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Overcoming Heartbreak

Dear Heartbroken Girl

Hey y’all and happy Friday! Today’s post is very personal. A little over six years ago, I endured the worst heartbreak of my life. I’ve been wanting to share this experience, lessons I learned, and how God brought me through it for awhile. But I just hadn’t carved out the time to sit down and […] Read more…

Advice for Starting a Blog

Advice for Starting a Blog

Hey y’all- hope your week is amazing so far! Thanks so much for all the kind words y’all offered on my one-year blogging anniversary. A couple days ago I shared some general reflections from my first year of blogging. Today I’m continuing my one-year blog-iversary celebration by offering some specific advice for starting a blog. […] Read more…

2019 Goals

2019 Goals: Cheers to a New Year

Happy New Year y’all! I can’t believe it’s 2019! In addition to being a new year, it’s also the final year in this decade. That’s hard to believe. Although I’m sad to put up the Christmas decorations, I do look forward to everything the Lord has in store for 2019. There’s just something so satisfying […] Read more…