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“Gossip Girl here-your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.” During the second part of 2020, I watched Gossip Girl for the first time ever. It was a highlight of a crazy year! Although the show ended its run nearly a decade ago, Gossip Girl pop culture references still abound. There’s the never ending drama and numerous plot lines, and the noteworthy fashion choices. Out of all the Gossip Girl characters, I definitely relate to Blair Waldorf the most with respect to both character and style. And since discovering Sarah Flint shoes, I’m convinced Blair would have worn this polished and feminine brand. So, today I’m channeling my inner Queen B with some Blair Waldorf outfit inspo featuring Sarah Flint shoes.

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Elements of an Iconic Blair Waldorf Outfit

On Gossip Girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen garnered attention for her show stopping outfit choices, but Blair Waldorf’s classic, preppy, and feminine style resonated with me the most. In fact, I don’t think there’s any other TV character out there whose style is so similar to mine! Hence, why it was so easy for me to pull together Blair Waldorf-inspired outfits from my own closet. The basis for each Blair Waldorf outfit Inso example is a cardigan, skirt, dainty jewelry, and of course, a headband! In addition, I paired my Sarah Flint Natalie Flats with each outfit.

Why Blair Waldorf Would Wear Sarah Flint Shoes

The last episode of Gossip Girl aired in 2012. Not too long after that, Sarah Flint founded her luxury shoe brand. But I’m convinced that Sarah Flint would be one of Blair Waldorf’s go-to brands if the company had been around during Gossip Girl’s run. We all know that Blair Waldorf had an affinity for the finer things in life. Sarah Flint shoes fit the bill since they’re made in Italy with the highest quality craftsmanship, comparable to other familiar luxury brands. Furthermore, Sarah Flint shoe designs are classy, polished, feminine, and stand the test of time. I’m pretty sure B would have loved the dainty bow detail on the Sarah Flint Natalie Flats.

Sarah Flint Shoes

Also, Blair Waldorf would have related well with Sarah Flint herself! Blair was a hard-working, driven, go-getter. Since Sarah Flint founded her company when she was only 25, she would definitely have common ground with Blair.

Most of us have a way smaller clothing budget than Blair Waldorf. But the good news is that Sarah Flint shoes are more attainable than many of the designer brands Gossip Girl characters wore. Since Sarah Flint sells their shoes direct-to-consumer, there’s no retail mark-up. As a result, all Sarah Flint shoes are at a lower price point than comparable luxury brands. And as a Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador, I can give you a code to save $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes. Simply enter code SARAHFLINT-BALIZS at checkout, or click here and the code will automatically be applied to your cart. Check out this post for a full review of my Sarah Flint Natalie flats that they gifted me.

Four Blair Waldorf Outfit Inspo Looks with Sarah Flint Shoes

Now for the fun part: here’s four examples of Blair Waldorf outfit inspo that I pulled right from my own closet! All four of these looks include my Sarah Flint Natalie Flats.

1. Vintage Headband Blair Waldorf Style

Blair Waldorf Outfit Inspo featuring a vintage Lilly Pulitzer headband and Sarah Flint shoes

This printed Lilly Pulitzer head wrap I bought during an After Party Sale last year gives me major Gossip Girl vibes. I even saw Serena wearing a head wrap in a similar style during an early season of the show. Paired with a classic pink cardigan, navy skirt with scalloped hem, and Sarah Flint flats, this Lilly Pulitzer head wrap is all Queen B. It’s vintage Palm Beach meets Upper East Side chic. A Kendra Scott heart pendant, dainty Kendra Scott bracelet, and Tory Burch logo studs round out this Blair Waldorf outfit.

2. Constance Billard Plaid

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf Outfit Inspo featuring plaid skirt

This plaid flannel skirt screams something that Blair Waldorf would have worn during her days of reigning the halls of Constance Billard School for Girls during Seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl. I left the headband out of this outfit, since I currently don’t have a headband that coordinates well with this outfit. I’m wearing the Kendra Scott Elisa pendant in Platinum Druzy, plus the other dainty jewelry from the first look.

3. Polka Dot Prep with a Pop of Pink

Blair Waldorf Outfit Inspo with polka dot cardigan and hot pink headband

In this Blair Waldorf-inspired outfit, I stuck to a neutral color palette with tan and navy, but added a pop of hot pink with a different Lilly Pulitzer headband. The polka dots add a fun preppy vibe that I totally think B would have sported.

4. Bright Florals for Queen B

Gossip Girl Inspired Outfit Idea with Lilly Pulitzer floral print skirt

With spring being just over a month away, I decided that my fourth Blair Waldorf outfit idea should feature a floral Lilly Pulitzer skirt paired with a cardigan, Sarah Flint flats, and dainty jewelry. I added this gray & white headband from Headbands for Hope. If Blair wore Lilly Pulitzer, I could see her rocking something like this pink floral skirt I’m wearing.

Shop Blair Waldorf Outfit Inspo

With the exception of my jewelry and my Sarah Flint shoes, most of the exact pieces I’m wearing in these four looks are no longer available. However, I did put together an assortment of currently available skirts, cardigans, and headbands that I believe Blair Waldorf would have rocked in Gossip Girl. You can check them out below:

Blair Waldorf Headbands


Blair Waldorf Cardigans


Blair Waldorf Skirts


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Blair Waldorf Outfit Ideas

I hope that you enjoyed this fun look at Blair Waldorf outfit inspo from my closet. Fun fact- I actually was not a fan of Blair at all in Season 1 of Gossip Girl. She was too mean for me. But I had friends tell me at that point that Blair would grow on me, and they were right! While I hope that no one perceives me as a mean girl the way Blair comes across at times, I can actually relate so strongly to some of her traits. Like Blair Waldorf, I was a major perfectionist and overachiever during my high school and college years. And like Blair, I still very much like to have control over my circumstances. In Season 2, Headmistress Queller tells Blair, “trust and patience aren’t your forte, but I know you can rise to the occasion.” I will quickly admit that trust and patience are a struggle for me as well! However, I strive to “rise to the occasion” as well, even though it’s hard!

Are you a fan of Gossip Girl? Which character is your favorite, and whose style do you resonate with most?

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