My All-Time Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Prints

Hey y’all-happy Friday! Today isn’t just any Friday- it’s National Wear Your Lilly Day! Every year, Lilly Pulitzer designates the official start of summer as this fun holiday! Obviously, I don’t need an excuse to wear Lilly. However, National Wear Your Lilly Day does give me a good reason to be a bit extra in professing my love for all things Lilly. So, in honor of National Wear Your Lilly Day 2019, I’m sharing my top 10 favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints. There are so many beautiful Lilly prints, and it’s difficult to narrow my list down. However, I simply picked the 10 prints that came to mind first, and tried not to overthink things. I’ve listed them below in no particular order, because that would be way too difficult.

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1. Pandamonium

Pandamonium will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the print that got me hooked on Lilly when it was part of the Originals line back in 2010. I still remember wandering into my local Lilly signature store, spying the adorable pandas, and splurging on a full-price Lilly shift. At this point I was just several months into my first “big girl” job. I still have my Pandamonium dress, and I still wear it!

2. On Parade

(Amelia Cassar Photography)

I love the bright colors and zoo animals in On Parade, from Lilly’s Summer 2018 line. Last year I bought the Etta V-Neck Top, and then this January I got the Mila Shift in the After Party Sale. You can see some pics of how I styled the On Parade Etta Top in this post, and the Mila Shift in this post. I also have a few Lilly for Pottery Barn pieces in On Parade as well.

3. Home Slice

(Amelia Cassar Photography)

It’s no surprise that I love a good pineapple Lilly print, and this pink & green colorway from Spring 2018 is so classic Lilly. I love my Etta V-Neck top in Home Slice, and you can see more pics of how I styled it here.

4. Tusk In Sun

Lilly Pulitzer Tusk In Sun
(Photo by Katie Cauthen with Purcado)

I love elephants, so obviously Tusk In Sun is an all-time favorite print. I didn’t get anything when it debuted back in Fall 2012, since I was unemployed at the time. Therefore, I was so excited when Lilly continued to release it in different color ways. My favorite Tusk In Sun piece is my bright pink and white Delia Shift (see more styling pics here). However, I also have the shorts in light blue & white, a three-quarter sleeve dress in navy & white, a scarf in the original red-pink & blue color way, and multiple accessories.

5. Pink Lemonade

The colors and the lemons in Lilly’s Pink Lemonade print are so perfect and scream summer! I got the agenda in the original pink colorway one year. Then on a trip to Charleston, I scored the shorts and bangle in the light blue colorway on super-sale at Palm Avenue.

6. Chin Chin

National Wear Your Lilly Day

The partying pink elephants in the Chin Chin are so cute, and the blue, green, and yellow also in the print make the perfect pallete. I have a skort and a tote bag in the classic colorway, a lightweight scarf in a blue colorway, and several Lifeguard Press items in Chin Chin as well.

7. It’s a Zoo

Lilly Pulitzer It's a Zoo

I’ve always loved going to zoos, so naturally I gravitated towards this blue and green print with some of my favorite animals when it came out in 2014. I love that It’s a Zoo features pandas, elephants, and giraffes. When it first came out I asked for the skort for my birthday. Then that summer I got a dress in the After Party Sale.

8. Hangin’ With My Boo

Lilly Pulitzer Hangin With My Boo
(Photo by Reveling Spaces)

Since pandas have always been one of my favorite animals, and Pandamonium got me hooked on Lilly, the 2018 Hangin’ With My Boo panda print also makes my top 10 list. I really like how this panda print features a little bit more pink, and there’s the number “60” hidden in the print in honor of the 60th anniversary of Lilly Pulitzer. I got the scarf and zipper ID keychain when it first came out this past Thanksgiving. Then I just recently added the Hangin With My Boo S’well bottle to my collection when Lilly did the agenda gift with purchase earlier this month.

9. Pawsitive Cattitude

Lilly Pulitzer Pawsitive Cattitude

A Lilly cat print had to make my list, and since it’s pink and benefitted breast cancer awareness, I chose Pawsitive Cattitude. I love my scarf in this print, but wish it had come in a shift dress!

10. Flamenco

Lilly Pulitzer Izzy Skirt Little Flamenco

Rounding out my Top 10 all-time favorite Lilly prints is Flamenco. I got my agenda in Flamenco one year, and I have a reversible throw pillow in this print. Then last month I got the Izzy skirt in the most recent variation of Flamenco. You can shop it here! This is the one print on my top 10 list that is currently available!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading my top 10 all-time favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints. Of course there are plenty of Lilly prints I like that aren’t on this list, but these 10 get a spot as my favorites. I also tried to include prints that I personally own items in as well. You probably noticed that I tend to gravitate towards the fruit and land mammal prints, as opposed to the floral, sea creature, and coral prints.

What Lilly Pulitzer prints are on your Top 10 list, and what print motifs do you tend to gravitate towards? Also, what are you doing to celebrate National Wear Your Lilly Day 2019?

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-xoxo Liz

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