February 2024 Favorites

Despite my best intentions, I’m well over a month late with sharing my February 2024 Favorites. But I’m still ahead of schedule compared to my major delays with recapping monthly favorites last year. If you follow me on Instagram or have read a couple of my previous blog posts, then you know that breaking my elbow was a huge not-so-great part of February 2024. I am working on a “Broken Elbow Diaries” post with more details on that, which I hope to publish soon. Despite sustaining a difficult injury at the beginning of the month, February still had some bright spots, especially in the second half of the month when I got my sling removed. Here are my February 2024 Favorites:

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Stoney Clover Lane Hello Kitty Valentine’s Patch

Stoney Clover Lane released some limited edition Hello Kitty Valentine’s patches. I added this cute Hello Kitty Valentine’s patch to my Stoney Clover Lane patch collection. The very first Stoney Clover lane piece I bought in March 2022 was from their previous Hello Kitty collaboration. So it was fun to have another Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty collaboration. The particular patch I have is sold out, but as of publishing this post, there are others from the collection still available here.

Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Valentine's Day Patch 2024

Stoney Clover Lane Sand Nylon Scrunchie

When I placed my order for the Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Valentine’s patch, I also had a 25% off coupon. I had been wanting the Stoney Clover Lane nylon scrunchie in the neutral sand color for awhile. So this was a great chance to get it when I could save a little and combine shipping costs with my patch.

Stoney Clover Lane Classic Nylon Scrunchie in Sand

Galentine’s Brunch at The Refectory

The first part of February was very limited with social outings due to my arm being in a sling and in acute phases of healing. However, the second weekend of February I was able to make it out to The Refectory to enjoy a Galentine’s brunch with some girls in my Life Group from church. Special shout out goes to my sweet friend who gave me a ride so I wouldn’t have to navigate The Refectory parking lot during Sunday brunch crowds with steering with only one arm!

Although I had been to The Refectory for dinner and happy hour a couple times in recent years, this was my first time going for brunch! I went for a classic a la carte spread of eggs, breakfast potatoes, a biscuit with jelly, and veggies. I wasn’t expecting them to serve my meal on multiple plates, so it was hard to get all my food in one photo!

Brunch at The Rectory Durham NC Brunch at The Refectory Durham, NC

Briogeo Boar Bristle Brush

I desperately needed a new hairbrush, so I got this Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle Brush from Sephora. I had read that boar bristle brushes were good for your hair. This brush is gentle on my hair and makes it look full and shiny.

Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle Brush

Clemson vs NC State Gymnastics Meet

The 2024 season was Clemson’s first year having a gymnastics team. They referred to themselves as #TeamOne on Instagram. In mid-February they traveled to Raleigh for a meet against NC State. My friend Diane, who is also a big Clemson fan, and I went to the meet. It was so special to watch #TeamOne compete in person and get to be part of Clemson sports history. Clemson gymnastics held their own against a talented NC State team, and had an overall excellent first season.

We were hoping Ms. Wuf would be at the meet, but she unfortunately wasn’t. As a consolation prize, we took pictures next to a lifelike plush statue of Mr. & Ms. Wuf at the entrance to Reynolds Coliseum. I had to hold up my Tiger Rag for one of the photos!

In addition, this was one of my first big outings after getting to take off my sling in mid-February! It was actually only a few days after my orthopedic appointment where I got approval to ditch the sling!

NC State vs Clemson Gymnastics Meet in Raleigh February 2024 NC State vs Clemson Gymnastics Meet in Raleigh February 2024 Mr. & Ms. Wuf Plush Statue in Reynolds Coliseum

Door Dash

I was really thankful to have some Door Dash gift cards to use while recovering from my broken elbow, especially during the two weeks I had to wear the sling. My Life Group from church all chipped in to send me a generous Door Dash gift card after my injury. Also, when I visited my family for Christmas, my parents gave me a Door Dash gift card they had received after my mom had surgery last year but never used. I hadn’t used any of it prior to breaking my elbow, so it was nice to still have that on hand!

Blaze Pizza and Mediterranean Deli were my two favorite places I ordered Door Dash from in February. I like that I can get some different toppings like artichokes and broccoli on their Create-Your-Own 11-inch pizza, and I can easily get two meals out of it.

Blaze Pizza Order from Door Dash

Mediterranean Deli (ak Med Deli) is one of my favorite local restaurants in Chapel Hill. However, I don’t go there often because it’s in downtown Chapel Hill and I don’t like dealing with Franklin Street parking. In fact, the last time I ate there was the night UNC won the 2017 National Championship in basketball. A group of friends and I grabbed dinner there before watching the game. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed Med Deli last summer, so they are only open for takeout and delivery at the moment anyways. I’m so glad they are rebuilding after the fire and able to offer takeout and delivery again.

When I had my first Med Deli meal from Door Dash, I was reminded of how delicious it is. My go-to is the four-item sampler. I got a Greek salad, Mediterranean grilled veggies, avocado and feta, and sun-dried tomato penne pasta salad. I also got a 1/2 pound container of their feta bowtie pasta salad.

Mediterranean Deli Four-Item Sampler from Door Dash Mediterranean Deli Bowtie and Feta Pasta Salad from Door Dash

Dash Pass

Pro-tip: Door Dash has a program called Dash Pass that is $9.99 a month. It gets you free delivery from most places, and a significant reduction in service fees. If you’ve never joined Dash Pass, there’s an option to get a one-month free trial, followed by 50% off for your second and third month. I got the Dash Pass trial in early February so my gift cards would go further. Currently I’m in my third month of Dash Pass, but am thinking I will continue it even when it goes to full-price next month. The amount I saved in delivery and fees on a Med Deli order alone is essentially equal to Dash Pass monthly cost.

Lume Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Several years ago when I started using clean beauty products, I switched to aluminum-free deodorant. Although I tried a couple brands I liked well-enough, I wasn’t 100% sold on either one. I tend to get really sweaty under my arms, which the Southern heat and humidity exacerbates during the warmer months.

After seeing quite a few commercials for Lume, I decided to give it a try. It’s definitely the most effective aluminum-free deodorant I’ve tried! Although not quite as clean ingredient-wise as other brands I’ve used, it controls odor much better. I don’t feel like I need to reapply midday the way I do with other clean brands. Furthermore, it’s still aluminum-free and according to the EWG Skin Deep Database, it’s not terrible with respect to ingredients. Lume is marketed as a whole-body deodorant, but I only use on my underarms. I really like the Fresh Alpine scent, but I might try the Unscented version next time I order since the absence of fragrance would make ingredients cleaner.

Lume Aluminum-Free Deodorant

NC State Cru Vision Dinner

Earlier in the winter my friend Diane invited a bunch of her friends to NC State Cru’s Vision Dinner. This was towards the end of February, so I’m glad I was feeling better and able to go. It was super encouraging to hear testimonies of how God is at work on NC State and Meredith College through Cru. At the end there was a nice surprise-free Two Roosters ice cream. The owner of Two Roosters is an NC State Cru alum, and he generously provided free ice cream for attendees. Although I’d already had a delicious chocolate brownie for dessert at my table, I wasn’t about to turn down free Two Roosters. It’s one of my favorite local ice cream places in the Triangle. Another fun surprise was running into a couple of my friends from Life Group. Neither of us had any idea the other would be there!

NC State Cru Vision Dinner February 2024 NC State Cru Vision Dinner February 2024 Two Roosters Ice Cream at NC State Cru Vision Dinner 2024

Thanks so much for reading my belated February Favorites. Stay tuned for my March Favorites coming soon!

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