to meet Duffy.) One final piece of advice on this National BFF Day: I 10 out of 10 recommend taking a trip to Disney World with your best friend. Our trip lasted for five days, but I will cherish the memories for a lifetime.

Please let me know in the comments if you’ve ever eaten breakfast at Cape May Cafe, and what you thought about ti. Also, what is your favorite memory with your best friend?

Hope y’all have a lovely weekend!

-xox Liz

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