Fall Bucket List

Hey y’all! It’s hard to believe it’s already October, especially since it’s supposed to be in the 80’s all week here in central North Carolina! Although I’m not ready for it to get cold yet, it would be nice to be able to wear long sleeves outside during the day without breaking a sweat! Today I’m sharing my fall bucket list, in hopes that maybe the weather will follow suit! I totally meant to get this post up last week, but things were really hectic with getting ready for my weekend trip to South Carolina (which was a blast by the way!). So I’ve actually already done a few things on the bucket list already, but I definitely want to continue to do them throughout the fall, so I’m still including them! Here we go:

1. Drink a pumpkin spice latte.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I purposely save up all my Starbucks Rewards stars that don’t expire so I can redeem them for free beverages during Pumpkin Spice Latte (aka PSL) season. This life hack enabled me to get four free PSLs during September. A pumpkin spice latte tastes even better if ESPN College GameDay is playing in the background. It’s my favorite way to spend a fall Saturday morning if I’m not actually heading to a football game.

2. Go to a Clemson game and tailgate.

This is one of my all-time favorite fall pastimes. I actually checked this off my list this past weekend! But I plan to go down to Clemson for two additional game days this fall, including my first-ever Clemson-South Carolina game! Although I still love the excitement of Clemson’s entrance into the stadium (the team rubs Howard’s rock for good luck and then runs down a hill onto the field), I miss the release of orange balloons into the sky. The picture is clearly from a couple years ago because Clemson did away with the balloons this year due to environmental concerns.

Fall Bucket List

This picture is from the game this past weekend, with the Tiger Cub statue outside the stadium. For details on this Lauren James cotton pull-on dress I wore, check out this post. It was perfect for keeping cool during a late September day that felt more like July! I don’t know how I managed to keep my hair down during the entire game.

3. Go to a bonfire.

I’m not into camping at all, but I do love a good fall bonfire with friends and s’mores. And then I go sleep in my own cozy bed afterwards-ha!

Fall Bucket List

4. Carve a pumpkin.

Although I don’t do it every year, I love carving pumpkins during October. I definitely want to make it happen this year. Here’s some examples of pumpkins I have carved in the past.

Fall Bucket List

Pumpkin Carving

5. Dress up for Halloween.

As a kid, I was one of those people who would decide what I wanted to be for the following Halloween on November 1 each year. Although I don’t plan quite THAT far in advance these days, I still like to think about my Halloween costume months ahead of time. I love dressing up! Another blog post will be coming soon where I share some of my favorite Halloween costumes from recent years. Some of my favorite things to dress up as have been Minnie Mouse and Elle Woods.

6. Go to the NC State Fair.

I honestly didn’t go to the State Fair that often growing up, because my family wasn’t super into it. However, I have been the past five years, and plan to make this year the sixth in a row. The main thing I like to do at the fair is eat the food! My favorites are fried pimiento cheese, corn, and ice cream from the Howling Cow Creamery at NC State.

Fall Bucket List

7. Have a Birthday Party for Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse’s birthday is November 18, and he turns 90 this year. So I was thinking it would be fun to have a Mickey-themed party in honor of this milestone for everyone’s favorite mouse!

8. Go to a Friendsgiving Potluck

Another one of my favorite fall pastimes that I hope to do again this year is go to a potluck with friends around Thanksgiving, aka “Friendsgiving.”

9. Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

Although the Charlie Brown Christmas will always be my favorite Peanuts-themed holiday special, I still enjoy watching the Halloween Peanuts special each year, where Charlie Brown and Linus wait up for “The Great Pumpkin” in a pumpkin patch on Halloween night.

10. Get a Photo with the Clemson Tiger Cub

This ties in with the Clemson gameday item I already mentioned, but every fall I like to get a picture with the Clemson Tiger Cub. Hoping I can get one when I head back down for a game in a couple weeks! Here’s a picture I got with him a couple years ago:

Fall Bucket List

11. Eat a Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice Donut

I may or may not have already done this! But seriously, these are the best and are one of my favorite fall treats.

Fall Bucket List

Hope y’all enjoyed this post and that my fall bucket list provided some inspiration! What’s on your fall bucket list? I would love to hear!

-xoxo Liz

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    The Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice donuts are my FAVORITE!!! I’m not a PSL fan but I think I make up for it with my love of those donuts. 😀

    xoox A

    Posted 10.3.18 Reply
    • Liz wrote:

      I’ve been thinking about how good that donut was all week! The caked donuts are better than the traditional glazed in my opinion!

      Posted 10.4.18 Reply