Cozy Gift Guide 2020 Edition

Hey y’all! We’re about halfway through November, and the holidays are getting closer. Although I won’t decorate until right after Thanksgiving, I’ve definitely turned on the Hallmark Channel to some Christmas movies this week. And I know holiday shopping is well underway for many. So, I want to bring some Christmas cheer by sharing another Holiday 2020 Gift Guide. Even when there’s not a pandemic happening, I love cozy nights at home, especially this time of year when the weather is getting cooler. Since 2020 has brought an unprecedented amount of time at home for us all, why not make the most of it by making your home a cozy haven. So, today I present my Ultimate Cozy Gift Guide for 2020. These items are either things I own and love, similar to things I own and love, or things I would like to receive!  Any recipient will love to relax at home with these cozy essentials in the upcoming months.

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Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas

I featured the Lilly Pulitzer Paws for Cause pajama pants in my October 2020 Favorites, and Lilly recently released additional prints in their pajamas. I am seriously obsessed with Lilly pajamas, and can’t recommend them enough. The knit PJs are so soft and comfortable, and are the perfect addition to anyone’s sleepwear and loungewear wardrobe. My personal favorite is the pajama pants. In addition to the Paws for Cause Lilly pajama pants I bought last month, I have a few other pairs from previous years. If you’re looking for a full pajama set, there’s a matching long-sleeved button up pajama top in the various prints. I personally love sleeping in the Lilly ruffle pajama shorts paired with the long-sleeved button up top. You can view all the currently available Lilly Pulitzer pajamas here. Also, Nordstrom has more sizes of the Paws for Cause pajama pants in stock.

Lilly Pulitzer Pajama Pants

Cozy Gift Guide 2020

Draper James Pajamas

I also love Draper James pajamas, and bought my first piece of Draper James sleepwear earlier this year. It’s this super soft and comfy gingham nightgown. Although my nightgown is better suited for the warmer months, this gingham pajama set is a bit cozier. There’s even a matching gingham robe you can throw on top for extra warmth. This value set includes the gingham robe, gingham pj set with long pants, and gingham pj set with shorts. Buying this set will save you $44 compared to buying all three items individually.

Then last month, I brought a plaid Draper James long-sleeved sleep shirt on sale (featured in my October 2020 Favorites). It’s now out of stock, but Draper James just added this new pajama set in the same plaid print. These pajamas would be perfect for the holidays, but you could wear them all winter as well. Scroll through the Draper James pajamas options below:


Lilly Pulitzer Fleece Blanket

Colder weather ahead plus extra time at home means that a soft fleece blanket is the perfect cozy gift idea for anyone this year. And a bright Lilly Pulitzer print provides some much-needed extra cheer during this crazy year we’re in! I have a Lilly fleece blanket from last year that I love, and the same stye blanket is back in multiple prints this year. I actually gave my mom a Lilly fleece blanket for Christmas last year, and she really likes it. Our sweet senior tuxedo cat approves too!

Fleece Blanket gift idea

Lilly Pulitzer fleece blanket

Vera Bradley Fleece Blanket

Vera Bradley also makes a bunch of colorful fleece blankets in a variety of fun prints, and they definitely deserve a spot on my Cozy Gift Guide 2020 edition. My personal favorite from Vera Bradley’s current collection is this Clemson fleece blanket. It’s actually out of stock at the moment, but it comes in other schools that are currently in stock. The Vera Bradley collegiate blankets are an extra large size. Vera Bradley also has their standard size plush fleece throw blanket, which comes in multiple classic prints. Any recipient will love a new blanket to curl up with while binge watching Netflix or reading a good book this winter.


Sherpa Pullover

A Sherpa pullover is my go-to for running errands, casual gatherings, or relaxing at home on cold days. This winter, I will mainly wear a Sherpa to stay cozy at home. The Sherpa pullover I own in multiple colors is discontinued, but I’ve rounded up a few currently available options for a cozy gift ideas. LL Bean apparel is high quality and stands the test of time, so you can’t go wrong with this Sherpa from there. Nordstrom actually has a Sherpa that’s on sale for just under $40 right now. A Patagonia Sherpa is also a solid option.


Lilly Pulitzer Mug

Warm & comfy loungewear are only part of the occasion for a cozy night at home. Your hot drink of choice is a must, whether that is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. This gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer mug makes a great cozy gift idea for any preppy girl in your life. I actually have this same style Lilly mug in a different print that I got during an After Party Sale, and I absolutely love it!

Cozy Gift Guide 2020

Draper James Gingham Sweatshirt

If you’re looking to gift your recipient with loungewear, this adorable Draper James gingham sweatshirt makes a great cozy gift idea. I don’t own it yet, but I’ve admired it on the website for awhile. It comes in navy, light blue, pink, yellow, and evergreen.


Sherpa Cardigan

I bought a Sherpa cardigan a couple years ago, and I love how warm and cozy it is, hence why I’m including it in my 2020 cozy gift guide. It’s perfect for adding a extra layer of warmth to your favorite t-shirt while enjoying a movie night at home. The particular Sherpa cardigan I own is discontinued, but I discovered this similar one from LL Bean.


Anthropologie Initial Mug

I’m a huge fan of initial gifts. And I honestly like them better than monograms since my legal first name begins with a different letter than the name I go by! Plus you don’t have to be sneaky about finding out someone’s middle initial like you would with a monogram gift. Anthropologie has several different initial mugs that would be great for holding your recipient’s beverage of choice for cozy nights in. My personal favorite is this colorful floral one. And if you’re a fan of Fuller House, you may noticed that DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all had their respective initial versions of this mug.


Gap Pajamas

Gap is one of my go-to’s for cozy pajama pieces at reasonable prices. They currently have a variety of pajama pants and pajama tops that would make a great cozy gift for anyone. I really like this pink-striped flannel pajama set. And if your recipient lives in a warmer climate or you want to gift pajamas that are more versatile season wise, there’s a non-flannel option for pajama pants and tops. Check out this post from a couple years ago where I share some cozy Gap pajamas that I own!


Aerie Plaid Flannel Pajamas

Aerie also has some adorable plaid flannel pajamas that would make a great cozy gift for anyone. You can buy the pieces individually, or gift them together as a set. There’s a long-sleeved plaid flannel pajama top, plaid flannel pajama pants, and plaid flannel pajama shorts. I love the ruffle detail at the hem of the pajama shorts! In addition, Aerie frequently has sales.


Kate Spade Pajama Sets

An ad for this adorable black and white polka dot Kate Spade pajama set appeared on Instagram, so I had to include in my Cozy Gift Guide 2020 edition! These are actually less expensive than I would expect Kate Spade pajamas to be. Since they’re sold as a set, they actually cost roughly 30% less than a Lilly Pulitzer pajama top and bottoms bought together. This Kate Spade pajama set also come in a cute leopard print.


Drunk Elephant Bathrobe

I bought this Drunk Elephant robe back in the summer, and love it! (You may have seen it in my June 2020 Favorites post). It’s so colorful and feels really luxurious, and it’s less than $50! Also, it’s made with recycled plastic water bottles!

Cozy Gift Guide 2020

Kate Spade Leopard Print Sleepshirt

This Kate Spade Leopard Print Sleepshirt is too cute, and would also make a great cozy gift for anyone! And it has pockets-how fun is that?!


Cozy Gift Guide 2020 Cheat Sheet

I’ve created a concise list of all the items in this Cozy Gift Guide. If you hover over an item name and click on it, it will take you directly to the website. You can download a PDF version here with clickable links here for easy reference when you go shopping!


Cozy Gift Guide for the Win!

I hope that you found my Cozy Gift Guide 2020 Edition helpful and that it will be a good resource for your holiday shopping this season. Cozy gifts are always a good idea, but this year your recipient will have even more opportunities to put them to use!

If you’re looking for additional gift ideas, check out my Clean Beauty Gift Guide!

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