Create Disney Magic at Home: 10 Ways

Hey y’all-hope your week is off to a good start. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, then you know that Disney World is one of my favorite vacation destinations. I was fortunate to get to go a lot with my family while growing up. Disney World is one of those places I could visit again and again but never grow tired of it. However, even before COVID hit, my budget did not permit me to go to Disney World as often as I would like. And although Disney World reopened last month, many people may prefer to wait until the pandemic subsides before returning. So today I thought it would be fun to share some ways to create Disney magic at home. Whether your budget or coronavirus is preventing you from visiting Disney World right now, I hope you find this post helpful!

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1. Enjoy Coffee Out of a Disney World Mug

Drinking my coffee from this Minnie Mouse mug with the Walt Disney World logo helps me incorporate Disney magic into my every day life. I actually didn’t buy this mug while I was at Disney World. During my last trip, there were other souvenirs I was more specifically looking for. In addition, I didn’t want to deal with transporting a fragile object on the plane ride home. The good news is that shopDisney has a decent selection of official Disney Parks merchandise that you can buy directly from their website. That’s how I ordered this Disney World mug. Although I bought it back in 2016, there’s still a variety of official Disney Parks mugs currently available on shopDisney.

Disney World Coffee Mug

2. Enjoy a Mickey Bar

I remember getting so excited back in early 2019 when Nestle announced they were making the iconic Mickey Bars available in grocery stores to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday. I’m so glad that they’re still available in stores 18 months later, and I hope they become a permanent fixture in the freezer section. The store-bought Mickey Ice Cream Bars are slightly smaller than the official Mickey Premium Bars sold in the Parks. They also have light ice cream in the middle. Nevertheless, they are still a very genuine replication of the Mickey Bar experience at Disney World for those of us who aren’t able to visit as often!

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

3. Watch the Disney World Vacation Planning DVD

I still have the free Disney World Vacation Planning DVD that they sent me back when I was planning my 2015 trip. My best friend and I watched it the night before we left for our trip, and I still pull it out periodically to watch when I’m missing Disney. Although Disney World doesn’t send out the free Vacation Planning DVDs anymore, if you have an old Disney Vacation Planning DVD you can pull it out and watch. If not, you can check out the Disney Parks YouTube Channel.

4. Drink Out of Your Disney Resort Refillable Mug

If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, you get a Resort Refillable Mug for free. This is a reusable souvenir mug with a microchip in it that lets you get unlimited fountain drink refills from any Disney Resort your entire length of stay! Although I didn’t do the Disney Dining Plan on my last trip, I still bought a Disney Resort Refillable Mug by itself. It was great for enjoying unlimited Diet Coke while relaxing at our resort pool. And it made a great souvenir to help me create Disney magic at home after my trip. Using my mug at my apartment pool gives me great memories of a Disney Resort pool day, even if I can’t get unlimited Diet Coke refills!

Disney Resort Refillable Mug

5. Eat Mickey Mouse Ice Cream

Edy’s recently launched a limited edition Mickey Mouse Ice Cream, which I originally featured in my June 2020 Favorites post. It’s my new favorite ice cream, and even though it’s not an exact replica of a Disney Parks treat, it still an excellent way to create Disney magic at home! This delicious frozen treat consists of vanilla low fat ice cream, fudge swirl, and Mickey-shaped chocolate pieces. Chocolate tastes even better when it’s Mickey-shaped! If you want to take at-home Disney magic to the next level, put on your Minnie ears while eating your Mickey Mouse ice cream!

Create Disney Magic at Home

6. Wear a Disney World T-Shirt

Simply wearing a Disney World T-Shirt is an easy way to bring Disney magic to your home. As you can see in two previous pictures in this post, I am wearing a Disney World t-shirt while enjoying some Mickey-shaped treats. I ordered the hot pink Disney World t-shirt from shopDisney, and I bought the light blue Disney World v-neck tee on my 2015 trip! Earlier this year, I bought the colorful vintage Disney World logo tee pictured below from shopDisney. It’s actually still available in a small at time of publishing this post. ShopDisney has a variety of cute Disney World logo tees available right now.

Disney World T-Shirt
(T-Shirt originally featured in this post)

7. Look Through Disney World Vacation Photos

Pictures are the best souvenir, and looking through pictures of a past Disney World vacation is a great way to bring Disney magic home! I never get tired of looking through mine! This is just one of my many great pictures from my 2015 girls’ trip to Disney World. It’s from Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast at Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. (Read more about this character dining experience here.)

Minnie's Beach Bash Breakfast Cape May Cafe

8. Eat Mickey Waffles

So, the Mickey-shaped frozen Eggo waffles might not taste quite as good as the freshly-made variety at Walt Disney World. But they taste good! Plus, enjoying these Mickey waffles for breakfast (or dinner) is an easy and convenient way to make some Disney magic at home.

Eggo Mickey Waffles

9. Have a Disney Plus Marathon

Watching beloved Disney classics on Disney Plus is another great way to enjoy Disney magic at home. I remember the first time I signed on to Disney Plus in late 2019 thinking “wow, there’s so much to watch on here you could seriously not leave your house for a year.” Little did I know that just a few months later that I would have a lot more time to be at home watching Disney Plus! But regardless of whether we are in a global pandemic, I’m really thankful that Disney Plus exists to give me a Disney fix when I can’t be at Disney World.

A few months ago I had a partial Toy Story marathon on Disney Plus. I still haven’t gotten around to watching Toy Story 4, and I’ve actually never seen it before. Watching the Toy Story movies makes me look forward to seeing Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios next time I do go back to Disney World. It wasn’t open yet during my last trip!

10. Listen to Disney Parks Music

I love listening to Disney Parks music to relive Disney magic at home. This Disney Classics album and the Walt Disney World Official Album have music from popular Disney attractions. In addition, I really like listening to Disney Parks area soundtracks on YouTube. These area soundtracks are the musical loops that they pipe through specific areas of the Parks. I especially like the Epcot Entrance Music.

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Ways to Create Disney Magic at Home

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some creative ideas of how to bring Disney magic into your home when you’re not able to visit Disney World! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these ideas. What are your favorite ways to create Disney magic at home?

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  1. Alex Porritt wrote:

    I love Disney parks music! When I have to concentrate, I like the music from Soarin!

    I’m an annual passholder and DVC member (the smallest amount of points they sell!) and its never enough! We typically go 4x a year. I also love watching YouTube videos from the parks. I like TheTimTracker and Prince Charming Dev. This way you stay up to date on what is happening and you can plan your trips easier!

    Posted 8.12.20 Reply