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Hey y’all- hope you had a great weekend and that Monday treated y’all alright. Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day. Although I don’t need an excuse to celebrate ice cream, it’s still a fun Internet holiday. So today I thought I would continue the party with a post on Locopops Durham. Last summer I hung out with my friend Emily of Reveling Spaces to shoot some photos at Locopops. However, since it was near the end of the summer when we took these pics last year, I decided to save my Locopops blog post for this year. Because let’s be honest, a good popsicle place is timeless summer fun. Keep reading for some pictures and details on an adorable little spot to enjoy a frozen treat in Durham, NC!

Locopops Durham

Not Just Another Popsicle

Locopops is not just another popsicle. The recipe has its roots in Mexico, where Locopops founder traveled to the art of making an excellent pop. Locopops menu features two categories: Paletas de Crema, and Paletas de Agua. The Paletas de Crema pops are cream-based, and essentially ice cream on a stick. The consistency is similar to a Fudgesicle or Yasso bar. Then Paletas de Agua are juice-based, with the consistency of an ice popsicle.

Within each category are “regulars” and “guest stars.” Regulars appear on the menu all the time, and guest stars vary by the month or even the week. I’ve actually only had a cream-based Locopop, because I’m usually craving actual ice cream. However, I would like to try a juice-based Locopop someday. Cookies & Cream is my go-to “regular” flavor, but last summer I had a S’mores flavored “guest star” (featured below) that was so good. You can check out the menu here.

Locopops Durham

Where Can I Get Locopops?

Locopops has a storefront location on Hillsborough Rd in Durham. It’s not right in the middle of downtown, but not too far from there either. The Locopops store is a precious converted historic home that’s pastel blue. (You can see some additional pictures of the house in this outfit post from last summer). There’s indoor seating, but you can also go and dangle your legs while enjoying your pop on the porch! They’ve also added some new porch furniture recently. The historic home definitely makes for a charming atmosphere.

Locopops Durham

There is parking at Locopops, but the lot is pretty small. So if you’re like me and get anxiety in tight parking lots, see if you can ride with a friend. I was glad Emily drove when we went.

In addition to visiting the actual Locopops on Hillsborough Rd, you can also get Locopops at various local merchants. View the complete list here. The Durham Bulls games have Locopops in the concession area, and I’ve gotten one at both the games I’ve been to so far this year.

Now Try Locopops for Yourself!

Locopops Durham

If you’re looking for a local dessert place that’s a bit different but still boosts a familiar treat, Locopops fits the bill! I enjoy highlighting local Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill places here on the blog periodically. Hopefully this helps people who are new to the area, people who already live here but like to try new places, and people who are visiting the area.

For those of you who are Durham area locals-have you ever been to or had Locopops? If so, what is your favorite flavor? I’m an Enneagram 6, so I tend to find just a couple things I like on the menu at places, and stick to that. Occasionally I feel adventurous and branch out though!

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PS. Another shout-out to Reveling Spaces for the pictures in this post!

-xoxo Liz

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