An Open Letter to 2018

Dear 2018,

Wow, I don’t even know where do begin, but you’ve been quite the year. It’s hard to put into words exactly what you have meant to me and what I’ve learned, but I’m going to do my best! So here we go!

Year of Juxtapositions

For one thing, you’ve been a year of juxtapositions. A year where a lot happened, and a year where not much at all happened. You’ve been a year where a lot changed, but also a year where a lot stayed the same.

In addition, you’ve been a  year of some happy times, but also a year of some very tough times. You’ve held moments where I’ve been the most content and hopeful I’ve ever been, but also moments where I’ve been suffocated by the weight of still-unfulfilled hopes, dreams, and desires of my heart. Also, you’ve given me days where I’ve felt confident, happy, and ready to conquer anything, and days where I’ve felt crippled by the chronic anxiety and depression that I have accepted will always be part of my life this side of eternity.

You’ve given me some amazing genuine friendships that I know will last a lifetime. But you’ve also given me people who have disappointed me by showing me that they aren’t who I thought they were. You’ve blessed me with interactions with people who have been kind and encouraging, but also stressed me with interactions with people who have been downright hateful.

Year of Healing

Furthermore, you’ve been a year of healing. I will always remember you as a year where I looked past hurts and disappointments in the face. And I realized that although certain things from my past may still sting, but I don’t have to let them define me or prevent me from moving forward and embracing the good plans God has in store for me.

Year of Great Significance

Although I can’t fully know everything you mean quite yet, I have this feeling that years from now when I look back, I will always view you, 2018, as a year of great significance in my life. You will always be the year when I started this blog and realized what a fulfilling outlet it is for me. In addition, you will be the year I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined the most amazing Bible Study group that has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by the most warm and genuine group of young adult Christians I have encountered in my entire life. Although I may not know what the rest of my life holds, I have this feeling that you will forever be the beginning of the rest of my life.

Year of Imperfect Progress

Most of all, you’ve been a year of imperfect progress. In fact, if I had to sum you up in one phrase, it would hands-down be “imperfect progress.” You have taken me on a journey where I’ve grown more confident and secure in who God has made me to be and in my identity in Him. Although you haven’t been free of setbacks, you’ve shown me that God’s grace is sufficient for my weaknesses. And you’ve taught me that I’m more resilient than I often give myself credit for. You’ve shown me that a greater level of emotional health isn’t characterized by never having bad days or bad thoughts, but rather how much more quickly I am able to bounce back after such periods.

Thanks for everything, 2018. Although we will part ways in just over 24 hours, I promise I will never forget you.

-xoxo Liz

Open Letter to 2018

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