Cozy Gift Guide 2023 Edition

Are you a homebody, or is someone on your Christmas gift list this year a homebody? Or are you a combination of social butterfly and homebody? Although I love to go and out do things, I still love a good cozy night at home, especially this time of year when the weather is getting cooler. I always enjoy making a holiday gift guide with a cozy theme, because it’s hard to go wrong with comfy loungewear, regardless of whether your recipient is a total homebody or likes a combination of nights in and nights out! So it help you out, I’ve rounded up some cute PJs and loungewear, fuzzy blankets, and more to comprise my 2023 Ultimate Cozy Gift Guide. These items are either things I own and love, similar to things I own and love, or things I would like to receive!  Any recipient will love to relax at home with these cozy essentials in the upcoming months.

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Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas

I am seriously obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer pajamas, and can’t recommend them enough. The knit PJs are so soft and comfortable, and are the perfect addition to anyone’s sleepwear and loungewear wardrobe. My personal favorite is the pajama pants. If you’re looking for a full pajama set, there’s a matching long-sleeved button up pajama top, a long-sleeved henly pajama top, and a short-sleeved button up pajama top in various prints. New for this year is a long-sleeved sleep shirt style that I really like. You can view all the currently available Lilly Pulitzer pajamas here.

Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas Cozy Gift Guide 2021

Lilly Pulitzer Pajama Pants

Draper James Pajamas

I also love Draper James pajamas! I have a super soft and comfy gingham nightgown similar to this one. In addition, I have a couple short-sleeved Draper James pajama sets.  If you’re looking for some Draper James pajama sets that are a bit cozier, then check out these plaid print pajamas. They are perfect for the holidays, but you could wear them all winter as well. In addition, Draper James also has this long-sleeve nightshirt still on sale. I actually ordered it during their Cyber Week 2023 sale, and am looking forward to receiving it.

Draper James Pajamas Holiday Gift Idea 2023

Lilly Pulitzer Popover

The Lilly Pulitzer Popover has been one of my favorite purchases of 2023. In fact, I’ve gone from owning zero to three Lilly popovers this year. They are such a fun way to add a pop of print to your cozy wardrobe. My favorite currently available Lilly Pulitzer popovers are the destination prints. I have both the Lilly Loves North Carolina popover (originally featured here) and Sunshine State of Mind popover (originally featured here).

Lilly Pulitzer Popover in 2023 Cozy Gift Guide

(In addition to cozy-ing up at home, Lilly Pulitzer popovers are also great for unseasonably cold days at the beach in spring and summer.)

Lilly Pulitzer Embroidered Sweatshirt

I love this classic Lilly Pulitzer crewneck sweatshirt. It’s green with “Lilly Pulitzer Est. 1959” embroidered in pink across the front. It’s simple, but still very on-brand for Lilly. And it looks so comfy too. I had to restrain myself from buying this during Lilly’s Cyber Week Sale. It’s definitely on my wish list, and would be the perfect cozy gift for the prepster on your list!


Lilly Pulitzer Fleece Blanket

Colder weather ahead means that a soft fleece blanket is the perfect cozy gift idea for anyone this year. I have a Lilly fleece blanket from several years ago that I love, and the same stye blanket is back in multiple prints this year. I actually gave my mom a Lilly fleece blanket for Christmas several years ago, and she really likes it. Blizzard, our sweet late tuxedo cat, loved it during his final years of life.

Fleece Blanket gift idea

Lilly Pulitzer fleece blanket

Vera Bradley Fleece Blanket

Vera Bradley also makes a bunch of colorful fleece blankets in a variety of fun prints, and they definitely deserve a spot on my Cozy Gift Guide 2023 edition. I’m especially loving their Disney print fleece blankets and Hello Kitty fleece blanket. Any recipient will love a new blanket to curl up with while binge watching Netflix or reading a good book this winter.

Vera Bradley Fleece Blanket

Sherpa Pullover

A Sherpa pullover is my go-to for running errands, casual gatherings, or relaxing at home on cold days. The Sherpa pullover I own in multiple colors is discontinued, but you can’t go wrong with this Sherpa from LL Bean. Apparel from LL Bean apparel is high quality and stands the test of time.


Lilly Pulitzer Mug

Warm & comfy loungewear are only part of the picture for a cozy night at home. Your hot drink of choice is a must, whether that is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. This gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer mug makes a great cozy gift idea for any preppy girl in your life. I actually have this same style Lilly mug in a different print that I got during a sale, and I absolutely love it!

Cozy Gift Guide 2020

Draper James Gingham Sweatshirt

If you’re looking to gift your recipient with loungewear, this adorable Draper James gingham sweatshirt makes a great cozy gift idea. I love it so much that I own it in light blue, pink, and yellow.

Draper James Natalie Sweatshirt

Anthropologie Initial Mug

I’m a huge fan of initial gifts. And I honestly like them better than monograms since my legal first name begins with a different letter than the name I go by! Plus you don’t have to be sneaky about finding out someone’s middle initial like you would with a monogram gift. Anthropologie has several different initial mugs that would be great for holding your recipient’s beverage of choice for cozy nights in.


Cozy Socks

You also can’t go wrong with a pair of cozy socks for anyone on your list. I recommend LL Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks, Vera Bradley Cozy Socks (in Peanuts and Plaid patterns).

LL Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks Cozy Gift Guide 2023 Idea

Drunk Elephant Robe

This satiny Drunk Elephant Robe feels so luxe, but it’s under $50! I bought this towards the beginning of Covid when I was spending a lot more time at home, so it’s great for lounging around. The bright colorful pattern is so fun too.

Cozy Gift Guide 2020

Cozy Gift Guide for the Win!

I hope that you found my Cozy Gift Guide 2023 Edition helpful and that it will be a good resource for your holiday shopping this season.

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