December 2022 Favorites

Here I am 10 months into 2023 FINALLY sharing my last installment of 2022 favorites. Better late than never, right? It feels funny to be writing about things that happened last Christmas season knowing that I’m only about one month away from decking the halls for Christmas 2023! Even though this is crazy late, I still want to document these things that brought me joy in the final month of 2022! And a few of my favorite purchases are still currently available!

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Christmas Tree 2022

Decorating my tree is always one of the highlights of my Christmas season. Even though I use the same hodge podge of ornaments each year (with maybe a few additions), my tree still has a unique look from year-to-year. Here is the 2022 installment of my Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree 2022

Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Cozy Small Pouch

During the Sanrio Black Friday Sale, I grabbed the Stoney Clover Lane x Hello Kitty Cozy Small Pouch. The material is white sherpa, and the front has Hello Kitty’s face and an adorable plaid bow. Stoney Clover Lane’s small pouch is so versatile for holding miscellaneous things while traveling. Although I think this particular pouch would make an adorable clutch while paired with a plaid outfit during the holiday season, I am afraid it would get dirty, so I don’t use it as a clutch.

Stoney Clover Lane Hello Kitty Cozy Small Pouch

Hello Kitty Collaborations Coffee Table Book

I also got this Hello Kitty Collaborations Coffee Table Book during the Sanrio Black Friday Sale. I had admired this coffee table book on Sanrio’s website for awhile, and took the opportunity to get it for a good price during the sale. Since I love Hello Kitty and coffee table books, this was a great addition to my collection. This particular book was published in 2014 to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. It features pictures of collaborations that Hello Kitty has done with various brands over the years. Rizzoli, who is well-known for quality coffee table books, published it. Next year (2024) is Hello Kitty’s 50th Anniversary, and I am curious if Sanrio will release any new coffee table books.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Coffee Table Book by Rizzoli

Draper James Elle Plaid Skirt

During the Draper James Black Friday Sale, I got this darling pull-on mini skirt in Elle Plaid. Draper James’ “Elle Plaid” features a hint of pink in the pattern in honor of Elle Woods. This plaid skirt is perfect to wear during the holidays, and last year it was very festive for me to wear to The Nutcracker. However, it’s not overly Christmasy, so is wearable during the winter months beyond the holidays.

Draper James Elle Plaid Skirt

Stoney Clover Lane Puffy Bear Bag Charm

In December 2022 I got this adorable Stoney Clover Lane Puffy Bear Bag Charm from the limited edition Libby’s Birthday Collection launch. It was definitely a splurge purchase for me, but it’s so cute and I couldn’t resist! Although this bag charm was comparable in price and even less expensive than some of my Stoney Clover Lane pouches, it’s easier for me to justify spending money on pouches since they are more practical, as opposed to a bag charm that’s purely decorative! However, this bag charm sold out within two hours of launching online , so I’m glad I went for it! Especially because there’s no way I would pay crazy resale prices for limited edition SCL pieces (IFYKYK)!  I love anything with a teddy bear motif, and this bag charm also gives me Duffy & ShellieMay the Disney Bear vibes!

In addition to being cute, this bear bag charm is very versatile. The subtle shimmer tweed material adds a little pizzazz to a neutral bag, but still goes with a colorful or printed bag as well. It’s also a generous size! Over the past year or so I’ve gotten more into bag charms. They’re a fun way to switch it up and give your handbags a new look, and it’s less expensive and takes up less storage space than buying a bunch of new handbags!

Stoney Clover Lane Puffy Bear Bag Charm

J.Crew Factory Camp Socks

I bought several pairs of camp socks from J.Crew Factory, and they are my new favorite cozy socks to wear with my Bean Boots during the chilly months. These are less expensive than the comparable LL Bean socks, and J.Crew Factory is almost always having some type of sale!

J.Crew Factory Camp Socks

J.Crew Factory City Coat

I had been admiring the J.Crew Factory City Coat for awhile, and I finally bought it during their Black Friday last year! I’m so happy with my purchase! The camel color is the perfect neutral, and I love that it zips all the way up at the neck! Unlike dress coats I’ve had in the past, this one is actually warm! Note that J.Crew Factory redesigned this coat so that the current style has buttons at the next. However, it still zips up all the way to the neck, and you can button the neck so that it will keep you warm.

J.Crew Factory City Coat

Christmas Girls’ Weekend

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is having a Christmas Movie Marathon weekend with my best friend, and the 2022 edition did not disappoint! In addition to binge-watching Christmas movies and eating our favorite festive treats, we went to go see a local ballet theater’s production of The Nutcracker.

Girls' afternoon at The Nutcracker Christmas Movie Binge-Watching

Santa Cow

I was able to get my picture with Santa Cow at Chick-fil-a for the first time since 2019! None of the Chick-fil-a locations in Durham had advertised a Santa Cow event, so I drove about 25 minutes to a nearby town that was having one! When I pulled up I saw Santa Cow walking outside, and I may or may not have been so excited that I almost jumped out of my car with the keys still in the ignition.

Chick-fil-a Santa Cow

The Rink at Red Hat Amphitheater 

I went to an outdoor ice skating rink in downtown Raleigh with some friends. The Red Hat Amphitheater is turned into a skating rink during the holiday season, and there’s also seating areas with heaters, and concessions. I didn’t skate, but it was fun to hang out, people watch, enjoy the decorations, and have a hot cider with real apple chunks in it!

The Rink at Red Hat Amphitheater in Downtown Raleigh


My brother told me about the game Tapple awhile back, and it sounded really fun. The best way to describe Tapple is as a word game that’s a variation of Scattergories and Catch Phrase. Like Scattergories, you have to quickly think of words in certain categories that begin with a particular letter. But instead of having one letter and multiple categories per round, you have one category and multiple letters. And instead of independently making your list of words in specific categories beginning with a certain letter in an allotted time frame, you take turns with other players naming words in a particular category beginning with various letters. There is no particular order you have to use the first letters of words. The only rule is that you have to use a beginning letter that hasn’t already been used that round (the game lets you press down on letters once they’ve been used in a round, so it’s easy to keep track). You have to think fast, because if the timer stops during your turn, you are out and don’t earn any points that round. Hence, the “hot potato” element that is similar to Catch Phrase.

I really like Tapple because it’s still a lot of fun with only two players, but you can have a group of up to eight players. Tapple is also a great game to travel with and take to game nights, because there aren’t a ton of little pieces that you have to worry about losing. You can also set-up and clean-up the game in less than a minute. During late 2022, Tapple had a huge popularity surge and it was hard to find any retailer with it in stock. I was fortunate to grab Tapple during a brief window when Target had it in stock in December 2022. Luckily, the Tapple supply is much more copious, and you can grab it here.

Tapple Word Game

Keep Going Little Words Project Bracelet 

Little Words Project is a brand I got on board with at the end of 2022 after seeing multiple people share on Instagram. These are fun pull-on beaded bracelets with various words and phrases in letter-block beads. You can order a custom bracelet, but there are tons of ready-made options. Each bracelet also has a charm with a unique code that you can register online. So if you pass your bracelet along to someone else, they can see update the info so there’s a trail of each bracelet’s unique journey. I got the “Keep Going” bracelet as a reminder to encourage me to press on even when life is hard and I’m not achieving certain desired outcomes!

Keep Going Little Words Project Bracelet

Carolina Inn Christmas Decorations 

The Carolina Inn, a cute hotel located in the middle of UNC’s campus in the heart of Chapel Hill, has some of the best Christmas decorations in the area. In December 2022, I met up with my friend Courtney from @abyersguide to look at the Carolina Inn Christas decorations. Courtney was only living in the Triangle area for one year while her husband was completing a medical fellowship at Duke, and seeing these decorations was on her bucket list. And since I hadn’t seen The Carolina Inn’s Christmas decorations in four years, this was a fun thing for us to do one afternoon to keep the festivities going during the week between Christmas and New Year’s! The two previous times I’ve seen Carolina Inn’s Christmas decorations, they’ve done a “12 Days of Christmas” theme. But in 2022 they switched it up and did a “Favorite Things” theme.

(Check out this post to see some of the Carolina Inn Christmas decor from several years ago.)

Christmas Decorations at the Carolina Inn Christmas Decorations at the Carolina Inn Favorite Things Christmas Decorations at the Carolina Inn Favorite Things Christmas Decorations at the Carolina Inn

Stoney Clover Lane x American Girl Addy Small Pouch

During American Girl’s Cyber Week Sale, I ordered the Stoney Clover Lane x American Girl Addy Small Pouch, and it arrived in early December. A few months prior I had ordered the Samantha and Felicity small pouches, since they are my two favorites of the original Pleasant Company American Girls. I also love the iconic pink print of Addy’s Meet dress, especially the attention to historical detail in making it an actual popular shade of pink during Addy’s time, “cinnamon pink.” So I got the small pouch in Addy’s print. This size of SCL is so versatile. 

I also read all of Addy’s books during my childhood, and think her story is so well done. In fact, I still have 5 of the 6 books in Addy’s collection in my possession, and I’m hoping the sixth one that’s been misplaced will show up eventually. 

Stoney Clover Lane x American Girl Addy Small Pouch

Stoney Clover Lane x American Girl Samantha Flat Pouch

When I placed my American Girl sale order, I also got the SCL x American Girl Samantha Flat Pouch. This is the first Stoney Clover Lane flat pouch I’ve gotten. Since Samantha is my favorite historical American Girl,  I could justify getting another item in her print at a great price! I like that the flat pouch can be used to organize things in a larger bag, but it also makes a great clutch! 

Stoney Clover Lane x American Girl Samantha Flat Pouch

Sarah Flint Holiday Gift 

Sarah Flint generously sent me another holiday gift in 2022 for being at the top tier of their ambassador program. This time it was a gorgeous silk bag tie in the signature blue & white pattern found on the tissue paper and dust bags inside the shoe boxes. 

Sarah Flint Silk Bag Tie in blue and white pattern

Christmas 2022

I had a sweet and relaxing Christmas with my immediate family. We enjoyed our food traditions of cheeseball and Chick-fil-A nuggets on Christmas Eve, and breakfast casserole and mimosas on Christmas morning. In addition, we watched the Disney Parks Christmas Day Celebration, and lots of Christmas movies. There were also quite a few Tapple games played.

Christmas Dinner 2022 Christmas Eve Finger Food Traditions Disney Parks Christmas Day Celebration 2022 Christmas Morning Mimosa

100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime Book

In fall 2022 National Geographic released the book 100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime. This book features Disney experiences all over the world, and is not limited to just the Disney Parks. One of the highlights of this book is that it includes “Meet Duffy” as one of the adventures. In case you’re unaware, Duffy is Mickey Mouse’s teddy bear that Minnie made for him so that he wouldn’t get lonely on his overseas trips. Duffy is extremely popular in the Asian Disney Parks. Visitors to Disneyland and Walt Disney World could meet him from 2010-2015, but his popularity never quite took off in the continental US. (Note that Duffy is available for meet and greets at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii.) I am thankful I got to meet Duffy in Epcot just a couple weeks before his character greeting ended in 2015. You can read more about Duffy’s story and my experience meeting him in this post.

I used an Amazon gift card I got at a Christmas Party White Elephant to add 100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime to my collection. It also makes a great coffee table book.

100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime National Geographic Book

All She Wrote Notes Wall Art

When I visited All She Wrote Notes Studio during Thanksgiving weekend 2022 (see this post for more), I shared a few things on my Instagram stories that I liked but didn’t buy. One of them was this colorful framed wall art that says “God has more in store for you than you can imagine.” Fast forward to the week before Christmas, and I received a surprise package from a dear friend and mentor that contained this wall art! Inside was a note that said she saw me share it on my Instagram stories, and wanted to give it to me! The colors are so on-brand for me, and it goes perfectly in my living room. And this saying is such a great reminder that God loves me and has amazing plans for me, even when it doesn’t feel like it during hard seasons.

All She Wrote Notes God Has More in Store for You Than You Can Imagine Wall art

Lilly Loves Disney Wristlet

When shopDisney restocked the Lilly Loves Disney print items in December 2022, I got the wristlet. This Lilly Pulitzer Disney print is absolute perfection and one of my favorite Lilly prints ever. Therefore, I can justify having multiple items in it. (Check out this post to see what I got during the initial launch of Lilly Loves Disney.)

Lilly Loves Disney Wristlet

Thanks for reading my very belated December 2022 Favorites post! Next up I will share a recap of my favorites from the first part of 2023.

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