Countdown to Prime Day: Recent Amazon Purchases and Wishlist

Hey y’all-hope you’re having a good week! I asked my Instagram followers earlier this week if they planned to shop Amazon Prime Day this year. About half of the respondents said they plan to take advantage of Prime Day next week. In case you aren’t aware, Prime Day 2019 is July 15 & 16 (that’s next Monday and Tuesday). It consists of deals on Amazon exclusively available to Prime members. Although I don’t know exactly what will be on sale during Prime Day or what the exact discounts will be, I thought I would do an Amazon-themed blog post. So in the spirit of countdown to Prime Day, I’m sharing some Amazon purchases I’ve made over the past year, along with my current Amazon wishlist. In addition, I will share a few thoughts on why I finally broke down and joined Amazon Prime!

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Why I Finally Joined Amazon Prime

For the longest time, I resisted joining Amazon Prime because I didn’t think I would utilize it enough to justify the membership fee. Then a year or so ago, I finally joined, and I feel like it has been a good decision. I still am not one of those people who orders practically everything from Amazon (and probably never will be). However, I still think the benefits are worth it to me.

First of all, it’s really nice to just order something whenever I need to, and it will be at my doorstep in two days max without any shipping fee. Before I joined Prime, it was really tempting to buy stuff I didn’t really need at the time just to hit the free shipping minimum. In addition, if I realize I need something at the last minute, I don’t have to pay extra for expedited shipping!

Secondly, Amazon Prime is super convenient. Although I don’t use Amazon for everything, sometimes it’s just so much easier and more economical to order a box of band-aids or package of razor cartridges via Amazon Prime than it is to go out to the store. Furthermore, many people have bridal and baby registries on Amazon now. I have actually used Amazon Prime to buy gifts for most of the wedding and baby showers I’ve attended the past year.

Finally, my Prime membership also gives me access to extra services with no additional fees. I can use Prime Video to watch 7th Heaven re-runs to my heart’s content. In addition, I just discovered Amazon Photo, which gives Prime member unlimited full resolution photo storage. You can also order prints directly from the Amazon Photo app.

My Recent Amazon Purchases

Here’s a look at items I’ve bought from Amazon over the past year and recommend. I’m not including household and toiletry items, but as I mentioned in the previous section, I do like to utilize Amazon Prime for those things too!

Hard Shell Camera Case: This hard DSLR camera case protects my Canon Rebel T6 without being bulky. I also don’t have to detach the lens from the body every time I want to snap a picture. Shop it here.

When We Were Young by Karen Kingsbury: I get a lot of my books from the library, because it’s free and I have limited storage space for books in my apartment. However, if it’s a book I know I will love and want to read again, I will often buy it. I collect all of Karen Kingsbury’s books since she is my favorite author. Amazon Prime is great for getting books I want to add to my personal collection. Shop it here.

Connoisseurs Gold Polishing Cloth: This cleaning and polishing cloth is great for removing tarnish spots and restoring shine to gold-plated jewelry. As much as I love my Kate Spade initial pendant, it gets dirty looking really easily, so this cloth helps get it looking better. Shop it here.

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase Two-Pack: I have been trying to switch to sleeping on satin pillowcases to help minimize hair breakage, so this two-pack was a great affordable find. Shop it here.

Intex Durabeam Deluxe Twin Airbed: When I got my new couch at the beginning of the year, I decided to have my overnight guests start sleeping on an airbed instead, in order to minimize wear and tear on the couch. I’m very happy with this twin airbed I found on Amazon. It has a built-in pump with an adapter cord that you plug directly into the wall while inflating and deflating. It’s very user-friendly and easy to store. Both of my overnight guests who have used it so far have slept well.

Rose Gold Confetti Inner Tube: After getting a hole in the Lilly Pulitzer inner tube I got in the After Party Sale while struggling to inflate it, I went looking for a cute and affordable replacement. This rose gold confetti inner tube was a good consolation pick!

Recent Amazon Purchases and Wishlist

Electric Air Pump for Inflatables: Even after getting my new rose gold inner tube, I learned that my lungs no longer suffice for blowing up inner tubes, and a handheld pump from Target didn’t work either. So I determined that I needed to have an electric pump on hand for quickly and easily inflating pool toys. This one is less than $30, and quickly and painlessly blew up my inner tube.

Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley: I haven’t had a chance to read this book, but I knew I wanted to add it to my personal collection because the library didn’t have it, and I know I will want to continually refer to it. Once I’ve read it I will share more with y’all! Shop it here.

My Amazon Wishlist

Here are a few things that are currently on my Amazon wishlist. Since I know Prime Day is coming up, I have purposely refrained from buying any of these things before then, just in case they are marked down for the occasion!

Learn Your Numbers Magnatab: So this is really silly, but I want a toy my three-year old cousin had at the beach for myself. This tablet uses a magnetic stylus as a pen. When you trace it over the number shapes, magnetic beads pop up to form numbers. It’s designed to help kids with learning to write numbers, but when I was playing with my cousin last week I realized that it would be a great stress reliever for adults. It gives you something to do with your hands, and having the numbers quickly pop up as you trace the stylus along the magnetic beads gives instant gratification. You can shop the number board here. They also have one with upper case letters, lower case letters, and a blank one.

Packing Cubes: I have seen multiple bloggers talk about packing cubes, but didn’t realize how desperateIy I needed some until I was at the beach last week. I love my duffel bag, but it’s very deep and stuff tends to get easily lost and disorganized at the bottom. Packing cubes should help with that on my next trip. I would also like an additional set or two to use in my drawers and closets at home. Since I have limited drawer and shelf space, I have tons of stuff crammed in those places. It gets easily disorganized when I am shuffling through drawers trying to find a particular shirt, etc. I have my eye on these pink packing cubes.

A Palm Beach Wife by Susannah Marren: I’m honestly blanking on where I first learned about this novel. I think it was either someone on Instagram who read it, or a sponsored post on Facebook. Anyways, A Palm Beach Wife is a new 2019 novel. Since my library doesn’t have it and it sounds like a good beach read, I might order it on Prime Day.

Canon Portrait Lens: Amelia, one of the lovely blog photographers I hire periodically, suggested that I get a portrait lens back when I first bought my Canon Rebel T6 DSLR camera over a year ago. Buying an additional camera lens simply hasn’t been a priority in my budget, as much as I would love to have one. However, if there are significantly savings on this Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens on Prime Day, I might have to pull the trigger. Although I am happy enough with how the lens my camera came with works, I know this portrait lens will increase the quality of my non-professional photos.

Wireless Camera Remote: Although my phone has an app I can use to take photos using the self timer function on my Canon Rebel T6, I would really like to get a wireless remote that is more compact and easier to hide than my iPhone. I have my eyes on this one.

Happy Shopping!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my recent Amazon purchases, as well as a few things currently on my wish list. Due to the super short length of Prime Day and the massive volume of item categories on Amazon, I won’t be publishing a Prime Day shopping guide. I work full-time during the day Monday-Friday, so it’s simply not feasible for me, especially since I have no idea what the deals will be ahead of time. However, I did want to serve y’all by letting you know Prime Day is coming up, and providing some Amazon shopping inspiration! It’s crazy how much you can get on Amazon these days. Does anyone else remember back in the early days of Amazon when it was primarily a place to get books and movies? At least that’s how I perceived it!

Do you plan on shopping Prime Day 2019? If so, what are you hoping to score? What have been some of your recent favorite purchases from Amazon?

-xoxo Liz

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