Best Amazon Finds for Apartment Organization

Hey y’all! Hope you had a good Monday. In case you didn’t already know, I moved into a new apartment about two months ago. One of my goals in getting settled in this new place is to utilize my space more efficiently. Purging and getting rid of things is one way I’ve done this. I’ve lost track of how many trash bags of stuff I’ve donated, recycled, or thrown out over past couple months. In addition, I’ve attempted to better organize the things I’m keeping. Organization in a small apartment is challenging, and I often feel like I’m working a jigsaw puzzle while fitting everything in my closet. But in the process, I’ve discovered a few items that have helped me organize my limited space! In honor of Prime Day being this week, I want to share my best Amazon finds for apartment organization!

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Amazon Drawer Organizer Set

This 6-set foldable underwear drawer organizer set definitely makes the list of my best Amazon finds for apartment organization. Living in a small apartment, I have to utilize all my dresser drawer space to the fullest. I keep undergarments, tank tops, and some miscellaneous non-clothing items in my top dresser drawer, and it’s so easy for it to get all jumbled up. These drawer organizers have been a game-changer for me. Before, i tried grouping items into packing cubes and keeping them in my dresser like that. But I found that it didn’t really help, and was hard to find things. The drawer organizer set is much more efficient. Check out this transformation:


Small space storage organization hacks


Amazon Drawer Divider Organizer

Amazon Linen Fabric Storage Cube Organizers

This 3-pack large linen storage cube organizer set from Amazon has helped tremendously with organizing my closet shelves. Trying to stack things on the wire built-in shelves in my closet easily led to disarray. Enter these storage cube organizers as an Amazon find for apartment organization. They are the perfect size for my closets shelves. I keep sheets and blankets in one, scarves in another, and handbags in the third. There’s even a little bit of free space beside the storage cube on the shelves where I can squeeze in an additional item that won’t fit inside the cube. The cubes are also collapsible for easy storage if you don’t need to use all of them at once. My closet looks so much better since I added these. The pictures below speak for themself:


Amazon closet storage solutions


Amazon Linen Storage Cube Closet Organizer

Amazon 3-Tier Shelf Bathroom Counter Organizer

I originally featured this Amazon 3-Tier Shelf Bathroom Counter Organizer in my May 2020 Favorites post, but it’s worth mentioning again here! I like how I’m able to keep products out for easy access without making my counter too cluttered. Plus, my Beautycounter and Drunk Elephant skincare products have such pretty packaging that I like to keep them on display! If your bathroom counter space is at a premium, I highly recommend this shelf!

Amazon Bathroom Counter Organizer

While I’m on the top of bathroom counter essentials, I also have to mention this two-pack soap dish set. These soap dishes feature two layers, with the top layer including slots so your soap can easily drain and dry out without getting your counter wet. Although they are marketed towards bar soaps, I also like to keep my hand soap on one. Ever since I started using one for my hand soap as well, there’s been less water dripping on my bathroom counter from hand-washing. When you have limited counter space, you definitely don’t want puddles getting in the way!

Amazon Soap Dish

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Amazon Finds for Apartment Organization

I hope that you found my top Amazon finds for apartment organization helpful! If you get any of these things for your place, please let me know how you like them! What are some of your favorite hacks for making the most of limited storage space?

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