Cheers to 60 Years of Lilly Pulitzer

Happy Saturday y’all! I am back with a bonus post today, because it’s Lilly Pulitzer’s birthday! Although Lilly herself is no longer with us, her spirit and legacy lives on through her bright, happy, and colorful prints. This year Lilly’s birthday is extra special, because it marks 60 years of the namesake company she founded. So in honor of the occasion, I’m sharing a few reflections on why I love Lilly Pulitzer, as well as a guide to my favorite things currently on the Lilly website. Cheers to 60 years of Lilly Pulitzer!

Me & Lilly P.

Surprisingly, I did not grow up wearing Lilly. Even though my classic preppy style started to develop when I was in college, I still shy-ed away from Lilly because I didn’t think I could pull off the loud prints. However, in early 2010 when I was living in Greenville, SC, I stopped in the their local Lilly boutique, The Pink Bee, one day. I began to see the gorgeous prints in a different light and decided I had the desire and confidence to try wearing them, and I have never looked back. My very first Lilly purchases were a long sleeved printed Oxford shirt that was 75% off, and some stationery items. A few weeks later I returned to The Pink Bee and eyed a darling panda bear print, Pandamonium. I have always loved pandas, and couldn’t resist buying the classic shift dress in this print. Pandamonium got me hooked on Lilly! (You can read more about my Pandamonium obsession here.)

Cheers to Sixty Years of Lilly Pulitzer

So Lilly Pulitzer has been part of my life for over eight and half years now! And I still have this Pandomium shift dress I bought back in early 2010, along with the printed Oxford shirt. I love Lilly because it is the epitome of classic prep and will never go out of style. The prints simply make me so happy and brighten up a bad day! One of my favorite Lilly moments ever was when one of my friends told me her dad asked her if her Lilly dress was “Liz Pulitzer.” Ha!

Triumph out of Trial

Another reason I love Lilly Pulitzer is because the brand grew out of a trying time in Lilly’s personal life. In 1957, Lilly had a nervous breakdown and spent time in a psychiatric hospital. When she was discharged, her doctor told her that she needed something to do so. So, she started a juice stand in Palm Beach while her husband worked in the orange-growing industry. Lilly designed a brightly patterned shift dress to wear while working at her juice stand, because the pattern would camouflage juice stains on her clothing. Her customers admired her dresses, so she began making and selling printed shift dresses as well. And as we know, the rest is history! So, if it wasn’t for Lilly’s mental health struggles, one of my favorite brands might not exist! Knowing that Lilly faced mental health issues makes me feel like I’m in good company with mine. And stories like this point to the bigger picture about how God is constantly at work redeeming the brokenness in this fallen world. Even though this redemption won’t be complete on this side of eternity, it’s sweet to get some glimpses of it. Yet another good reason to raise a glass for cheers to 60 years of Lilly Pulitzer.

Cheers to 60 Years of Lilly Pulitzer
Another one of my favorite classic Lilly shifts. You can view more details about this dress here. Photo by Amelia Cassar Photography.

Current Lilly Favorites

Now that I’ve talked a little bit about what Lilly Pulitzer means to me, I’m going to share some of my favorite pieces currently available on the Lilly website. Through Sunday night (November 11) Lilly is offering a scarf keychain with every purchase (except for gift cards and zipper pulls) while supplies last. Additional gifts are available with minimum purchase amount tiers. All the details are on the Lilly website.

(Note that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a small commission. Of course you are under no obligation to buy anything through my links. However, if you decide to make a purchase through these link I greatly appreciate your support. Thanks so much!)


Callista High Color Shift Dress (Classic navy shift with white appliqué trim)
Teigen Dress in Royal Purple Dazzle (Love the fun zebra print and sleeve detail)
Short Sleeve Beacon Dress (I’m a fan of Lilly’s classic striped t-shirt dresses)
Kayleigh Shift Dress (Green perfect for a holiday party, navy perfect for New Year’s)
Sleeveless Essie Dress (I have a Lauren James dress that is identical style and love it)


UPF 50+ Popover in Pawsitive Cattitude (I love this print so much-pink and cats!)
Etta V-Neck Top in Multi Slathouse Soiree (Under $50 and elephants hidden in print)
Finn Tee (Fun casual top with colorblocking and a pineapple graphic)
Lula Top (Chevron version and striped version with ruffle sleeves)
Ridge Top (High neck cami with adorable elephant print. Under $50 too!)
Teigen Top (The top version of the darling zebra print ruffle sleeve dress)
Lilly Love Texas Colie Top (Graphic tee with proceeds benefiting American Red Cross)
Elyn Puffer Vest (Love a fall staple with a Lilly touch-printed lining)
Maci Top in Bright Navy Pineapple Party (Can’t go wrong with a pineapple print)

Shorts & Skorts

5″ Kelly Stretch Short (Navy pineapple print, and 5-inch inseam is perfect length)
5″ Buttercup Short (Scalloped detail and sweet elephant print)
UPF 50+ Luxletic Aila Merylon Nylon Skort (Lilly skorts are so fun, and this one has a cute elephant print)


Resort Scarf in Pawsitive Cattitude (You can see how I styled this piece here)
Murfee Scarf in Philadelphia print (Love the luxurious silk/cashmere blend)
Resort Scarf in Multi Garden Getaway (Gorgeous bold floral print with pineapples)
Leopard Haircalf Crossbody (Saw this in stores recently and wish I could have it!)
Oversized Orchid Earrings (So gorgeous and come in white as well)
Show Stopper Pull Tie Bracelet (Similar style to my new favorite Kendra Scott bracelet)

Home Decor & Gifts

Ring Holder (This is too cute)
Cappuccino Mug Set (Love the beautiful display rack and whimsical sayings on inside rim)
17 oz Swell Bottle (If you love Lilly and want to invest in a Swell bottle this is perfect)

Cheers to 60 Years of Lilly Pulitzer

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post. Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t have regular sales and percentage off promotions the way other brands and retailers do. When the big After Party Sale hits twice a year, it’s ultimate mayhem! Although I have had luck getting some great Lilly items on sale, I recommend springing for anything on your wish list that’s an absolute must-have during these gift with purchase promotions. Lilly’s 60th Birthday promotion is a great chance to treat yourself or shop for a Lilly lover on your holiday wish list. Cheers to 60 years of Lilly Pulitzer!

Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan? If so, what does Lilly mean to you, and how long have you been wearing Lilly Pulitzer? What’s your all-time favorite Lilly print?

-xoxo Liz

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